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How To Get Smaller Thighs Fast at Home

While the hungry think of food and the jobless thinks of gainful employment, what always occupies of the mind of those with big thighs is how to get smaller thighs. Many times, they felt helpless, hopeless and lost to their situation. It shouldn’t be so; the world is now connected to a digital platform and […]


Deadlift For CrossFit – Get The Best From Your Workout

The deadlift, or the health lift as it was known back in the days, represents the exact safe and the perfect way to lift an object from the ground, more precisely a deadlift bar prepared with weights on it. The CrossFit deadlift program advantages cannot be compared to those of any other type of exercise. […]


Kettlebell Swing Benefits – Make Your Crossfit Workout a Success!

Do you know of any workout that benefits your leg muscles, glutes, abs and lats all at once? If you don’t, then it would probably shock you to learn that Kettlebell Swing is what you need. This type of workout is one of the most efficient for fat loss since it engages most parts of […]


Best Crossfit Warm Up: It’s worth to make it a routine in 2017

  I just completed a four week crossfit warm up for beginners course and I am very satisfied with it, I think I’m going to continue doing this sport in the near future. It completely blows away any bodybuilding workout that I’ve ever done. If you think that Crossfit is something you need to be […]


Best Crossfit Leg Workout 2017: Training that Works

Why am I an addict to CrossFit leg workouts? Coz why are those butts on her body and not on mine? I went green with envy. I did some female FBI internet research. CrossFit leg workout was the answer! Ah, the butts belong to Kim Kardashian for sure! Who will benefit from these workouts? CrossFit […]

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