How To Buy An Outdoor Volleyball Net

Volleyball is one of the most loved sports that is played all around the world. The game has a very specific type of equipment to it and can be set up almost anywhere. When it comes to buying a volleyball net, there are few things to consider.

On that note, here are a few tips on how to buy a volleyball net.

A Complete Net System:

If you are planning to buy a net, you must be aware of the space where you are going to play the sport. At some places, you already have courts and poles, and all you need to purchase is a net. However, the other option is to buy the entire net system which comes with the poles and other equipment. This is a smart buy. Always make sure to get a quality volleyball net.

User-Friendly Net

Volleyball nets can come in various models, some that take you a few minutes to set up ad some other that take really long, and also require tools. When you buy your volleyball net, look into the instructions and buy the ones that it is easy for you to set up and bring down.

Permanent Poles Or Portable Ones

If you have a space that is marked for your recreation, then you can get the poles that are permanent and just buy the net. However, if you want to take it around with you and want to set up a court wherever you desire, then it is important to get the portable system.

Size And Weight

Always watch out for the size and weight when you buy a portable system as it should be easy for you to carry and set up. There are different materials such as carbon fiber, aluminum or steel. It is important for you to pick the one best for you to take around with you. Keeping in mind the mode of transportation will also help you buy the right size.

Cost Of The Net System

When you buy your net system you also need to look at your budget as this helps you decide what exactly you can buy. The market has many ranges of nets approved by NCAA, and so picking the right one within your budget will not be too difficult. When you look for lightweight systems like the aluminum ones, you might have to pay more. Also, the hybrid nets and the carbon ones can become more expensive because of all the additional qualities it has.

Compatible Sockets And Poles

Buying an entire system means you will get the poles and sockets of the same size. However, if you are buying a new system with poles that need to be attached to permanent sockets, then you need to watch out for the size. Some manufacturers’ give you adapters with which you can place the post into the sockets. However, these options need to be checked before you buy your net system.

Look For The Skill Level

When you buy your net, you also need to look at the skill level that is found in the packaging. This is not required if you are playing for fun. However, if you are buying the net for a serious match or competition then you need to buy the net accordingly.