Reebok Crossfit Shoes Review – Best Reebok of 2017

Best Reebok Crossfit Shoes

These are without a doubt some of the best crossfit shoes available in the market. When it comes to crossfit workout routines, it is extremely important for people to choose the right kind of equipment for their training exercises. Shoes and footwear is an essential part of that and require special attention. Companies like Reebok Nike and […]

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Best Adidas Weightlifting Shoes – Where To Buy The Cheapest?

Best Adidas Weightlifting Shoes

The importance of good weightlifting shoes cannot be emphasized enough. While beginners may not realize this and deem footwear an unnecessary expense, adidas weightlifting shoes can actually go a long way in ensuring that your workout performance does not falter despite lengthy sessions. Should you buy the cheapest weightlifting shoes? Well, read on to find […]

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Adipower Weightlifting Shoes – Review of Red Adidas Lifting

Adidas Weightlifting Shoes Review

Adipower Weightlifting Shoes Video Review Adidas Adipower Design Leather upper with a layer of polyurethane (“PU leather”) that is applied to the surface and then embossed – shoe is lighter and more durable Adjustable strap for better fit Textile lining for neat finish and comfort Shoe frame is reinforced with polymer for increased durability and strength Thermoplastic […]

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Pendlay Do Win Weightlifting Shoes – Best Oly Shoes 2017 Review

Do Win Weightlifting Shoes Review

Do Win Weightlifting Shoes Video Review Do Win Design 3/4 inch heel height – best height in Olympic Weightlifting Real leather for durability Heavy duty mesh for better breathability Redesigned sole – single layer sole for better flexibility and durability 1/2 size down fit from regular training shoes Heavy duty nylon straps What’s good These shoes […]

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