Here Are The Best Shoes For Jumping Rope in 2020

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Here you can find the best shoes for jumping rope to buy in 2020. These are good quality jump shoes and for other exercises as well.

Rope jumping is an integral part of any condition training for decades now, and it is essential to exercise equipment in boxing, CrossFit, and many other sports. It is great for cardiovascular fitness and helps build muscles while losing excessive weight and burning calories in the process in 2020.

Jumping rope is present in all generations; from kids to elderly, and although it seems quite easy to conduct it, this kind of exercise impacts your body with a high level of intensity and it requires a lot of physical strength.

Also, to experience the full benefits of rope jumping, you will need an adequate pair of shoes for jump rope to support your legs and provide comfort to your feet. The regular ones will not help you with the training, so we’ll give you an insight into all the info and facts you should know before you choose the top product.

Why Buying Jump Rope Shoes?

The shoes for rope jumping have to be designed for training and choosing the wrong pair can only hamper your exercise, making it challenging and also can potentially provoke an injury to your lower body. Here are the things about training shoes you should know before purchasing:

  • During exercise, the shoes should make your feet comfortable
  • They are excellent shock absorbers, helping every time your feet hit the ground, so they need to be adequately cushioned
  • The shoes must protect you all the time while exercising; therefore, a joint support is crucial in order not to lose your balance and hurt your ankles
  • Aesthetic moment, but when it comes to training, there are more important characteristics
  • Toes need to breathe, so you must provide them with enough space, which is critical when jumping ropes, unlike when playing football when they are excessively fit
  • Ventilation is also important; you don’t want your feet to be burning while exercising
  • Shoes must be lightweight because it will be very hard to train with heavy ones

These criteria are perhaps too specific and maybe not all the shoes can meet the requirements, but it’s vital to find the pair that has most of the characteristics mentioned above.

Best Shoes For Jumping Rope – Top 3

Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV Training Shoe

white nike air monarch for rope jumping

The Nike shoes are originally designed for running, but these versatile pairs offer plenty of lightweight cushioning, fantastic traction, and rock-solid support, making them an excellent choice for rope jumping. They are suitable in both field and gym and are made with soft fabric which gives reduced irritation.

Perforations and tongue improve breathability, so the ventilation allows the air to flow during training. After plenty of research, we do think these are the best Nike shoes for jumping rope you can find on the market right now.


  • Synthetic and leather material
  • Sturdy rubber outsole
  • Pull-tab on the heel, excellent for easy put on


  • Shoes are broad and fit and provide enough room for your toes, allowing the air as well
  • Quite comfortable to wear as the medium width sole gives fantastic cushioning
  • The outstanding arch support
  • Relatively stable and provides robust protection, tested while jumping
  • Sublime durability and should last for a long time
  • They come in a great variety of sizes


  • The shoe seam can potentially cause blisters
  • The squeaking sound may appear

Reebok Men’s R Crossfit Nano 5 Jump Training Shoe

solar green crossfit nano 5.0

These long-lasting shoes are perfect for rope jumping and training, and they’re light, but also quite flexible, making them one of our top selections. The Polyurethane NanoShell is specially designed to provide extra protection to the midsole abrasion and support, while the durability and airflow are secured thanks to DuPont Kevlar infused mesh upper.

The improved traction and much better surface contact are courtesy of raised outsole patterns, while the CrossFit maneuvers are easy to conduct with RopePro carbon rubber. Reebok pays particular attention to anatomical design, so these shoes perfectly fit and some of the most wanted on the market.


  • Made of synthetic material
  • Rubber sole
  • Heel counter that is contoured
  • Medial/lateral support is guaranteed with Nanoshell midsole
  • Support and protection thanks to Kevlar upper


  • Wide and very comfortable
  • Excellent for rotational and lateral footwork, making them rather versatile shoes
  • Can successfully endure both outdoor and indoor conditions, highly durable
  • Although they are light, these shoes gives excellent stability during workouts
  • Suitable for CrossFit and weightlifting


  • Not quite easy to put in
  • They make slapping sound while running

Adidas Performance Men’s Speed Trainer 2 Exercises Shoe

pair of black adidas performance speed

These great looking shoes are perfect for all types of training, gym, CrossFit, baseball, and running. They are shock-absorbing, while the breathable air mesh upper allows enough air during the high tempo exercise. The outsole is quite durable and it looks well adapted to any surface and ensures superior traction.

EVA midsole provides flexibility, padding, and responsive feel, while the robust cushioning gives the sensation of stability every time you hit the floor. Coming third on this list is not a bad result at all because it is nice to be in this company of high-quality shoes.


  • Made of synthetic material
  • Rubber sole
  • Full-length EVA midsole, designed to simulate the natural motion of the foot
  • Multi-surface outsole


  • Lightweight, very handy when it comes to rope jumping
  • Excellent for feet movements with super arch support
  • Quite durable
  • Suitable for heavier workouts, offering support and stability
  • The foot is fixed inside the shoe, as it doesn’t turn or slide


  • It’s not very suitable for people with wider feet
  • Although they are well-designed, there are minimum of air flow, making it hard for feet to breathe


So, we concluded that there are no casual, everyday shoes, and that are the best jump rope shoes, running, CrossFit, baseball, and any other indoor/outdoor activities shoes. We hope that this list can assist you in making a right choice, as we tried to collect all the feedbacks related to these three pairs, which should definitely narrow your search.

In the end, it’s up to you which one you’ll select, depending on your budget and needs, but consult this list before buying good shoes for jump rope in 2020, because the wrong choice can turn out badly for your health and overall training experience.

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