Top 5 Affordable Recumbent Trikes For Adults Seniors and Beginners

November 11, 2017

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There are a number of reasons why people love recumbent trikes. They offer an entirely different riding experience where you can totally lie back, take a relaxed pose and still be able to pedal without putting in too much of an effort. While riding recumbent bikes, the upper body is totally relaxed, and the steering, too, is very comfortable.

Therefore, even if you have been riding for a considerably long period of time, you will not get any of that soreness and muscle pain that comes from riding upright bikes.

Recumbent bikes are especially great for tours as they allow you to look up, take in nature, feeling the wind gushing past your face, see around the corners without having to strain your neck and keep moving forward at a very convenient pace. They can also be very effective when it comes to maintaining body fitness.

However, if you are not well acquainted with them, choosing the best recumbent trike for money can be quite a daunting experience. This review guides you on the things to look for while buying the best recumbent trikes and also reviews a few of the best trikes currently available in the market.

Things to look for while buying a recumbent trike

Everyone would like to get the best value for their money. But how exactly do you make sure you have chosen the best one? This guide might come useful in helping you get the best value for your money.


Intensity is one of the most notable things that distinguish a recumbent trike from the other. The low-intensity ones are considered to be the best recumbent trike for beginners and those who are looking to exercise very lightly. However, there are also some hardcore trikes that throw you a very tough challenge and keep you sweating for months till you finally build your way up to a high endurance level.

Instead of being particular about a certain intensity level, it is best to opt for a trike that comes with variable intensity settings so that you can make the adjustments as per your desire.


Warranty is another one of the most important aspects while choosing the best recumbent trike. Once you make your purchase, you are going to be using the trike quite often. Hence, you would want something that you can rely on. Usually, the warranty period is an excellent indicator of the overall quality of the bike. If there is a very long warranty period on your bike, you can be sure that you have made a great investment.

The best recumbent reverse trike for the money can come with warranties as long as five years. However, even if you are not able to come up with such a deal, you should at least look for the ones that guarantee 24 months.

Check out the seats

It is very important to check out the seats before you go and make that purchase. It is advisable that you take a trial in the store itself so that you decide for yourself if the seats are too hard to too soft or if the angle is comfortable enough so as not to cause a strain on the spine.

Wheel size

Wheel sizes can make a huge difference in your riding experience. The front wheels used in recumbent trikes are usually 16 or 20 inches, and the back wheels can range anywhere from 20 inches to 700c. Small wheels cannot take the bumps well and can cause a great deal of inconvenience especially if you are riding off of the smooth roads.

However, they also have their own set of advantages such as they are easier to fold and fit very well into compact spaces. Best for the money full suspension recumbent trike, however, has a slightly different design and aims at reducing the drawbacks that come with a small wheel size.


Your choice of wheelbase should depend on how you are going to be using the recumbent bike. Longer wheelbases give a very secure handling of the trike. They allow you to lie back comfortably while you are steering with ease and are therefore perfect for long tours. The short wheelbases, however, put more weight on the front wheels and can make the ride a little twitchy especially if you are not too accustomed to it.

Foot height

Lower foot heights are said to be more comfortable and highly recommended, especially for the beginners. When the pedals are placed several inches lower than the seat, you do not have to strain yourself too much during the pedaling. You can sit in a comfortable position and pedal conveniently for longer periods of time.

Since this setting allows you to cover more distance during the rides, they can be excellent for the purpose of touring. A low foot and high crank spindle make the best recumbent trike for touring.


Last but not the least, it is important that you look for a pannier mounting that can hold your full body with ease without causing a strain or disturbing the stability.

Best Rated Recumbent Trikes On The Market in 2018

These reviews point out all the main highlights of the given products.

Mobo Triton Pro

The Mobo Triton Pro comes with dual benefits. It allows you to ride very comfortably while also allowing you to work out the body in doing so. The trike carries a design meant to boost the hand-eye coordination while also developing strength in the arms and legs. You do end up overstraining the muscles in the arms and shoulders.

There is also a unique rear wheel steering system which can go a long way in improving the cardiovascular function. The trike comes with a sturdy construction and easily holds riders between 4’2” and 6’3’. Therefore, it counts as one of the best recumbent trikes for adults.

Terratrike Rambler

Terratrike Rambler overview


Price: from $1899

This one comes from the number one selling brand in the world and has a highly efficient functioning. They are much lighter as compared to other trikes and therefore much easier to transport. The trike can also be adjusted in whichever manner fashions the rider. It has a high seat height so that you can pedal conveniently. Also, it comes in three different speeds, 8, 24 and 27. However, this trike cannot be folded.

KMX Cobra

KMX Cobra trike overview


Price: from $1499

If you are looking for a recumbent trike that offers luxury as well as comfort and durability, then this could, possibly, be the best option for you. The trike is very easy to ride and offers superior stability and comfort while on the road. They have a low frame and offer great visibility.

