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Pendlay Do Win Weightlifting Shoes – Best Oly Shoes 2017 Review

September 25, 2016
Do Win Weightlifting Shoes Review

Do Win Weightlifting Shoes Review

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Do Win Weightlifting Shoes Video Review

Do Win Design

  • 3/4 inch heel height – best height in Olympic Weightlifting
  • Real leather for durability
  • Heavy duty mesh for better breathability
  • Redesigned sole – single layer sole for better flexibility and durability
  • 1/2 size down fit from regular training shoes
  • Heavy duty nylon straps

What’s good

  • These shoes are much stable in comparison to Reebok Nanos with higher heel feeling
  • Build is very good quality with proper stitching and straps length
  • If you are changing from running trainers to these shoes there will be a huge difference
  • Performance wise they are similar to Adidas Adipower and at least one step above Reebok
  • The toe is quite flexible so you can comfortably walk around
  • If you get the right fit you don’t feel any discomfort whatsoever
  • During squats they are glued to the floor and provide very smooth drive
  • Upper leather is very good quality
  • They allow your hips to sink naturally during squats with pushing your gluts towards your calves
  • Wider toebox provides extreme stability for compound lifts
  • If you are a tall guy these shoes will help you achieve proper positioning and better your form on squats and olympic lifts
Do Win Red - Team MDUSA James Tatum

Do Win Red – Team MDUSA James Tatum

What’s bad

  • You should stay away from these shoes if you have high arch or narrow feet
  • Remember to order half size down
  • Laces for some people might be too long but you can still cut them to desired length
  • Not good for running

Where to buy

Do Win Weightlifting Shoes –  Amazon from $119.95

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