Top 6 Roman Chair Exercise Equipment Reviews 2017

woman doing situps on roman chairOver the years, the use of roman chair exercise equipment as a form of exercise has gained popularity. It is now predominantly used by both young and old to stay fit.

The regular use of this exercise equipment comes with lots of benefits that must not be ignored, exercises done on Roman chairs include:

Spinal flexion: It is used to perform the exercise for the abdomen and spine.

Knee extension: Also referred to as Wall Sits, it helps to amass strength in the quadriceps

Spinal extension: It is a lower back Hyperextension carried out to strengthen the lower back.

The importance of exercise to the overall functioning of the body cannot be underemphasized. Training regularly is another way of enhancing and maintaining one’s overall wellness and fitness. The best thing about exercise is that you do not need much of it before you start reaping its benefits, with just a few minutes of exercise regularly, a drastic improvement in the health and overall well-being is guaranteed.

Top Roman Chair 2017

Hence, in order to help you attain that perfect health and maintain your well-being, we have compiled some of the best roman chair machines that will give you that optimal results:

Xmark – great roman chair for abs, situps and back extensions 

gray xmark chair with measurements


The major focal point of this equipment is the lower back, oblique and abdominals, it helps to strengthen those parts of the body and at the same time decompresses the back, the constant use of this equipment leaves a tell-tale sign on the joints and muscles, it further enhances the sculpture and defines the body.

The use of the equipment is aimed at tightening, toning and building the muscle, it improves blood circulation, the flexibility of the body and at the same time increases one’s range of motion. It is a state of the art equipment that features a 14-gauge steel construction with an anti-scratch powder coat finish.

It is modeled with an extra thick 2.5-inch-high density cushion and a tear resistant dura guard vinyl with its twelve levels of adjustments, stability is guaranteed.


  • It is suitable for exercises such as side bends, back extensions and triceps dips
  • It is inbuilt with twelve level adjustments
  • Features a tear resistant dura guard vinyl improves circulation, range of motion and flexibility
  • It has no weight limit


  • It is not suitable for hamstrings

Macy Roman Chair – great for back extensions

silver marcy roman chair machine


Is a roman chair that is exclusively used for strengthening the lower back, but it also works for abdominal muscles and the gluteal, for those who desire to improve posture, ease back pain and build a six pack abs, then Macy roman chair is the ideal choice.

It is a versatile exercise equipment. It focuses on the hamstrings, thereby enhancing its definition. This chair helps you to perform varieties of movement depending on your preference. You can either sit or lean backward to develop your abdominal and chest muscle or rather you could flip over to perform back exercise.

It is modeled for durability with its heavy duty and a sturdy frame coupled with its anti-scratch powder coated finish, you can be assured of stability irrespective of your weight for any workout regimen.


  • It is durable and easy to use
  • It comes with an extra-large back board
  • It can be easily assembled and disassembled
  • Modeled with a comfortable vinyl upholstery and a high-density foam
  • It is cheaper than most roman chair equipment


  • It comes with a limited warranty
  • Its chair does not slide out further
  • The pad is not adjustable
  • It is bulky, hence, not easy to move around.

Stamina X Ab Hyper Bench – great roman chair for abs

red roman chair back extension


Just as its name implies, it is an exercise equipment with a long lasting stamina, with this equipment you can keep up with your fitness regimen at home, it is a compact design that is sturdily built to withstand the highest weight. It is convenient and well balanced.

It can be used to attain that coveted ripped abs and a strong back. It features a non-slip footrest and a non-slip rubber frame caps which ensures the stability of the equipment no matter the intensity of your workout. It has an easily reachable extended hand grips.

It further offers a reliable and convenient workout routine, the angle of the bench can be easily adjusted with a pull of a pin to either increase or decrease the intensity of your workout, it can adequately be adjusted to fit your leg length, it can also be used with or without a dumbbell.


  • It can be folded for easy storage
  • An easy to reach extended hand grips
  • Its bench can be easily adjusted to four levels
  • It comes with an adjustable thigh support
  • An easy to clean vinyl upholstery
  • Easy to assemble
  • Light weight


  • It comes with a limited warranty
  • It does not come with a foot plate
  • The padding is a little bit hard

Ancheer Roman Chair Hyperextension Bench

gray ancheer roman chair situps


A multi-functional & versatile exercise equipment designed to withstand the toughest workouts, it provides an outstanding core strength, ripped and toned abs and powerful back muscles, it comes with a pivoting foam rollers that securely holds the lower legs intact for hyperextension exercises and stabilizes the feet for crunches.

It has a non-slippery rubber frame caps to prevent it from skidding on the floor, an adjustable backrest, footrest and thigh support that easily match up to the intensity of your workout.

Its bench is thickly padded with a high-quality leather. It is the ideal equipment for roman chair sit-ups and push ups and back abdominal exercise. It is sturdily built to support any height, enhances balance, core strength and agility, it is suitable for both men and women


  • It can be easily folded and stored
  • It offers a wide range of workout regimen
  • It is portable, durable and convenient
  • The bench is adjustable to either increase or decrease the intensity of the workout
  • Adjustable backrest and footrest


  • Assembling takes some time
  • The weight limit is 300lbs

Goplus Adjustable Roman Chair

black and silver goplus equipment


This chair is guaranteed to provide high rewarding workout sessions. It enhances strong and complete body workout, it is suitable for workouts that involve body parts such as the lower back, glutes, hamstrings and the abs, it has the capability to withstand heavy weight of 220 pounds.

This equipment features adjustable dimensions to fit any height, a thick and comfortable pad and sturdy steel construction. It is highly versatile in functionality and can be easily assembled. This equipment is certainly worth its price.


  • It comes with a competitive price
  • It has an adjustable support for increased heights
  • Thickly padded, thereby aiding comfortability
  • Adjustable footrest and backrest to compliment workout intensity
  • Versatile functionality


  • Limited weight capacity
  • It cannot be folded up for storage
  • It might not be convenient for some tall users.

Powertec Fitness Back Extension Bench

black adjustable powertec


Unlike Roman chairs, this is a dual system equipment well equipped for total core training. It is a high-quality product built for effective functionality. It ranks as one of the best roman chairs that have the capability to withstand a whopping 500 pounds; it is highly versatile and ideal for anyone irrespective of your weights or heights, it is sturdily built for the most rigorous workout sessions.


  • It can be easily adjusted
  • Easy to assemble
  • It ensures stability during workout session and it’s sturdily built
  • It is light weight
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty on frame
  • Can easily accommodate all body types and weight.


  • Some people complain about late delivery
  • The pads are set too far apart
  • The instruction manual is not descriptive enough.


Roman Chair equipment is a revolutionary and stationary piece of exercise equipment that is greatly beneficial to the posture. Most people spend too much time hunched over the computer screen and over the time this could have damaging effects on the shoulders and the back. This chair is the perfect equipment for doing back extension. It enables your body to get the fullest extension and be properly stretched by specifically targeting the lower backs, hamstrings, glutes and core.

You can use these roman chairs to step up your fitness challenge. The use of these equipment comes with benefits such as prevention of bodily injuries, eases back pain. Heightens and aids better body posture and serves as a complete fitness solution.

The exercise performed on these roman chair machine helps to further boost your fitness level, strengthen your cores and firms your gluteal muscle. Research has revealed that one of the causes of back pains is weak lower back and abs. Hence, the use of a roman chair focuses majorly on strengthening the abs and lower back. It is a home fitness equipment that every home must have to enhance health and fitness.

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