What Socks To Wear For Crossfit And Where To Buy The Best

October 16, 2016

woman wearing long compression crossfit socks

You might be wondering what benefits do wearing long crossfit socks hold. This is noticeable with female crossfitters but some men also fall in this category.

Gym enthusiast especially in crossfit world put a lot of emphasis on the gear they are using. But do they really need a long crossfit socks? Does it help in some way to perform better?

Well, answer to that question is simple: it’s a mix of fashion and function.

Crossfit Socks as a Fashion thing

Good looking crossfit socks

Good looking crossfit socks

It’s all women nature to always look great. Being it casual or when performing other activities like crossfit for example, they just want to feel sexy.

Crossfit fashion these days is all about short shorts and tall socks so no wonder women work hard to show their legs.

This is true especially with so-called ,,flat-chested” girls so they have to express other gifts like – their legs!

Besides crossfit socks are just funny thing to wear and they show that you part of the tribe!

High Socks – Best for Crossfit Function

Rope climbs with long crossfit socks

Rope climbs with long crossfit socks

When it comes to functional reason for wearing high socks for crossfit activities it’s certainly not just a ”female” thing.

A lot of exercises with the bar to be performed correctly force you to keep the bar as close to your shins as possible.

So if you want to keep scrapes from the knurled part of the barbel to a minimum you just need a shin protection.

This is true with exercises like deadlifts and olympic lifts like all variations of snatches and cleans. During entire movement you have to be pulling tight into your body to be the most efficient.

This kind of protection is required for any movement of the barbell from the ground up.

Of course there are other activities where shin protection is important. Just wait until you start to learn rope climbs. You might be ignorant so try to do a rope climb with and without them and you’ll see my point.

You’d be amazed at how much this little simple sock will protect you from getting cut, scraped, or burned. Your legs will be well protected both going up and coming down. After some time you will get so used to them that when you decide to change to shorter version you suddenly feel uncomfortable and weird.

Compression socks for CrossFit?

Any Benefits of compression socks?

Any Benefits of compression socks?

A special kind of high socks used in crossfit are compression socks. If you are not familiar with them they are the same socks runners use. You might be wondering what the compression is and what it does?

Studies have shown that below knee compression decreases recovery time. It gets achieved through stimulating blood flow to the legs. This is especially beneficial with running and jumping activities like box jumps, rope jumps, double-unders but it may be of aid in deadlifting and oly lifting as well.

Compression socks act similar to suits used in weightlifting. They stabilize the muscles and allow to get more out of your body than non-compressed counterpart. This is desired thing during WOD’s where blood circulation is very important. Your calves are simply not as sore when you wear compression socks.

Plus they actually feel very comfortable.

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Tall crossfit socks are funny and fabulous looking thing, but they also have a purpose in protecting your shins against rope burns, scrapes on boxes and bars. Some socks are also compression ones and help you additionally in recovery and performance.

They are kind of a crossfit thing and became very popular in recent years. If you think they can aid you in your daily crossfit activities just give them a shot.

Here is little infographic about compression socks benefits:




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