Pre Workout Side Effects – Is Pre Workout Bad For You?

side effects of pre workout supplements

Pre workout supplements do give you immediate results. They can be great as strength boosters and provide greater muscle pump. However, they are to be used in a very strict way, at proper timings and combined with proper diet. Failing to do so may result in some serious side effects. Hence, they are best used under professional supervision.

Pre-workout side effects

  1. Induces insomnia

You may want to take a closer look at the ingredients before you start out with a supplement. Many of the workout supplements uses caffeine, which is a natural stimulant. Although it increases your strength and increases endurance, these products may keep you from sleeping at night, especially if you are using them during the evening workouts.

You do not need to have the capsules loaded with caffeine. Anything from 200 to 400mg per serving is more than enough to induce insomnia. Caffeine accelerates the release of epinephrine and norepinephrine in the body. This can be a great advantage to the body and you can actually push your limits without giving in too soon. The energy release is amazing. However, if taken at night, you may just end up staring the ceiling at night.

So is there a way to cut down on the pre-workout side effects? Luckily, there is. If you set a certain regular time for workouts and avoid taking supplements a few hours before your sleeping time, you may be able to get a good night’s sleep. The effects of caffeine usually last for three to five hours, depending on the metabolic rate of your body.

So if you have a higher metabolism rate, you may take the supplements and still go to bed at 11 pm. However, if you have a lower metabolism rate, the caffeine taken during the afternoon may still show effectiveness till late in the night.

Normally, it would be safer to not take any supplements after 6 pm. That way, you can train during the evenings. You may also take some natural sleep inducing food items before going to bed. This will not react with the supplement and also allow you to have a good night’s rest.

  1. Stomach disorders

One of the ugliest side effects of preworkout supplements is that they can interfere with the normal digestion, thus giving you a rumbling stomach later on. If you ask any trainee who has been on pre workout supplements, he may be able to relate to it. Every supplement, however, does not give you disrupted digestion.

This greatly depends on the Constitution of the supplement. Mainly the laxatives used in the products that cause the muscles to relax, thus sending you to the toilet every now and then. Sodium bicarbonate, taurine, arginine, magnesium, yohimbine, caffeine, and caffeine generally cause this. It also depends on how you use the product. Therefore, it counts if you do a thorough research about the supplements and the right method to Consume it.

Different supplements are supposed to be taken with different quantities of water. Using quantities more or less than indicated reduce their effectiveness and instead give you stomach disorders. The ideal amount is 8 ounces of water per serving. The supplements should form a thick paste in your stomach so that they get disintegrated quickly and absorbed faster.

The main reason why you suffer diarrhea is due to insufficient water intake. Taking the lesser amount of water than indicated ends up in the body drawing water out of the cells to aid in the absorption of the supplement. In doing so, excessive water enters the intestinal walls and you get a runny stomach.

An easier way to avoid the side effects of pre workout is to increase the amount of water taken with your supplements. It would also help if you take water throughout the workout. This will make up for water lost through sweat and keep you from getting dehydrated. In case a person already suffers from gastrointestinal problems, it is best recommended to avoid supplements at all or be rather choosy about it.

  1. Diarrhea

Dehydration is an immediate consequence of diarrhea. The products that are specifically targeted for weight loss are generally responsible for this. Dehydration is usually caused when you take the supplements in high doses. To minimize the gym supplements side effects, remember to drink lots of water throughout the day. This will also ensure that you urinate out the excessive amounts from your body, thus preventing them from disrupting the normal body mechanism.

Another reason why you suffer gym supplements side effects is because they are intended to maximize the performance and efficiency of muscles during your workout sessions. To do this, the muscles need to be flooded with blood, oxygen, and water. Your body may end up drawing water from other areas and sending them to your muscles. This will result in dehydration for hours afterward. So no matter the type of supplements you are taking, drinking water always helps.

  1. Headaches

One of the major pre workout dangers is a headache. In the beginning, this might come off as something slight and barely noticeable, but as time progresses, it can get serious, thus affecting your performance in several other areas of life.

