Best Weightlifting Shoes – Why and Where to Buy?

Weightlifting Shoes

Weightlifting Shoes

People who train regularly and do a lot of weightlifting exercises must invest in a pair of weightlifting shoes. A number of people might find this statement odd and may be wondering why they can’t use their everyday gym shoes for weightlifting.

Well, the answer to that is, weightlifting happens to be a very specific and high intensity workout, and regular shoes will not have the kind of desired effect on your movements.

Most gym goers don’t pay a lot of attention to footwear and shoes, as far as specific training exercises are concerned. What people need to realize is that this should not be the case. Your feet and leg movements are enhanced by the right kind of footwear and the shoes can go a long way in protecting them against injury.

Importance of Weightlifting Shoes by Mark Rippetoe

Footwear has to be included in essential gym equipment, especially if you lift weights regularly. There are particular weightlifting shoes designed specifically for olympic lifters. Think of it like a weightlifter’s dream come to reality!

When people first heard about weightlifting shoes, a lot of them deemed the idea unnecessary. They probably would have thought that specific shoes for weightlifting were an additional expense which wouldn’t make that much of a difference. The truth couldn’t be further from this.

Benefits of Weightlifting Shoes

There are so many benefits to wearing these particular shoes that you would be surprised once you look into it. Other kind of shoes, say running ones, do not provide the kind of support that weightlifters require.

Weightlifting shoes have thick and strong rubber soles which protects the feet during strenuous lifting and enhances the leg movements. If you want maximum results from the workout, then these shoes are going to help you achieve that.

Those who are still confused as to what weightlifting shoes can actually do, here is a list of benefits:

  • Your muscles will become more flexible and activated.
  • These shoes also help with the circulation of blood within your feet during weightlifting and recruit more fibers as well.
  • Specific weightlifting shoes allow the person wearing them to push through the surface of the ground more easily.
  • You will be able to produce more force and even increase the weights lifted during the workout.
  • The weightlifting shoes can help the person wearing them feel sturdy and supported, especially during squats, heavy deadlifts and literally any other compound lift.
Benefits of Weightlifting Shoes

Benefits of Weightlifting Shoes

What to look for?

Footwear that have been created and designed specifically for this purpose is different from all other shoes. They have a slightly raised heel, which enables the person to position their ankle better and crouch deeper when they are performing squats for example.

If you observe running shoes or minimalist ones, you will see that they do not carry the same make as a weightlifting shoe. The ones designed for olympic lifters are more stable and have a consistent, strong base, which ensures that the wearer can push in or out swiftly.

It is important that the shoe allow the person to move their feet around easily especially during weightlifting. By investing in these shoes, you will not only experience an increase in your performance but also prevent any kind of injury.

How to choose the right pair?

Weightlifting Shoes Which One?

Weightlifting Shoes Which One?

Now, that you have decided that an investment in these shoes is a smart choice, the next step is choosing the right pair. How will you know which shoe to go for? Well, there are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for weightlifting shoes.


These shoes do not come cheap, which is why you have to be absolutely sure about the pair before picking it up. Weightlifting sessions are usually long and very strenuous, hence, regular lifters need to purchase the shoes which fit well and facilitate movement easily.

You have to be comfortable in your footwear in order to lift more weights than usual and not incur any bodily harm.

Those who wear socks need to make sure that they have enough room to move their feet around, while people with bare feet in their shoes must ensure that they are not too lose. The ideal weightlifting shoes are snug and maintain the perfect balance when it comes to flexibility and restricted movement.

Comfort and Support

Once you have decided which fit is best suited to your feet and workout, it is time to move on to support. The best kind of weightlifting shoes carry a strong support system and are comfortable. While cushioning is not needed, there is a sturdy and consistent movement which is required.

This is why good weightlifting shoes always rank highly on the support and comfort scale. If your ankle area is slightly weaker and has a tendency to move in and out during weightlifting or squats, then you definitely need shoes with more support. They will restrict your ankle motion and enable you to move more weights.

Comfortable Weightlifting Shoes

Comfortable Weightlifting Shoes

Weight and design

When you are searching for weightlifting shoes, you will discover that each pair differs in weight and design. You need to opt for the one which is not that heavy and weigh down on your feet. Almost all of the pairs available are heavier than the regular running shoes because of the increased heel and sole.

As far as design is concerned, you want to opt for the ones which provide additional support and allow flexible movements. Adidas, NikeAsics and Pendley’s Do Win has the best weightlifting shoes which not only look stylish but are perfect for achieving the desired effect during workout.

These shoes cost a little more than your average gym ones. However, if you want the best quality shoes and high performance, then you need to invest in a pair. There are other weightlifting shoes which will be available at a slightly lower price, but remember that they won’t be as durable as you may think.

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Hopefully, the information given here will help you find the right pair of weightlifting shoes as quickly as possible. While the price of the shoe may cause you to step back and think twice, in the end, you must know that in order to attain maximum results, you need to consider investing in a pair of good weightlifting shoes.

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