Best Nootropics For Weight Loss

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Here you can find the best nootropics for weight loss to buy in 2019. Using these good quality focus pills will help you loss a lot of fat.

Weight loss is one of the most talked about topics in decades. Those in the industry also smile to the bank due to the increased number of weight loss supplement seekers. Obesity on a global level is on the rise. Many health bodies have also raised concerns about the situation.

Nootropics are popular as cognitive enhancers. But recently, a number of them that promotes weight loss are being released. They contain ingredients that help obese individuals to lose weight naturally and offer other benefits. In this post, we will examine some of the incredible nootropics that have produced tremendous results, at least judging from our experience.

Why Nootropics For Weight loss

Personally, I have tried numerous nootropic stacks while trying to lose weight. I wanted something that could help me shed my extra weight without putting my health at risk. 

Nootropics mainly serve as cognitive enhancers. Most of them help to increase energy and relieve the body of stress. What makes these smart drugs beneficial for weight loss or other effects they create in the body is the ingredients. Majority of them contains ingredients that are backed by science and various studies to aid weight loss and boost brain power

Of all the nootropics I tried, Phenq was amazing. I initially doubted its effect because I had used others without any tangible result. I did different research on the ingredients and composition of this nootropic and was impressed with what I saw.

There are many nootropics out there. But Phenq has been incredible for me. It would be difficult to find a supplement that can outperform this one.

How Phenq Focus Pills Promote Weight Loss

There are so many things that make Phenq the finest nootropic fat burner on the market. It has the power of several weight loss supplements in just one pill. Over the years, smart drugs have evolved from being just a brain booster to fat busters.

A careful look at the ingredients of Phenq tells a lot about this awesome nootropic for weight loss and other health benefits.

Burns stored fat

Phenq contains several ingredients that help to burn fats. By taking this nootropic, an individual gets to lose weight naturally too. You will find natural and weight loss promoting ingredients like;

  • Capsimax powder
  • Calcium carbonate
  • Chromium picolinate
  • Caffeine
  • Nopal
  • L-Carnitine Fumarate

How Capsimax power promotes the burning of more body fat

Among all the natural ingredients in Phenq, Capsimax power is one that aids fat burning the most. This fat shedding powder is made of vitamin B3, caffeine, piperine and capsicum.

Capsicum and piperine are both pepper plant extract with incredible thermogenic properties. They cause the body to burn calories naturally by increasing internal heat. Other factors like exercise and environmental temperature can induce similar thermogenic actions, but the one produced by this Capsimax powder in Phenq is awesome.

Several studies have revealed the power of capsicum in weight loss. Black pepper (piperine), according to studies can prevent the body from forming new fat cells. It also helps to increase nutrient absorption, gut, and cardiovascular health.

Benefits of the calcium carbonate in Phenq for weight loss

If you are looking to maintain a healthy weight, calcium is one ingredient you do not want to exclude from your supplement plans. Calcium carbonate is great for maintaining strong bones and reduces fat and weight gain.

Several studies have shown that calcium can cause cells to store less fat by creating the feeling that the body is well-nourished and has no need to store fat. This action can cause cells to burn stored fat which results in healthy weight loss.

You will find calcium carbonate in many weight loss supplements because of its benefits. Interestingly, this natural nutrient is also found in Phenq in a great proportion. And as earlier said, Phenq is the best nootropic stack for weight loss composed of 100% natural ingredients too.

Chromium picolinate

The effect of chromium supplementation was demonstrated with a study conducted on several individuals with depression, at the Cornel University. This study lasted for eight weeks and proves that chromium supplementation can help to suppress appetite and curb carb cravings. It is an incredible finding because one natural way to lose weight is to suppress appetite. Chromium is also among the natural ingredients that make Phenq an effective nootropic appetite suppressant.

Chromium is basically found in natural food products like vegetables, meat, and whole grains. It helps the body to control its sugar level by helping to curb sugar. High blood sugar can prevent the body from losing weight.

