5 Most Comfortable Tennis Shoes For Standing All Day Reviewed

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Tennis shoes are highly comfortable and also used frequently out of the games. These shoes are designed to increase the efficiency of movements upon quick stops and starts, sprints and lateral movements. You can even wear them all day and have little to complain about. If you know how to make the selection, you will easily be able to come upon comfortable tennis shoes for standing all day.

Things to consider while looking for the best tennis shoes for standing all day at work

Lateral support

Tennis is a game comprised of quick and explosive movements. Therefore, tennis shoes are required to have the design to support the same without resulting in a loss of momentum or leading to injuries. However, this feature also tends to make the shoes highly useful for other purposes such as indulging in laborious physical tasks.

You will have a better hold on the ground as you move around while also preventing the risk of injuries. There are many tennis shoes designed with a special lacing system for a better lateral support.

Also, make it a point to look for sturdy uppers and broad outsoles. This can be helpful if you have a large build. You can also go for hi-tops if you want more protection for your ankles.


Cushioning is one of the most important things to consider while buying tennis shoes. A properly cushioned tennis shoe will be able to absorb maximum shock, thereby relieving the soles from too much pressure. However, they should not be so soft as to provide you with negative support.

You can choose the cushioning depending on the shock absorption capacity you want from your shoes. Two of the most commonly preferred materials for cushioning are EVA and polyurethane. Polyurethane is heavier than EVA, but it is also more durable. EVA is lighter and makes for the best tennis shoes for standing all day. However, they are not as good as the former as far as stability is concerned.


Comfort is an indispensable factor in choosing any type of shoes. However, tennis shoes go an extra mile and feature unique specs that elevate them a little further. Look for firm soles with a good amount of tongue padding. This will make the best tennis shoes for standing all day at work and keep you comfortable long enough without giving rise to any blisters or corny soles.

Sole type

Tennis courts have different surfaces. The surface could be made out of hard concrete, grass and even carpets. Rubber soles are best for grass courts while herringbone pattern tends to be the best tennis shoes for standing on concrete all day.

In case of indoor carpets, you may want to go for smooth soles that your shoes do not grab onto the fabric and hamper your movements. Choosing the best sole type will naturally relieve the feet of extra stress and allow you to go on about your task smoothly.


In order to come upon the best size for your shoes, consider the length, width as well as the height. You do not want to be wearing too tight of a shoe that crushes your feet, causing blisters and making movements impossible.

This can even lend a permanent damage to the feet. You should also note that your feet can change considerably with time. Therefore, make it a point to measure your feet periodically. This can come useful when you are looking for the best sneakers for standing all day.

Top Rated Tennis Shoes For The Year 2018

1. ASICS Gel Court FF Tennis Shoe

The ASICS Gel Court is made from all imported products and gives a very good durability. The shoes have a rubber sole for a firm grip and toe protector to prevent injuries. It has a MONO SOCK fit system where an elastic internal sleeve is used as the replacement for traditional tongue so as to give a sock-like fit. The shoe has a seamless construct with no rough seams and stitches.

This reduces the risk of any potential irritation and rashes that can be caused due to friction. Furthermore, the shoes use a trusstic system technology, which helps in reducing the total sole weight while keeping together the structural integrity of the unit.

2. ASICS Men’s Gel Resolution 7 Tennis Shoe

This shoe uses both textile and synthetic in its structure. The materials used for the manufacturing are imported and of a high grade. There are rubber soles which allow for a flexion fit upper where you get the comfort of wearing them all day without having to worry about the support issue.

These shoes are available for both the men as well as women and use gender-specific cushioning. The ones designed for women have softer and lower density layer in the midsole area which goes on to offer a better midsole compression. Then there are rearfoot and forefoot Gel cushioning which absorbs maximum shock upon impacts and prevents the risk of injuries.

These shoes allow for comfortable movement along different planes and do not stand in the way while the foot goes through the gait cycle. There is also a toe protector for greater durability in the toe region. These shoes come with a warranty of 6 months.

3. New Balance Men’s Cushioning Tennis Shoe 786v2

These shoes are made out of synthetic and textile. The design of the shoe is aimed at allowing the athletes to put in their best performance with minimum restrictions. The visual appeal is normal, but the fit and performance are simply awesome. These shoes have the best possible structure to allow athletes to put in their very best.

Amongst the noteworthy features are the rubber sole, C cap midsole, absorb heel and a long-wear drag tip. The shaft of the shoe roughly measures 2.54 inches from the arch. These are undoubtedly one of the best mens tennis shoes for standing all day.

4. Men’s Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour Tennis Shoes

These shoes are made out of synthetic and mesh. They use the Nike Zoom unit on the heels which give them a low profile along with a highly reliable and responsive cushioning. The shoes have a dynamic fit system due to which they are able to offer a very secure a stable fit.

The textile used on the upper part of the shoes make them lightweight while also assisting in their breathability. Then there are other advanced features like the TPU foot frame wraps that extend from the lateral midfoot to the heel and offer greater protection and stability in case of quick turns.

The rubber outsole used on the exterior add to more comfort and traction over hard surfaces which also increasing the durability of the shoes. Due to their durable built and comfortable features, these can be considered as the best tennis shoes for nurses.

5. Z Coil Pain Relief Foot Wear

These shoes are made of imported leather and use rubber soles. They have a good deal of cushioning which somewhat goes on to make them look bigger than their actual size. It also has a padded tongue which goes on to add to the comfort. The shoes are designed so that they fit perfectly along the curves of your feet, thereby making movements effortless.

They use EVA cushioning to prevent injuries to the foot and toes and the built-in Z orthotic to protect the ligaments. The toe box is wide open in this one and does not lead to any irritation, unlike most other tennis shoes.

Benefits of using tennis shoes

  • Tennis shoes have a very comfortable cushioning which are inserted keeping in mind all the different types of foot movement.
  • They provide protection from  different angles
  • They have a good amount of elevation to offer maximum support and stability
  • They are very lightweight and flexible
  • The soles used in tennis shoes are more durable and give a better traction

Tips to using tennis shoes

  • Select your shoes depending on the surface you are going to wear it on
  • Be specific about your comfort and look for good sneakers for standing all day
  • You can try out different sizes of insoles if the fit does not feel too personalized
  • Wash the insoles regularly to keep them free from bacteria
  • Opt for wider outsoles if you do not want the shoes to be catching a lot of dirt


Is warranty important with tennis shoes?

More than the warranty, you would like to be concerned about the design and build of the shoes as these are the things that determine their efficiency.

How do I determine the best shoe model for my feet?

Different people have different feet shape and sizes. To get a personalized fit, you can take help from the sales assistants who have a better knowledge about different types of shoes.

Are tennis shoes better for jogging as compared to running shoes?

Tennis shoes offer better cushioning and allow for all the different types of foot movement. They also minimize the risk of injuries and are a better option as compared to running shoes.

Do tennis shoes require an extra amount of care?

They require the amount of caring any other normal shoes would. However, taking better care can extend their lifetime.


This review has been written with very detailed content so as to provide all the required information to people who frequently come up with the question what are the best tennis shoes for standing all day? This content should help you select the best shoes for your purpose and get a good value for your purchase.

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