They also have a safety certification which makes them one of the best choices in terms of safety. They even have a lumbar support and allow the hard shell bucket seat to be adjusted in whatever angle that seems fit.

The trike can be conveniently used by riders of all ages and in all the different types of terrain. It is easy to assemble and can also be upgraded in case you want to add a more efficient motor.

The Warrior Recumbent Tadpole Racing Trike

Warrior Recumbent Trike Overview


Website for downloading the plans:

This is easily the best recumbent tadpole trike for the money. It is equipped with all the features that you would want out of a trike. The total weight of the trike is slightly over 40 pounds, and it has dual disc brakes, an under seat steering, a very high-speed limit and bottom brackets that can be adjusted as per the will of the rider. All of these features make the bike a perfect choice for tadpole racing.

The trike has a low seat along with a very lean body which makes it highly efficient at higher speeds. The handles are very responsive so that you can make sharp turns even in a very narrow street. Therefore, the trike can give you a very adventurous riding experience.

Catrike Trail Trike

catrike trail trike overview


Price: $2499

This trike is excellent in terms of design and workmanship. It has a wide seat and also allows for the seat height to be adjusted, thereby being the best recumbent trike for seniors. The welding done over this trike is very strong, and even the finishing touches like paint is done in an extremely flawless manner. The trike has a sporty edge and can increase the fun of riding.

Benefits of using a recumbent trike

  • Recumbent bikes do not require you to be sitting upright as you ride. Hence, you will be at a lower risk of straining your lumbar spine. Also, unlike the upright bikes, you do not have to hunch over for reaching the handles. The steering can be done from a more comfortable and easier position while you have a better spinal posture all through the ride.
  • Recumbent trikes are not only gentle on your joints, but basically on all the different joints across the body. You have your lower back with the support of the bucket seat, and the seating arrangement ensures that you do not suffer any straining and injuries on your knees and ankles. Therefore, trikes can be especially very helpful for people who may be suffering from chronic joint problems.
  • The other great benefit about trikes is that they have larger seats as compared to other bikes which have very narrow spaces, just enough for sitting upright. However, a trike has a wide seat and allowing its rider to sit in very relaxed and comfortable position without having to worry about the balance. This feature makes it very convenient for the senior riders.
  • While riding a recumbent bike, you are lying back in your seat the whole while. This itself can reduce the risk of many riding accidents. In any case, you will not go through any of the risks involved with standing upright on the pedals as with an upright bike.
  • The recumbent trikes are very safe and also allow a mild degree of body exercise. Since people of all ability levels can ride a recumbent trike, they tend to be a highly viable option for people with disabilities and also for those with health conditions such as neurological complications.
  • These are very low impact bikes and can help build strength without causing much pain. The ride can offer a full body workout without putting too much pressure on the joints. The rider has his/her body in a fully reclined position, allowing for an even spreading of the weight over the buttocks and the back. Hence, they are excellent for people suffering rheumatoid arthritis.


Are recumbents comfortable?

Yes, they can be much more comfortable as compared to upright bikes.

How fast do they go?

There is a spate category of recumbent used mainly for racing purposes. These can go faster than an upright. However, they also have an aerodynamic disadvantage which keeps them in the backstage.

Can they be used in inclined tracks?

Yes, they can be used for all types of terrains. They can climb uphill just as a normal bike would.

How safe are they?

Due to the position in which you drive them, they are quite safe and pose very little risk for injuries.

Is it easy to transport them?

The trikes can be assembled and disassembled with much ease, due to which it becomes very easy to transport them.

Tips for using a recumbent trike

  • If you are just beginning to use recumbent trikes, dense traffic is not the best place for you to be driving. Therefore, find a clear road or driving with ease
  • It is possible to change gears in a recumbent trike. Therefore, before you set out on your ride, learn how it can be done.
  • Sit back on the seat and place your hands on the handlebars. If you are in a rest position, keep your feet on the ground
  • To make the ride comfortable, have the seat height adjusted exactly according to your convenience
  • While riding, keep your eyes on the road for a better steering
  • Make it a habit of riding the trike without wobbling too much
  • Before you can ride like a pro, practice enough of slowing, stopping and turning.
  • Know how to adjust your ride depending on the road condition.


With all these much-required information regarding the study of recumbent trikes, you should be able to make a better decision during your purchase. This guide will not only help you select the best features, but also prep you up on how to decide the things that are not going to be needed.

Therefore, you will be able to save up quite a lot during the process. After all, it is not the wisest thing to splurge over features that you are not actually going to use. You can now go and be confident as you select the best tadpole trike and pave yourself the way to a more adventurous riding experience and a healthier lifestyle.

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