This is generally categorized under  the C4 pre workout side effects. Not every supplement will give you a headache. Only if the constituents are used in higher ratios, like in C4, do you experience symptoms such as dehydration and headache?

Many ingredients such as Citrulline malate, arginine, and beta alanine act as vasodilators. The blood vessels throughout your body, as well as the ones in your brain, dilate, thus causing a headache. Sometimes, dehydration can also be a reason for headaches.

The C4 pre workout side effects can be lowered by avoiding the use of their products that contain vasodilators or reducing the dose of the supplement. It would also help to drink lots of water both before and after the workout.

  1. High blood pressure

Another pre workout dangers in using supplements is the increase in blood pressure levels. This is generally caused by the Consumption of supplements combined with poor nutrition.

Some of the high intensity and short duration training can instantly hike up your blood pressure levels. If the trainer is not taking proper nutrition, it could be a threat to perform these exercises. Therefore, it is very important to not compromise on a diet. Sometimes, the pre workout dangers can even turn lethal.

Many people already have a higher blood pressure, so it is best to do a trial and error before you actually start with the supplements. There are many supplements to choose from. All of them have different levels of stimulant. Therefore, it is best recommended to go for ones with a milder ratio of stimulants.

  1. Tingly sensation on the skin

Pre workout supplements not only affect your body, but also the skin. It is usually the betacin or vitamin B3 that causes this. Depending on the ingredient used, the person may experience a tingly sensation in different areas of the body.

Many supplements also niacin to increase the blood flow to your skin. This is done to make you feel that the supplement is actually working. They give you a flushed feeling. However, when taken in higher doses, the chemical even gives you a tingling and prickly sensation and even cause patchiness or red blotches on the skin.

Normally the effects of niacin wear away very soon, so there is nothing to be concerned about. However, if you are concerned about the side effects, you may go for products that are niacin free. This is the only way to avoid skin irritation while taking the supplements.

C4 pre workout side effects

cellucor c4 side effects

C4 extreme is probably one of the few supplement brands that have been successful in making their own mark in the industry.

They are excellent for boosting metabolism and offer extreme energy during long training sessions.

It is available in both capsules and powdered form. It is especially great for weight as C4 is known for elevating the fat burn by increasing calorific burning.

However, there are also some C4 extreme side effects that can hamper the performance in the long run. Therefore, it is very important to study the composition of supplements thoroughly before taking them. Some of the C4 extreme side effects are listed below.

  1. Allergy

Despite the advantageous aspects of C4, there are also a number of downsides to the product. They are known to have caused skin allergies. This may have been due to the use of niacin, a compound that is added to C4 extreme supplements to give a flushed effect on the skin.

  1. Headache

A headache is one of the common C4 extreme side effects. This mainly results from the reduction in water levels in the brain due to dehydration and also due to vasodilation.  C4 also uses ingredients that are known to cause stress on the body.

  1. Nausea

C4contains ingredients that can cause disrupt the digestive mechanism, thus giving rise to vomiting and nausea. Eventually, this can lead to degradation of physical health. One way to avoid the pre workout long term side effects is by making drinking plenty of water throughout the day and sticking to a very healthy diet.

  1. Tunnel vision

One of the most dangerous pre workout long-term side effects that come with using c4 is the development of a tunnel vision. The ingredients that are used in c4 supplements are very much capable of causing peripheral vision loss. If you experience any such side effects, Consult the doctor as soon as possible.

  1. Palpitation and restlessness

Nervousness, restlessness, and shaking are among the other side effects of using c4. Although the products can give you immediate results, they certainly are not very suitable for long term use. Some users may also experience a lack of sleep while taking the supplement.

Safe pre workout supplements

After having gone through all the potential side effects that can result from using pre-workout supplements, you may wonder if there are any safe preworkout supplements at all. Thankfully, there are.

Compounds like beta alanine, Citrulline and creatine are known to be relatively safe when used in small dosages. They not only improve your performance at the gym, but also improve your overall health over time. Listed below are some of the pre-workout supplements that are relatively safe to use.