This is one thing I like about the Phenq supplement. I normally take 1 pill with breakfast and gives me control over my appetite and sugar cravings for the rest of the day. I do not feel hungry for the rest of the day like before I started using this smart drug. It is such an incredible nootropic for weight loss.

What are the benefits of Nopal in Phenq?

Nopal is one of the ingredients in Phenq that caught my attention. It contains high fiber and can help you gain control over hunger. That means you can stay full for many hours when you consume Nopal.

Nepal is a form of soluble fiber naturally sourced from cactus and has for long been used for in herbal treatment. It is also consumed as food by certain cultures of the world – Mexicans, and Mexican-Americans.

Nopal has a rich content of amino acid which provides the body with enough energy to take you through your weight loss programs. It also helps to flush out fluids from tissues into the bloodstream, thus reducing extra weight caused by retention of fluid.   

Is Phenq safe?

All the ingredients combined to form Phenq shows that it is safe to consume. Most of them suppress appetite or use other means like their thermogenic properties to force the body to lose weight.

Also, Phenq does not have any side effects. But it is advisable to use according to laid down instructions which can be seen on the product label.

Why Phenq Is The Best Nootropic For Weight Loss

There are many properties Phenq has that other nootropic for weight loss lack. Below are some of the things I like about this incredible smart drug.

  • Easy to take
  • Enhances energy levels and mood
  • All its ingredients are backed by science
  • Produced in Produced in GMP and FDA approved facilities in the US and UK

I also liked the 60-day money back guarantee that the company offers. Though I had no reason to request a refund, the guarantee gave me enough time to evaluate nootropic. They also deliver to anywhere in the world, which was a good thing for me. And guess what, I lost 15 pounds in less than 6 weeks of taking this nootropic.

Other Top Nootropics For Weight Loss

Apart from Phenq, other supplements I have used are; Genius Burn and Zhou Nutrition bought on Amazon. The results from these supplements where moderate, not what I was expecting from nootropics at that price point. Here are the things I noticed:

Genius Burn

Genius burn is made of nine different types of ingredients and functions more as a cognitive enhancer – though provides other health benefits. It claims to boost brain health and promote weight loss and contains TeaCrine and not caffeine.

While taking Genius burn, you will discover that it improves mood and reduces stress. This is due to the ingredient, Sensoril ashwagandha it contains. However, the main reason Genius burn is considered a weight management supplement is that it has the capacity to regulate cortisol. But it is more of a cognitive booster than weight loss supplement. And it contains the cognitive-boosting ingredient – – TeaCrine, Cognizin, and AlphaSize.


  • Caffeine free
  • Suppress appetite a bit
  • Effective brain booster


  • Increases body temperature a bit
  • Not effective as a weight loss smart drug

Zhou Nutrition

Zhou nutrition is an effective nootropic in other aspects but not for weight loss. And if you are someone that always handles tasks that gets you exhausted all the time, this supplement will provide the energy you seek to carry on.

Also, Zhou nutrition is one of the most amazing nootropics that makes concentrating for long hours possible. So, if you are easily distracted and cannot concentrate for long, this supplement will benefit you.

Rhodiola Rosea plant is one of the extracts in Zhou nutrition that works wonders as a cognitive booster. This Chinese medicinal plant promotes cognitive function, reduces fatigue as well as exhaustion, but does not promote weight loss in any way.


  • Improves memory
  • Comes well packaged
  • Enhances brain health


  • Causes stomach upset in most cases
  • Minor side effects possible – skin irritation and headache


Weight loss is a critical issue because of the health implication of being obese. There are tons of nootropics out there claiming to be effective for weight loss. But only a few manage to produce moderate effects. Phenq is one of the weight loss nootropics that have impressed thousands of people. The smart drug contains natural ingredients and is 100% safe to take. And is the best nootropic appetite suppressant