Protein Pills Vs Protein Powder: What Is Better?

June 1, 2017

scoop of protein powder and protein pills on the table

Anyone who needed more proteins to improve his workout performance must have once asked himself at one point –should I go for protein pills or protein powder?

Proteins are molecules which are made of hundreds of amino acids and they are pretty essential for the proper functioning and structure of our organs, especially the muscles. A lack of proteins in a human body can be very unhealthy and it can cause a lot of serious troubles, so people need to take food with plenty of proteins. But those who need more proteins for a better workout definitely have to use some supplements.

It is vital to know what are protein pills and protein powder if you want to use it as an addition to your diet or just to increase your muscles, so I will try to investigate and disclose it for you.

Protein powder

One of the most popular nutrition supplements is definitely protein powder, and it’s used over decades especially in bodybuilding. You can find a protein powder in several forms, but the most common are whey and soy protein, although there are blends with a mix of several types of protein.

Whey protein is probably the most favorite because it is a complete protein and that means it has all nine amino acids which are necessary for healthy functioning of every human body. It mingles nicely with the water and also can be used for baking as any other protein powder. You can take a couple of bananas, a few egg whites and mix it all with a whey protein powder in your blender.

Soy protein is widely used these days, but some exploring suggests that it is not good and healthy as a whey protein. For a lot of people, it has an unpleasant taste and it doesn’t mix with the water well like a whey protein.

You can find a protein powder easily in every nutrition store or on the Internet, and the most common producers are Optimum Nutrition, Muscle Pharm, Organic, JYM, Dymatize. You can check their reputation, history, and reviews and then try some of their products.

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Hydrolyzed whey protein powder

Whey hydrolysates are proteins made in the unique process. They content about 10-15% more protein concentration and they are more quickly absorbed in our body than the normal proteins. The most of the whey protein powder you can find on shelves are a combination of standard whey protein and hydrolyzed protein and you should check that when you are buying. Hydrolyzed protein powder is more expensive because it is purer and it has a higher biological value.

Protein pills

For those who like an instant solution, protein pills could be a nice choice. Some doctors say that you need 0.36 g of protein daily for every pound of your weight, so if you hate to prepare shakes and lose time with food and protein powder, then you can try with protein pills.

These pills can be an excellent addition to your diet or you can use it to improve your muscles and workout. Proteins are crucial in recovering your body and you will need to find it enough either in food or in some supplement. Protein pills contain amino acids, which are essential for muscle recovery, but you can also use these pills a couple of hours before a workout to strength your body.

Some experts propose you to mix protein pills with the protein shake because they contain some extra calories you can’t find in pills. If you just want to increase your muscle weight, protein pills are not enough and you will need to adjust your diet and your training program. And certainly, protein pills are not a meal, so use it just as a supplement.

There are many companies which produce Protein pills and it is the same case as with protein powder – look for their history and recommendations, but maybe the most important thing is to take advice from your doctor or a personal fitness trainer.

So, which one is better? Pills or powder?

This is a quite tricky question and the answer usually depends on who you asked.

Some fitness trainers, bodybuilders, and athletes suggest to adjust your diet and then you will need no supplements because all you need is already there in the food. Others say you will need a little help from a friend if you want to improve your training performance, so you should use protein powder or protein pills as a supplement to a diet.

Protein powder is a better choice if you like to make healthy shakes with fruits and egg whites which already contains proteins. You can drink these before and after your fitness training, but also you can use it while you are in the middle of your exercise. This is not the case with protein pills because it need time to get absorbed and you should take them before a workout.

One more thing is paramount – concentration, and this is why whey protein doesn’t come in pills. You just can’t put it in a capsule, so this one will maybe give you a proper answer on a question is it better to take protein pills or a protein powder.

Protein powder benefits:

  • You can use it before, after, and during a workout
  • Hydrolyzed protein powder has the highest biological value
  • You can mix it with fruits and egg whites in a blender and create some nice protein shakes
  • Faster absorbance – when you drink protein, it goes faster to your blood than a pill


Protein pills benefits:

  • Easy to carry with yourself, and much more convenient than a powder bag
  • Once they’re absorbed, they give you all nine amino acids necessary for your body



Maybe we will stick with a protein powder because of its natural origin and because it can be used during the workout, but you will not make a wrong choice if you take protein pills. Just be sure of a few things:

  • Use it in the right way, whether it is protein powder or protein pills
  • Take advice from your nutritionist, doctor or a professional fitness trainer
  • Adjust your diet, pills and powder are not enough

If you have any questions or doubts, please feel free to comment.


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