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All The Sunflower Oil Benefits and How To Use It To Your Advantage

May 2, 2018

sunflower oil on the table

Often, what gives us strength and replenishes our body is always looked down upon, especially when they are by-products of natural plants. Sunflower oil has successfully fought this unjust stereotype and it is no doubt one of the sought-after oils in the world.

Before I proceed, the question being; is sunflower oil good for you? This is not a rhetorical question. All you need to do is to calm down and read this catchy and informative piece. I’m pretty sure you’ll take a definite decision after carefully reading this essay.

For the sake of those who don’t know what sunflower oil is, it is the oil derived from sunflower seeds. It has many uses ranging from domestic, medicinal and even uses in beauty industry. Some oils which have always challenged the dominance of the sunflower oil are olive oil and safflower oil. I will explore all the three concepts.

Safflower oil vs Sunflower oil—which way?

The debate on safflower oil vs sunflower oil can be simply resolved; both oils serve numerous positive purposes. But before going deep into this concept, what is safflower? It is a thistle-like plant grown annually which has a lot of branches. Safflower oil is derived from the seeds of the plant by pressing them out and then refining them.

If situations constrain you to go for one out of sunflower and safflower, you need to first consider the reasons for which the oil is needed before taking any action. Both oils are very similar that people often use them interchangeably. If not for experts, it is usually difficult to distinguish between the two. For instance, both oils have a light-yellow color. This is where the difference between sunflower oil vs olive oil becomes glaring; olive oil contains too much of color.

Also, since both oils have been refined, they have a mild flavor. In fact, one can hardly distinguish the taste of both and that is why their prices are almost the same. However, the major difference between both safflower and sunflower oils is their source; they are made from different plants. Also, there are more varieties of sunflower oil than safflower. The three major ones are mid-oleic, high oleic and linoleic popularly referred to as ‘classic sunflower oil’.

More importantly, the vital difference between both oils lies in their medicinal uses. According to research, safflower oil treats many health issues that the sunflower oil may not be able to help with. However, those in the manufacturing industry use sunflower than safflower oil and sunflower has unarguably gained recognition worldwide than its counterpart.

Also, safflower oil benefits for skin are really pronounced. The oil has some form of lubricants that ensure the body does not dry up any period of the day. Also, if consistently applied, it treats wrinkles and keeps the skin very attractive. Your skin texture and tone becomes balanced, glowing and charming overtime. In the same vein, the oil contains linoleic fatty acids that are known for their health benefits to the skin.

Sunflower oil vs Olive Oil

There are whole lots of differences between sunflower and olive oil. Apart from the color, the contents and health benefits of both oils differ. Both oils have a high content of fatty acids that help in fighting inflammation and cancer in the body. Both oils also contain some good amount of Vitamin E which should be consumed on a regular basis due to its health benefits.

However, olive oil contains Vitamin K and minerals which are not present in the sunflower oil. These two main healthy ingredients have made people to favor olive oil over sunflower. This is not to demean the importance of sunflower oil, but just to draw out a difference between both oils.


The uses of sunflower oil are simply innumerable. The plant is a huge source of investment and people are always happy making money from it; sunflower oil is now being used globally. Some of its uses are:

  • Treats skin problems
  • Used for cooking
  • Treats ulcer, cancer and other ailments
  • Stimulates hair growth
  • Soap making
  • Used in producing candles
  • Used for making lubricants, etc.

Why should you consume this oil?

No doubt, you would have been convinced by one reason or the other to pitch your tent with this oil. But in order to be ‘naked’ about it, the sunflower oil nutrition rate is a reason enough to consider. It contains a lot of healthy vitamins and minerals that work together to ensure you’re always healthy, looking good, strong with fascinating hair and prevention from many other diseases, especially the dreadful cancer.

When you consume this oil always, your body system becomes immune to most infections that could have defeated you ordinarily.

Health Benefits of Sunflower Oil

Due to the health-enhancing nutrients of this oil, its popularity has spread like wildfire among users from across the world. The health benefits of sunflower oil are too numerous to be captured in a short piece as this. Here is the list of the most impactful benefits:

  • It cures cardiovascular diseases

Due to the high content of Vitamin E in the oil, it has the ability to fight cardiovascular deficiencies. This is coupled with its richness in phenolic and choline acid that are reputed for their health benefits. Thus, the combination of all these and others help in the reduction in the chances of heart attack. If your doubt has always been that is sunflower oil good for the heart, then it has just been cleared and nothing should stop from the regular consumption of the oil.

  • It prevents colon cancer and asthma

There is no any other oil in the world that has high Vitamin E content like sunflower oil. If this is well incorporated into your meal, it drastically reduces the chances of asthma and cancer.

  • It lowers the cholesterol level

We all know that cholesterol is a ‘bad thing’ in the body which should always be kept at the barest minimum at all times. Sunflower oil has both monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats that maintains the appropriate ration of cholesterol in the body.

  • It repairs and builds the body

The oil contains proteins used for building the body tissues. Also, they produce enzymes and hormones that are very essential for repairing the body. Sunflower oil supplies the high quantity of protein required by our body system to function maximally.

Skin Benefits

To those who are fashion-oriented, I’m pretty sure this is your niche! Maybe you’ve always been asking if sunflower oil is good for your skin, yes, it is. Some of its benefits to your skin are:

  • Enhances skin health

Probably, other skincare products you have been using are shea butter and almond oil. However, you cannot compare the quantity of Vitamin E present in sunflower oil with them. This vitamin ensures the skin is well-nourished. Also, it guards against the damage of skin cells and generally improves the appearance of your skin.

  • Treats acne

Other healthy vitamins in this oil are A, C and D that protect the skin against any form of attack. Due to its light natures, it finds it easy to penetrate into all the corners of the skin and keep the skin shining all day. It effectively treats acne and ensures vital skin cells are regenerated. 

  • Moisturizes the skin

The oil has emollient properties that ensure your skin keeps moisture all day. According to studies, regular use of the oil on infants reduces skin infection by 14%. Looking at these numerous benefits, it is ideal to start using the oil every day.

Benefits of sunflower oil for hair

Also, one of the frequently asked questions over the internet is; is sunflower oil good for hair? It isn’t only good, it has so many benefits that you should be tempted to apply it in excess at all times.  Here are some of the benefits of the oil to the hair:

  • Scalp health

If you so much desire improvement in the health of your scalp, sunflower oil should be your inseparable companion. The scalp is the fundamental part of the hair and whatever affects it affects the whole hair. The presence of Vitamin E in the oil ensures it affects all forms of bacteria in the scalp and keep your hair safe.

  • Hair growth

One of the prides of every lady and men inclusive is the rate of hair growth. Ordinarily, nobody wants to go bald. This oil stimulates rapid hair growth. The oil contains Omega 9 that prevents against breakage of hair.

  • Softens the hair

Frizzy hair can be so annoying and frustrating and nobody ever desires to carry them around. Then, sunflower comes to aid! It naturally moisturizes the hair, making it soft, shiny and adorable.

Sunflower and frying process

This is another debate point and people have always asked if sunflower is good for frying. The answer is yes. In fact, it is one of the healthiest oils on the surface of the earth that can be used for frying. However, you should always go for the variety that is high in oleic for your deep-frying. It has a high smoke point and many healthy components that will contribute to your overall health at the end of the day.


Sunflower oil has many benefits, and many of them are untold. Although there are some controversies trailing its usage, but that is always as a result of conflicting research outcomes. Always know your needs and go for the best.