How To Buy The Best Mirrors For Home Gym – Our Top 6 Choices

August 16, 2017

fab glass gym wall mirror

In present day gym houses, it will be out of place not to have a large mirror. What gym mirrors do is that they help to enhance your training by boosting self-motivation and improving your form.

Buying a workout mirrors goes beyond walking into the market to buy anyone that first crosses your path. There are some technical things you need to look out for before making a choice – the type of material used, the thickness of the mirror and installation are all factors to be considered.

Buying mirrors for home gym can be expensive, that’s why you need to make the right choice when making a purchase so that you don’t end up wasting your funds. We have taken reasonable time and put together detailed reviews of the top 6 mirrors that will serve you perfectly in the gym.

Top Rated Home Gym Mirrors 2017

If you are contemplating on the type of mirror to buy in your gym room to help improve your training process, picking any one from the list below will suit your need perfectly.

Fab Glass Wall Mirror

fab glass large mirror


If you are looking at having a wall mirror in your gym house, then Fab Glass and Mirror should be one of your preferred options. This mirror has a dimension of 48″ x 72″, big enough to cover a wide range of view during workouts. It is made from polished vinyl, and has a safety backing that prevents it from breaking easily.

This mirror kit can be easily installed by yourself and it is suitable for both home and commercial use.


  • Made of high quality material
  • Large enough to cover wider view range
  • DIY easy installation
  • Suitable for both home and commercial purpose
  • It is sturdily built


  • Although it is easy to install, most reviews say it would have been nice to include instruction manual

MiraSafe Gym Mirror Kit

48x72 rectangle gym mirror


If you are looking for the best mirrors for home gym, the MiraSafe gym mirror is certainly an option to consider. With a dimension of 48″ x 72″, it is large enough to capture all your moves. Looking at yourself in this beautifully designed mirror motivates you to accomplish your daily exercise target.

MiraSafe is made of low-iron, copper-free and lead-free. It has safety features that offer extra protection. It is about 6mm thick. It is the most durable gym mirror in the market and it is simple to install. Apart from the rectangle mirror, the gym mirror kit includes mirror clip, j-bar, mounting screws, and mirror glue.


  • Large enough for a wider view range
  • Most durable of all mirrors
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Offers a super-clear view
  • It is beautifully designed


  • It is expensive

Wall Mounted Vanity Gym Mirror With LED Lighting

large wall mounted mirror for home gym


This is a multi-purpose mirror that can be used in a home gym as well as bathroom. The Vanity Mirror is top rated when it comes to design and features. It comes with LED lights to give a motivating view and to get you extra lighting in your gym room.

Since this mirror is designed for use in the bathroom, it is water proof, which makes it great for the sweat you will be expelling during workouts. Its professional look makes it outstanding and it has polished edges.


  • It has an aesthetic design which motivates you during workouts
  • The LED light gives extra lighting to your gym room
  • It is sweat proof
  • Offers a crispy view


  • Extra care is needed during installation due to its huge size

Beveled Frameless Gym Wall Mirror

18x40 glass view


This is another great mirror by Fab Glass and Mirror. Beveled polished mirror is 1″ thick and has a rectangular frameless design. Getting this mirror add to the aesthetic design of your gym house and it is quick and simple to install. It comes with a hook set to make installation easy. To give extra protection, the glass kit is wrapped with Styrofoam.

This frameless mirror has a very clear view and has 3 back hooks. It has a dimension of 18″ x 40″ to catch all your moves during workouts


  • Made of first grade material
  • Offers a clear view
  • It is quick and easy to install
  • A sheet of Styrofoam gives extra protection


  • May be difficult to install without an instruction manual

Lifetop Decorative Budget Workout Mirror

16pcs decorative glass view


The Lifetop Décor Mirror is among the cheapest workout mirrors. It comes in 16pcs that can be arranged together without any special skill. Each set weighs 0.128kg with a dimension of 15cm x 15cm. It comes with a shiny protective film on the surface that needs to be removed after installing.

Lifetop Décor Mirror adds a unique design to your gym room, which motivates you to keep visiting your gym daily. The 16pcs mirror wall sticker are easy to paste and remove without damaging the wall.


  • Its beautiful design makes you want to exercise daily
  • It is easy to paste and remove the 16pcs stickers
  • Offers clear view


  • It is mostly suitable for home gym

CTBU Glass Workout Mirror

glassless activity mirror overview


CTBU mirror is among the best home gym mirrors available in the market. If you have adventurous kids at home who like throwing things around, getting a CTBU Glass Less Mirror will be perfect for you because they are glassless and shatterproof. They can be easily installed and move around.

This mirror has an aluminum frame, and it’s made with a rigid foam core. The surface of the mirror is a polyester film.


  • It is lightweight and can be moved around
  • It is shatter proof
  • It is easy to install


  • It has a poor reflection when compared to other wall mirrors


Getting a good mirror for your gym room has a lot to offer. It keeps you motivated and helps improve your form. Of all the gym wall mirrors available for sale, some have unique features that make them preferable. Our list of 6 best mirrors should serve as a guide to you when buying one.

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