  1. NutraFX beta alanine

beta alanine safe pre workout









One bottle of Nutra FX beta alanine will contain 120 capsules with 800 mg of beta alanine per serving. It is meant specifically for a short term use. Taking two capsules each before and after training sessions should suffice.

This product works by delaying fatigue during the intense training sessions. It also increases muscular growth and promotes lean muscle recovery. When taken before workouts, it gives an amazing boost to the energy levels. The Constituents are chosen so that they product works from the cellular level and increase endurance and delay fatigue during the high-intensity exercise.

Beta alanine gives the same output you get while using Carnosine while being a much safer option. It is ideal for people following high rep, high volume endurance exercises. It is very easy to use and is suitable for both and women of all ages.


  • It increases the overall density of lean muscles. Great for people who want to focus on bodybuilding.
  • It greatly increases the endurance during long sessions of training


  • Beta-alanine can cause allergies to some people
  • The person may experience exhaustion after workouts due to increased energy used up during the training.
  1. Optimum nutrition beta alanine

on safe pre workout powder









This product contains beta alanine along with histidine and electrolytes. This is one of the products that will not rob your body off its electrolytes. It works by fighting muscle fatigue and increasing stamina.

When you do high-intensity training, the glucose present in the body is broken down, this provides the muscles with extra energy. During this process, hydrogen ions get release and get accumulated in the muscles.

This is the sole reason why you experience fatigue. Beta alanine and histidine prevent the accumulation of Hydrogen ions, thus giving you better performance at the gym. The phosphates present in the powder also boost the intramuscular buffer system so that you can perform longer. This product is best used by individuals above 18 years of age.

Using this product is extremely easy. You just need to add the supplement to warm milk or the beverage of your choice. Thoroughly shake the mixture till everything gets dissolved. One serving in the morning before workout and one in the afternoon should suffice. It is best used for a maximum of 8 weeks.


  • Improvement in gym performance
  • Aids in muscle building
  • Delays fatigue
  • Limits the build-up of lactic acid in muscles


  • Beta alanine cause a tingling sensation on the skin but on regular sue, this will gradually go away.
  1. Citrulline malate


primaforce citrulline malate









Citrulline malate mainly works by acting as an arginine precursor. When used in the mornings, they can give you a kick start and draw away the drowsiness. It also supports muscle recovery and promotes endurance during strength training. Using citrulline malate for pre-workouts is also safer as compared to using other stimulants.

The product is clinically certified as a safe option for muscle mass and volume. It can provide increased strength by promoting blood and oxygen flow to the muscles. They also help in protein synthesis and enhance ATP production, which supports the lean mass formation and cell volumization.


  • Provides greater muscle pump
  • Gets absorbed by the very fast
  • Dramatic fatigue reduction and great stamina


  • Can disrupt digestion. Therefore, they are better consumed with lots of water. Apart from this, they are not known to have caused any other side effects.
  1. NutraFX creatine monohydrate

creat fx safe pre workout powder









Is pre workout bad for you? Well, not if you choose your supplement wisely.

Natura FX creatine monohydrate is extremely risk-free to use. It is an all natural energy supplement and provides excellent muscle pump for strength trainers. It works by delivering ATP to the muscles and increasing stamina. It also aids in muscle development and fat reduction.

With regular use, you can get amazing muscle volume. Your endurance for intense workouts will be increased, thus you can stay at the gym for longer hours.


  • Will give you a slimmer and leaner look
  • Allows you to retain your muscle cuts
  • Improves strength and performance
  • It is inexpensive while being effective


  • It causes water retention and can thereby cause bloating
  • It can affect the kidneys
  • It can give muscle cramps.


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So right now you should already know the answer to the question: “Is preworkout bad for you?”

Although the safety of many supplements is still not proven, creatine, citrulline, and beta alanine are known to have shown lesser and non-threatening side effects. Some skin discomfort and stomach disorders are all that have been reported.

So, if you are having a doubt regarding the safety of supplements, it is better to switch to these products. When combined with proper diet, they give amazing results. You may also combine it with other supplements for greater gain.


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