How To Get Smaller Thighs Fast at Home

While the hungry think of food and the jobless thinks of gainful employment, what always occupies of the mind of those with big thighs is how to get smaller thighs. Many times, they felt helpless, hopeless and lost to their situation. It shouldn’t be so; the world is now connected to a digital platform and thus, no one should suffer in silence.

If you are in this category or you have a loved one suffering from this malady, count yourself lucky for coming across this helpful and insightful piece. Enjoy!

Causes of Fat Thighs

Before we may begin to speak of the solution to fat thighs, we first need to talk about the cause; the nature of the foundation determines the strength of the building. According to different studies, women store up fats than men and the two main places of storage are usually the thighs and the butts. Then, the next question on your lips is ‘what is the reason for this?’ or ‘why are my thighs so big?’ Scroll down and see the revelation!


Yes, being a female alone is one of the primary reasons for fats accumulation. In addition, it affects the place of storage of the fats. Medically, the choice of where the fats go is determined by two hormones—estrogen and testosterone. Estrogen, hormone heavily present in females, ensures that the fats move to the thighs and butts, thus, the reason why big thighs and mountain-type butts are mostly associated with females while the testosterone directs the fats to the belly in the case of men.


Also, it is asserted by medical experts that women need and burn more fats than their males. During exercises and workouts, women consume more energy than men, thus the need for more fats. Also, they need it to be clustered around the hips and waists during pregnancies so as to help significantly with activities and even child delivery. When you burn high level of calories, you should always expect fats to store up in your thighs, bellies and butts.


Some people naturally have a lot of fat in their thigh area. This is referred to as fatty acid. In this instance, it may take time to get the result because that is the last hidden point of fat, especially in women.

Body Shape

You seem not to have control over this and this often occurs in women. Those with pear-shape are always at the risk of having both big thighs and butts. However, women with cone-shape will have the thighs and butts thin but with other parts being huge. Just like I’ve earlier said, when it comes to the body shape, you are almost helpless but you can always work very hard to make your thighs and butts (for the pear-shaped women) slim.

The psychological and depressing effects

At this point, we need to be raw and truthful to each other. Although many studies have successfully made you superficially happy about your fat thighs, but right within you, you know that isn’t your real self or at least, what you desire for yourself. Even if there are no medical side effects, the psychological side effect of being worried or not pleased with yourself is a reason enough to take action. There is a just the awkward feeling that keeps roaming in your heart throughout the day.

In addition, people with huge thigh muscles get tired quickly. Ask them to go on endurance treks and see how they will be panting after a short time into the adventure. In addition, you have to buy pants and shorts at all times. No matter the caution exercised, it seems uncontrollable how your shorts and pants tear always.

However, what you will spend on building a skinny, lovable body is far lesser than what you’ve spent on buying pants, clothes and shorts. Your dream to wear floral shorts and cocktail dresses during summer remains a fading dream seeming not to gain realization before you leave the planet earth.

Many marriages have either crumbled or are on the edge of being ended just because one of the partners has a shape that does not suit the other couple. Not too many people are pleased with having big thighs and butts.

Finally, do not be deceived undue overweight can leave you with a heart attack, high blood pressure and chronic fatigue which will negatively work together to serve as a threat to your precious life.

Explaining the concept of fat thighs and muscular thighs

Before we head into the solutions, it is pertinent to understand the concepts mentioned above correctly to know the best form of solution to adopt in each case. Talking about the thigh anatomy, the first of its layers is the skin which serves as the outer part. Immediately after the outer layer lies the fat which surrounds the muscles in the thigh.

While fat is yellowish, the muscle is red in color. On gaining weight, the fat becomes thicker and then, you begin to notice some form of artificial inflammation on your thigh. However, when you subject the muscles also to consistent exercises, they also become huge and translate into bigger thighs. You can now see that both the fats and muscles go up and down together simultaneously.

Whenever you are thinking of how to slim down your muscular thighs, you must not leave fats out of your plan.

Effective Ways to Slim Down Your Fat or Muscular Thighs

I can rightly guess someone’s mind at this point: Buddy, tell us the way out and stop painting the problems to us; we know how it is before now. Isn’t that your thought? And that’s what I’m about to do right away.  Follow suit and take actions afterward because I am not only going to discuss the effective ways with you but also fast proven methods.

There are many ways on how to make your thighs slimmer without thigh slimming exercises.

