How To Choose A Perfect Bong

August 2, 2018

Even if you’re doing it for quite a while, choosing a new bong can be hard, especially if you’re limited to a budget. Sometimes all you need is a functional bong that’ll stand the test of time.

While the bongs made out of wood are cheaper, considering a glass bong is surely a better idea, given that the wood affects the smoke quality more than you think. Still, choosing a water bong also requires some basic knowledge. Thin glass bongs are the choice most of the people make due to the price, but the fact is that thickness should not be overlooked for the price.

Investing in a thicker glass is not only about the quality, so before you spend money on the thin glass bong, think about how long it’ll last. There’re a variety of affordable thick glass bongs available online, from brands such as HeadshopHQ.

Of course, if you have the money for a more expensive type, then you should surely check out a glass-on-glass type of a bong. Choosing the type is crucial, but here are some of the factors you should also pay attention to.

1.  Additional features

When choosing between the similar glass water bong, looking out for the enhancements. The smoking experience is measured by the cooling effect of the water, and the quality of the smoke you inhale. Some prefer a better diffuser, and some are paying attention if their box comes with an extra percolator.

The truth is that this depends on an individual taste, as the lungs differ from person to person, and not everyone likes it the same. Well, for most of the people, ice catcher is essential, but keep in mind that most of these things mean that the bong comes with a price. In any case, additional features depending on the individual smoking experience.

Still, when paying for a glass water bong, having these extras is highly recommended. Since most of the people see a bong purchase as a personal investment, keeping an eye out for all the additions is definitely something we would recommend.

2.  A brand name

As they say, a name comes with a price, but what is it that differs the brands, other than the type of glass they use? Well, this also comes down to a budget and a personal preference. Most of the customers with a limited budget decide HeadshopHQ. It’s probably due to the fact that this is just the best quality for the price.

Yet, when choosing between two, one must research the reputation as well. A customer review is essential if you’re looking to see what the experience of the others is. It depends on whether you’re just planning or you actually have the money you’d like to invest in a bong. In any case, look into the brand names before you buy a water bong.

3.  Test your abilities

When selecting a water bong, many neglect the fact that you need to actually know your lungs to know which one works the best for you. Holding your breath to measure your endurance is the best way to know which water bong should be your choice.

People usually overestimate their lung capacity, thinking they can hold the breath in longer than they actually can. That’s why it’s recommended that you test it at home before you buy the bong.

Many consider 3 seconds to be a minimum for a medium sized bong, but the truth is that it depends on an individual. In any case, make sure to test yourself before you spend the money on something that’ll collect the dust.

4.  Recognize the quality

Misjudging the quality based on the size or the material is common among the beginners. You’re thinking that buying a think glass bong is not worth it if it’s not large, but the truth is that while the size is not essentially the measure of the quality. When it comes to a size, what matters is the frequency.

If you’re using it more often, medium-sized think glass bong is the best you can get. On the other hand, a thin glass bong is good for the beginners, who are just learning the basics. Also, buying a glass-on-glass bong is pointless if you’re not paying attention to the additional features. Remember, when it comes to the water bongs, the quality comes at the price.