5 Best Squat Shoes 2017 Reviews

big guy ATG squatting

Have you ever wondered why do they have a special shoes for squatting?

If no, then let me tell you the reason!

When you wear a correct pair of squat shoes while lifting, you will be able to achieve the best results because their unique design not only helps accelerate your performance but also keep you safe while you lift.

They hold you in the best possible position and help you maintain your balance.

Now, if you are wondering which one to go for then, we have prepared for you a list of the best shoes for squats to buy this year.

Top 5 Squat Shoes 2017

Adidas Performance AdiPower

pair of adipower weightlifting shoes


Adidas is one such brand that has ruled the market even before the squat shoes for lifters were even developed. Since then, Adidas has successfully continued to satisfy its customers with its finest line of products. Adidas Performance AdiPower is an example of such a product. If you are into intense Olympic lifting, then this is the best option for you. They have everything you could possibly ask for in a long-term weightlifting shoe.

Below is a short video review of Adidas Adipower:

The upper of the shoe is made of high-quality PU-coated leather to make it last longer and ultra comfortable to wear as well as to provide minimum protection from any falling object. Not only that, but AdiPower also features a completely flat and wide rubber sole which prevents the lifter from slipping while lifting by evenly distributing the weight on your feet.

For added foot security they have added a hoop and loop strap across the laces in the rear of the shoe. It is clear that the shoe engineers have designed AdiPower keeping the safety of the lifter in mind. AdiPower is perhaps the best lifting shoe which provides a 3/4 inch heel-raise which allows you to squat deeper and lift better.

AdiPower is not only the best in terms of performance, but it also slays half of the shoes out there with its superb good looks. The shoe has a pleasant design with a sporty color combination which will make your fellow gym-goers envious of you.


  • Comfortable
  • Plenty of breathabilities
  • Long-lasting
  • Provides better foot security


  • Synthetic Made
  • Expensive price

You can read more about Adidas Adipower’s here

Nike Romaleos Squat Shoes

romaleos 2 green color


 We still Recommend Romaleos 2 over Romaleos 3. You can check latest reviews on official Nike website 
Designed for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, Nike Romaleos are the perfect example of what we call the best Olympic lifting shoes for squatting. Since the 2008 games, the Romaleos have been worn by professional lifters throughout the world. The shoe sports a fairly strong exterior with a high level of breathability which allows your feet to be fungus-free.

The Romaleos are mainly famous for its quality to endure any amount of weight. The shoe is designed in such a way that it fits almost all the athletes. The shoes are also very flexible and flex along with your tendons while you lift. Not to forget, the heel of the shoe is made from high-quality contoured TPU which provides excellent force transfer. Even the laces and the straps of the shoe are designed to provide you extra foot security to keep you injury free. Talking about the design, the Romaleos sports a very rough-tough look and comes in a variety of colors.


  • Double hoop and loop straps provides extra stability
  • Upper is light and strong
  • TPU heel cups help the feet to remain in place


  • Toe box might be narrow for wide feet

You can read more about Nike Weightlifting shoes here

Pendlay Do-Win Squat Shoes

do win white lifting shoes


The Pendlay Company, owned by Glenn Pendlay, a famous Olympic weightlifter knows exactly what it takes to make a good squat shoe for the weight-lifters from personal experience, and we can see the evident in its Do-Win shoes.

To keep in mind, the Do-Win shoes are mainly used by Olympic lifters and are most famous for its unique features like three-quarter inch heel, snug straps, comfort level and light build. The shoe is made from real leather and durable black nylon mesh for better breathability which provides you with extra support and strength.

The striking change brought by the designers in the sole of the shoe contributes to its improved structural strength and flexibility. The shoe quite stable and is best suited for people who are looking for wide feet support. Talking about the design the Do-Win shoe sports a few tasteful colors like three shades of gray, black/lime and black/blue.


  • Better breathability
  • Extra flexibility of the sole
  • Best for Olympic lifters.


  • The shoe is reported to cause problem for people with narrow feet

You can read more about Pendley’s here

Inov-8 Fastlift 335 Squatting Shoes

inov 8 blue lifting shoe


Inov-8, famous for making running shoes has made its grand entry to the number 4 spot on our list of top 5 squat shoes with its invention of the Fastlift 335 Weight Training Shoes. The most striking feature about this shoe is its light build and strength. When it comes to comfort level, Fastlift 335 has plenty. These shoes are purposely designed to provide extra comfort for the forefoot with a notably flexible synthetic sole.

The grippy rubber outsole prevents the lifter from slipping on any kind of surface. The upper of the shoe is made from nylon ripstop with welded synthetic overlays to provide some added protection. The adjustable hook and loop strap gives you the extra foot stabilization while lifting. For the well-being of your foot, the designers have added a mesh lining for your feet to breathe and to prevent any fungi reaction.

The shoe also sports a padded tongue and collar as an extra benefit, to provide stabilization to your feet within the walls of the shoe. Apart from all these added benefits, the designers have made sure that the design lasts longer.

The shoe sports an aesthetic appeal and is available in a variety of style combinations and colors. Overall, it is a complete package of both good looks and performance.


  • These shoes are manmade
  • The shoes are best suited for intermediate lifters
  • Affordable price
  • Great clip technology


  • Gear inside the shoe is reported to fall off after a while
  • People with wide foot may face problem with the fitting
If you are a professional lifter then, you may not find this model to be suitable for you. But for people who are intermediate lifters, this shoe is one of the best options to go for. Overall, Fastlift 335 is undoubtedly a reliable shoe at an affordable price.

Reebok Crossfit Lite TR

lite lo tr training shoe orange


The saying that “you should never judge a book by its cover” fits perfectly for Reebok Crossfit Lite TR. Because of it’s below average look, many of us may assume that the shoe is not good enough for squatting, but this is far from being true. The Crossfit Lite like any other squat shoes provides you for forming a solid grip on the floor with the help of its well-designed rubber sole which has small fitted teeth to provide for extra traction on court surfaces.

Because of its flat outsole, it is considered as one of the best flat shoes for squatting. The heel clip of the shoe provides stabilization while lifting heavy weights. The shoes are not only comfortable but also fit perfectly to people with wide feet.

The look of the Crossfit Lite resembles that of a sneaker and is available in black and gray with very minimalistic designs.


  • Flat outsole for better stabilization
  • Affordable rate.


  • Average quality
  • Less durable

It can be concluded, that despite its look the shoe surprisingly provides its users with comfort and stability.

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The shoes mentioned in our list are mostly unisex, therefore; both men and women can benefit themselves from this article. However, always go for the brand that you think is best suited for you.


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