Kettlebell Swing Benefits – Make Your Crossfit Workout a Success!

February 12, 2017

kettlebell swing routine

Do you know of any workout that benefits your leg muscles, glutes, abs and lats all at once? If you don’t, then it would probably shock you to learn that Kettlebell Swing is what you need. This type of workout is one of the most efficient for fat loss since it engages most parts of the body throughout its routine.

Benefits of Kettlebell Swing

Deriving the benefits associated with it depends on your ability to do Kettlebell Swing correctly. In many ways, athletes know it as the perfect exercise. It is quite popular with the CrossFit enthusiasts. If you’re looking for reasons to begin doing this exercise, the following should convince you:

1. Kettlebell Swing is perfect for the back
2. It is renowned for the safest of lower loads
3. Easier on your body
4. It is functional training
5. Easily incorporated into other forms of exercise
6. Fit comfortably into any home or workout setting

Furthermore, Kettlebell Swing is an ideal CrossFit workout because of the following reasons:

1. It helps to attain increased power
2. Gives your body increased muscle endurance
3. Enhanced aerobic capacity and,
4. Improved anaerobic capacity

Kettlebell swing form – how to do it correctly

Kettlebell Swing is an iconic workout. This ballistic movement is a beneficial drill. It performs wonders when used for strengthening the athlete’s core and hips. It encourages the coordination and utilization of the full body too.

Do you now see where its relationship with CrossFit comes in?

Its role in CrossFit training depends on the athlete’s ability to do it with proper form. What you need to remember is that it’s not a squat but a hinge. Don’t forget that the swing is not passive but explosive. It’s wrong and dangerous for you to lean back at the top of the Kettlebell Swing.

How to do Kettlebell Swing

check below video on how to do it correctly:

There’s a proper way of doing Kettlebell Swing. Before you start doing it, invest in the appropriate Kettlebell weight. Remember that it’s available in kilograms rather than pounds. It’s advisable for women to start with 8kg-12kg. Men can begin theirs at 16kg.

A few dos and don’ts worth observing include the following:

1. Staying in neutral
2. Avoid getting low
3. Power from your hips
4. Never forget your footing

No matter what you do, never perform this exercise with a neutral spine. Now, the neutral spine position or alignment isn’t a bad thing. It has several benefits. Nonetheless, this position is wrong when you’re participating in any Kettlebell Swing or CrossFit workout.

What muscles work during kettlebell swing?

What Kettlebell Swing guarantees is a proper workout for all your muscles. It works impressively in burning fat and ripping the body entirely. As long as you’re burning fat and ripping your body, you know that the muscles will be leaner and free of extra fat.

Kettlebell training builds your muscles. The training prepares you for a life full of increased muscle size and excellent definition. As long as you keep doing it well, you will soon feel as if you possess the heart of the best racehorse in the world.

Russian Kettlebell swing

The most important thing to understand here is Russian Kettlebell Swing is an extreme way of keeping fit. Don’t embrace it unless you’re ready for hard living. It has helped many members of the famed Soviet Special Forces to attain their physical fitness goals; thus, ideal for CrossFit.

Some of the best Russian athletes who have taken part in and won several Olympic medals used this technique too. The Russians devised new ways of turbo-charging their physical performance using this method. It transformed ordinary Russian athletes into supermen able to:

1. display raw power
2. show explosive strength

Check below video on difference between russian and american kettlebell swing:

Kettlebell workout routines examples

It’s important to develop and stick to a Kettlebell Workout Routine that works best for you. Do not forget that your body is different from that of the next CrossFit athlete. Each person responds differently to exercises. Know and stick to your routine.

Break each routine down into minutes. A 20-minute routine is highly advisable for each unique aspect of Kettlebell Swing. During the 20 minutes, you can pair two types of workouts. On the other hand, there’s nothing wrong in giving 20 minutes to each type of exercise.

Kettlebell Snatch

Kettlebell Snatch is one of the most crucial forms of exercise for all CrossFit athletes. It helps you to understand your movements. It also helps you to appreciate your needs better. Kettlebell Snatch is best for people who have trained for some time rather than novices.

Kettlebell Snatch allows you to understand why you’re unable to benefit from specific types of workouts and movements. It provides information about your body. For example, it will give you a better picture of areas such as:

1. Core stability
2. Overhead mobility
3. Core strength
4. Hip hinge

How to do a Kettlebell snatch – video below:

It’s worth mentioning that Kettle Snatch and Kettlebell Swing are similar yet distinctly different. It’s hard to excel in Snatch while operating within the confines of a Swing. The similarity between the two is that both depend on a solid hip hinge for movement.

Kettlebell Circuit

Now, you have to find a Kettlebell Circuit that’s perfect for you. For example, you could design Circuit No.1 around front squats, cleans and presses, alternate pulls and pushups. Circuit No. 2 would then revolve around windmills, Turkish getups, and Kettlebell Swings.

As a CrossFit athlete, you probably know what your body can and can’t handle. Organize each circuit around what your body is capable of handling. An ideal Kettlebell Circuit incorporates each of these in any session:

1. Clean and Press
2. Snatch
3. Shoulder Press
4. Kettlebell Swing

Video example of kettlebell circuit below:

Kettlebell challenge

The Kettlebell Challenge is all about taking part in an intense workout session for a specified period. It means that for the next several days or weeks Kettlebell Swing will feature prominently in all your workouts. It’s intense and insane training until you achieve your goals.

The Kettlebell Challenge encourages you to push your body to its limits. Once again, this has traces of CrossFit training all over it. However, avoid setting unrealistic targets and demands on your body as you embark on this physically draining challenge.

Check great infographic below for some ideas:

kettlebell challenge example


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