CBD E Liquid Oil Buying Guide

July 17, 2018

What Is CBD Oil and What Benefits Does It Offer?

CBD e liquid oil is an oil extracted from either cannabis or industrial hemp which is meant to be vaped. That is why it’s also called CBD vape oil or CBD vape juice.

The majority of CBD e liquids are extracted from industrial hemp, which does not contain high levels of THC, the compounds in marijuana that produce a “high.” Because CBD oil only contains trace amounts of THC, it is legal in the US, the UK and EU and does not get users high. It is non-addictive and non-toxic, making it safe for vaping.

Vaping CBD e liquid has a number of health benefits (as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory) and therapeutic uses to treat conditions that cause seizures such as epilepsy, neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, stroke, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s, pain including nerve pain and arthritis, cancer tumor growth and pain, anxiety and opioid addiction.

CBD e liquid can be used to refill e-cigarettes or in single use vape pens. In addition to the CBD, the liquid typically contains a flavoring, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin or a natural carrier oil such as coconut oil.

Although CBD can be ingested or applied topically in creams and ointments, vaping is the fastest way to get the beneficial compounds into the bloodstream, which is important when it is being used for pain, seizures or other conditions in which immediate relief is required.

While CBD oil e liquid can be safely consumed, CBD formulations that are meant to be ingested or applied topically cannot be vaped.

Things to Look for When Buying CBD E liquid

  • Source – Find out where and how the hemp has been grown to ensure that it is both fresh and safe. If the hemp has been grown far from where you buy it, it may not be as fresh and effective as it could be if it were more local.

The majority of hemp for CBD oil is grown in Europe, although a small amount is also grown in research facilities in the US. You should also look for hemp that is grown organically. Remember, you are putting this in your body and you want just the beneficial CBD and not any chemical fertilizer or pesticides.

  • Dosage – If you are just starting out with CBD vaping, opt for a lower dose. Everybody metabolizes differently and you should see what works best for you. It will also depend on why you are taking it. For example, you will need more if you are taking it for epilepsy than if you are taking it for pain management.


  • Tested – Quality control and testing are very important for CBD oil, since it goes directly into your bloodstream with little filtering from your body. Companies test for potency, heavy metals, bacteria, pesticides and other contaminants.

Best Place To Buy

We highly recommend Dank Vapes as the best CBD E Liquid UK company. All CBD oils from Dank are certified organic and are grown, brewed and tested in the UK, making them the top choice for consumers. Each batch is tested in a laboratory for quality to make sure that it is free from chemicals including pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers.

Prices for Dank products are very attractive while offering unparalleled quality. Each 10 ml Dank CBD e liquid bottle contains a minimum of 200 mg of organic CBD so you can be sure of its potency and efficacy.