Healthy Diet Consumption

Yes, I chose to start from this angle because I know the food is irresistible and undoubtedly indispensable in our everyday living. However, you need to eat rightly. Don’t live under the illusion of eliminating sugar and salt from your meals, only reduce them minimally. Befriend vegetables and fruits and consume them in high quantity.


A proven way of how to slim down thighs is through high consumption of water. Be religiously committed to drinking at least 3 liters of water daily. It provides a moist environment for the development of tissues while flushing out unwanted toxins out of your body.

Metabolism process is well stimulated by drinking a cup of water before taking every meal. In addition, always squeeze lime into the water to hasten up the weight loss process. At this point, you need to move away from all sugar-laden drinks that can end up rendering your weight loss effort useless.


You need to consume protein too on a daily basis. Some high protein sources are beans, fish, chicken breast, etc.

Fatty acids

There are some essential fatty acids like Omega 3 and other products with monounsaturated fats that you need to inculcate into your meal. They depress the bad cholesterol and raise the good ones in your body. Also, they prevent all traces of heart attack in your body. Foods with saturated fats should be avoided because they will end up fueling what you are seeking to end.

Junk food

If there is anything to avoid like a plague that should be unhealthy junk food. Candies, pastries, ice cream and cupcakes are simply unhealthy for you. It takes self-discipline to succeed in this realm because you’ve been used to them.

In all, avoid all kinds of foods that are high in calories.

Adopting a new lifestyle

Yes, you have to leave your old ways and turn a new leaf in order to slim thighs and legs fast.

Short rest after exercise

Do not deny yourself of short rest after taking thigh slimming workout sessions. During the workout, metabolism is enhanced and your cells are stimulated, so adequate rest will get the body entirely repaired and make you lose the needed weight. 

Adequate sleep

Are you taken aback? Don’t be! When you don’t deny yourself of adequate sleep, the body is relaxed and this contributes to weight loss. Sleeplessness produces ghrelin and leptin hormones. These hormones stimulate your appetite and put you at the risk of consuming more food that can lead to adding unnecessary weight. 

Eat appropriately

Always eat your dinner early, at least 4 hours before bedtime so that the food consumed will not be turned into fat. The hours you still awake after dinner will ensure many calories are burned before you sleep.

Also, never starve yourself of food just in a bid to lose weight. When you starve yourself, the process of metabolism is slowed down and fat piled up in the ‘danger zones’—thighs and hips. Adopting the starving means of losing weight will leave you with an ironical result.


People believe more in this means that the other two discussed earlier. There is no doubt about thigh slimming exercises being the most obvious means of weight loss. There are many exercises you can adopt in losing weight rapidly. Some of them are:

Step up

This has proven to be effective over time and worked most for thigh muscles. All you need is stairs or low height bench for this exercise. Always place the right foot on the center of the stair in order for the body to rest on it while you leave the left leg behind to maintain balance. This is how to slim thighs fast at home.


Although this means of exercise is underrated and abused, but the records show that it has a high result rate. An average of 400 calories can be burned through 20 minutes daily walk.


This seems to be indispensable for you if you desire a fast result. This can either be done early in the morning or late in the evening on a daily basis (consistency guarantees needed result). In order to make fun out of the exercise, you may always take it with your spouse or friend. You wouldn’t strain yourself and yet, more calories will be burned.

Other forms of exercises that are result-oriented are swimming, lunges, dancing, cycling and different types of cardiovascular exercises.

Ok, But What If You Want a Simple Step by Step Solution?

I’m about to render invaluable free service to you. Yes, I don’t need your money but just for you to follow through.

There is a much simpler solution on how to make your thighs smaller!

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The program is carefully designed in a three-phase with each phase having 45 minutes video that teaches you everything needed to be followed. The golden rule about the videos is that you must always watch till the end because the producers intentionally reserved the best for the latter part.

The videos are arranged in a demand-driven way to keep you glued to the screen; take out boredom out of your mind. There are no words that can creatively capture this program and its numerous benefits until you try it out; is it the flexibility it offers, expertise, or even the result of the exercise itself?

As a proof of the confidence of the makers, there is a 60-day money back guarantee. You know what, without any questioning, you get your 100% refund within two months of being dissatisfied with the whole program. It can’t be better than this! What else are you waiting for? Lose weight on the go with Yoga Burn!


Nothing kills faster than being worried about your physical state. One of those sources of worry is having fat or muscular thighs which have deferred all forms of treatments.  This piece is well-researched with proven ways of doing away with this problem.

Fortunately, all the methods proffered in this piece are short-term permanent solutions. All you need to do is practice them, most especially, the Yoga Burn program!