How To Reach Your Fitness Goals With Pilates

Getting fit and losing weight are the common fitness goals for many people. But these goals are easily broken. Research shows that lack of motivation is the main reasons why most people do not achieve their fitness goals. One of the best forms of exercise that motivate people to get fit is Reformer Pilates. (reformer is a special bed where you can do more exercises compared to a mat)

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a type of exercise that focuses on balanced body development through core strength and flexibility. Joseph Pilates developed this physical fitness system in the 1920s. Initially, it was used by prisoners of war as a rehabilitation program. But it was later known to be beneficial to people seeking a higher level of fitness.

One great thing about Pilates is that it works well on different people. From elderly to athletes to women bouncing back from pregnancy, anyone can benefit from this physical fitness program. Some of the benefits of Pilates include becoming leaner, stronger, and ability to do things with ease.

What are the main benefits of Pilates?

There are many reasons to why you need to start doing Pilates. It is a fitness program that can make a big difference in your body and health. Here are the main Pilates benefits.

1. Pilates is a whole body exercise

It is an exercise that develops all parts of the body without neglecting others. Even though its emphasis on core strength, it trains the whole body. Pilates is familiar in rehabs and with athletes since it is an excellent foundation for their movements.

2. It increases flexibility

Traditional workouts tend to build bulky muscles and are weight bearing. But for Pilates, the exercise improves muscle elasticity and joint flexibility. Someone with stable strength and flexibility is not prone to injuries.

3. Pilates help you move efficiently

Pilates exercises train several muscles at once in a smooth way. With a proper technique, you can teach the body to move faster. This is very helpful for sports performance, injury recovery, optimal health, and good posture.

4. It is gentle

Most of Pilates’s exercises are done in sitting or reclining positions. This means it is a safe form of exercise that can be performed by anyone. It can also be used in physical therapy facilities to restore injuries.

5. Pilates develops core-strength

The core muscles are the deep-muscles of the abdomen, back, and pelvic floor. Everyone relies on core muscles for good posture, stiff back, and efficient movement. And when your core muscles are strong, your body frame is well supported.

What are the cons of Pilates exercises?

1. If you are looking for a useful exercise for weight loss, Pilates might not be a good one. It might be helpful as swimming or running.

2. Pilates workouts are aerobic; hence you may not burn a lot of exercise calories like other exercises.

3. If you are expecting immediate results, you may feel frustrated with Pilates workouts.

Pilates workouts are simple and can be done on a mat or exercise equipment. However, some exercises might be challenging. Therefore, ensure you choose a workout that suits you.