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Find Out Why Kratom is Considered the Best Herb For Opiate Withdrawal

July 6, 2018

Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is a coffee-like tree which grows in Indonesia and other parts of Southeast Asia. Its leaves are known to have a psychoactive effect on takers and may cause stimulation or sedation depending on the type of strain and the amount taken.

In Thailand, Kratom is chewed by women undergoing manual labor to relieve pain, however, even with this record, very little is known about this plant. In recent years, though, there is an increasing number of people who claim that it is also an effective cure for opiate withdrawal.

Some former drug addicts have testified to using Kratom to help them cope with the effects of opiate withdrawal. Because of these claims, more and more people have turned to this plant to cure them instead of going to conventional rehabilitation and detox facilities, which typically have long queues and which give expensive medical treatments. In an interview, former opioid dependent and Kratom user Eric Mayhew Jr. said that Kratom kills your desire for opiates by dulling your pain and putting you back into the right state of mind.

The effects of Kratom differs from one strain to another. Strains are named based on their place of origin. According to advocates, the strains that are most effective in managing opiate withdrawal are the Red Bali, Red Vein Borneo, Maeng Da, Green Malay, and Green or White Thai. Red Bali relieves pain and induces sleep, Red Vein Borneo and Maeng Da reduce anxiety and depression and increase a person’s energy levels, Green Malay calms the mind and the body, and Green or White Thai eases sexual dysfunction caused by withdrawal. You can read more about the best kratom for opiate withdrawal on kratomguides.com                   

There are a number of ways to take Kratom and it usually depends on a person’s preferences and tolerance to the plant’s natural bitter taste. Some chew the leaves of the plant, but it is said that this method is not as effective as the others because the extract is what needs to be consumed. Another method is the Toss and Wash Method, wherein a person puts Kratom powder under his or her tongue, carefully avoiding the taste buds, and then flushing it all with water or a sweet drink.

Others take it as a tea, while there are some who combine the powder with other drinks such as a fruit juice and then drink it immediately. Perhaps the most common way to take it nowadays is through supplements. Not only does this eliminate the bitter taste and unpleasant smell of the plant, this also makes it easier and smoother to swallow and makes it more convenient to bring the medicine anywhere.

Advocates say that Kratom is a lot safer than medicine prescribed in detox centers because it is very unlikely that people will get overdosed by it. According to them, if you take too much Kratom, your body will automatically get rid of it by making you vomit, thus, making it impossible to get harmed from taking it.

Despite the many claims, though, there is still lack of research on this subject. What is important is that, if you want alternative ways to cure your opiate withdrawal, it is better to consult other people more, especially those who have used the real thing. Also, observe how your body reacts to certain substances, and of course, remember to use everything in moderation.