How To Choose The Best Medical WordPress Themes

According to an article from The Washington Post, 8 out of 10 American adults use the Internet to search for information related to their health. Among the most common searches are symptoms of certain diseases, doctor tracking, and health centers near them.

This means that whether your doctor’s office is relatively new or has been open for a while, a website will allow new patients to reach you. With a website, you will be able to showcase your expertise in your specialty, as well as spread the word of your health center or clinic. Thus, potential patients in your area will learn about your medical services.

One of the easiest ways to create a website for your clinic is to use medical WordPress Themes focused on the health sector, designed for health care providers, like doctors and dentists. These have the option to add plugins to your website like appointment scheduling. Let’s show the best WordPress themes for doctors.

Medical Plus

Medical Plus is a template designed exclusively for its use in healthcare, hospital, clinic and health center marketing. Some of its features include SEO optimization, use of hashtags, and a search engine. It also offers a range of color themes, six-footer designs, four blog styles, and over a hundred fonts.

Medical Plus works at a commercial level since it has the capability to manage price lists, interactive publications, links, and video tutorials that can be adapted to healthcare.


Healthflex is another WordPress theme for medical sites, like health centers, clinics, or private doctors. It is totally customizable and allows its manipulation, even if you are not a tech expert, to improve the experience for the administrator and the client.

It possesses the function of coupling with WooComerce plugins, so you can expand your virtual business and allow the option of online transactions and interaction with your customers. Additionally, you can have a shopping cart with Ecwid function, compatible with Android and iPhone.


The Medicenter template is intended for the medical sector, such as clinics, health centers, private physicians, dentists, and psychologists. It is a popular and user-friendly theme with wide style features, varied information boxes to empty data, and unlimited colors to customize theme management. Medicenter integrates sliders, drag-and-drop page generator, and plugins for schedule control. Additionally, you can organize by department and doctor list.

Thus, Medicenter offers features to easily program the best website that your health company can present.

Medical and Dentist

The Medical and Dentist WordPress theme is modern and responsive. With it, your clients will be able to make an appointment through a reservation form. It also has a table for scheduling consultations, opening hours, a department or area manager, and other features needed for a doctor’s online presence.

Additionally, you can program your calendar events with filter bars, and it is compatible with WooComerce function, which can boost your sales and improve interactions with your clients.


Heartify has a clean design suitable for a wide variety of health-related websites. Its main features include drag-and-drop page designs, contact forms, SEO-friendly, and offers easy integration of Google Maps. It is customizable and supports Google fonts and icons.