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Best Weightlifting Shoes – Why and Where to Buy?

People who train regularly and do a lot of weightlifting exercises must invest in a pair of weightlifting shoes. A number of people might find this statement odd and may be wondering why they can’t use their everyday gym shoes for weightlifting. Well, the answer to that is, weightlifting happens to be a very specific […]


Top 9 Best Crossfit Shoes For Men and Women in 2017

Crossfit exercises include high intensity training and specific muscle movement, which is why, it is very important for people to choose the right crossfit shoes for their workout. If it was any other workout routine, a regular gym shoe would have been good to go, however, with crossfit, you need to pick the right kind […]


Reebok Crossfit Shoes Review – Best Reebok of 2017

These are without a doubt some of the best crossfit shoes available in the market. When it comes to crossfit workout routines, it is extremely important for people to choose the right kind of equipment for their training exercises. Shoes and footwear is an essential part of that and require special attention. Companies like Reebok Nike and […]


Best Adidas Weightlifting Shoes – Where To Buy The Cheapest?

The importance of good weightlifting shoes cannot be emphasized enough. While beginners may not realize this and deem footwear an unnecessary expense, adidas weightlifting shoes can actually go a long way in ensuring that your workout performance does not falter despite lengthy sessions. Should you buy the cheapest weightlifting shoes? Well, read on to find […]


Best Nike Weightlifting Shoes – Best Olympic Shoes in 2017?

There is really nothing to dispute about the quality of this brand. Nike weightlifting shoes will always be the top most popular choice around the globe. Be it crossfit shoes, running or minimalist shoes and weightlifting ones, there is no one that does these better than Nike. A lot of gym goers and fitness buffs are […]

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