Best Protein Rich Mass Gainer of 2017: Reviews

April 26, 2017

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For gaining mass, one needs to increase their calories intake. Period! There is no way around it!

One needs to live like a madman, which involves enough of calories to gain shaped and well-built muscles.

So, just keep in mind that for getting big, you must eat even bigger.

 Here are listed the three best protein weight gainer based on taste, effectiveness, ingredients’ quality and many other essential characteristics which are readily available on Amazon: 

Pro-Gainer by Optimum Nutrition

ON mass gainer 5 pounds chocolate taste

Pro gainer obtains a greater percentage of the calories from protein sources, mainly 7 premium sources of protein to be exact. It can be termed as the best protein mass gainer because of the presence of complex carbohydrates, digestive enzymes, essential minerals, medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), amazing taste, dietary fibers and many important traits.

Pro-Gainer is a product which focuses on the quality and not the quantity as it knows well the difference between gaining mass and becoming fat.

  • Taste:  When it comes to taste, you might not be able to tackle the awful sludgy taste of protein shakes on a regular basis. These do not exist to satisfy your taste buds but is effective to serve its purpose. Pro-Gainer comes with chocolate, strawberry, vanilla. One is recommended to try out the strawberry flavor as the rest of them taste nothing but like strong medicines.
  • Mixability: it mixes smoothly with milk, flax or creatine by vigorously shaking for 20 seconds. There is an issue of big-ass scooper, but when used for a longer span of time and used a larger funnel for dumping the protein powder in the bottle, the issue gets overlooked. Thus it can be easily fixed.
  • Value and Effectiveness:  It is on the expensive side but provides with much effectiveness. The presence of various essential minerals and vitamins are put into use during the growth process. Pro-Gainer provides its users with over 600 calories per serving which account to one serving to your regular diet routine can increase your mass within the first week of intake itself.
  • Features: Absolute LEAN GAINER Formula.
  • Over 650 Calories per serving.
  • The presence of Sugars.
  • 7 rich protein sources are counting Casein, Egg, and Whey.
  • Carb ratio is amounting in high protein.
  • Great mixability with shaker, spoon or blender.
  • Easy to gulp.

Elite Mass Gainer by Dymatize

dymatize double chocolate 6 lbs

Elite Mass Gainer is rich in protein being an anabolic gainer especially made for those hardcore athletes desiring to gain massive sized muscles including intense workouts. This constitutes of the right formula for guiding those lean muscles to achieve a heavy set of muscles.

It comprises of 600 calories, protein matrix, 55 grams of protein, creatine fusion, complex carb matrix, anabolic liquid complex and branch chain amino acid blend. All these make Elite Mass Gainer best protein for mass gain.

  • Taste/Mixability: it also comes in various flavors, chocolate being the best of all. This protein powder becomes very difficult to blend when mixed in a shaker as the size of the scooper is very small, favorable to serve not more than two scoops.
  • Effectiveness:  The best thing about this mass gainer is that it is 99% sugar-free, being so rich in proteins. If you are able to consume this about 2 scoops daily, you are sure to acquire a great amount of protein/calories/carb ratio. In added to this, the presence of BCAA and Glutamine/Creatine make this an ideal choice for all the athletes out there. The added creatine helps in gaining the mass, in particular.
  • Features: Filled with 600 calories along with 54 grams of protein.
  • 12 grams of BCAAs aid in building up of muscles thereby gaining mass.
  • Vitamin and mineral and creatine monohydrate blend together so as to hold up the accelerated gaining of muscles.
  • The BCAA, 5.5 grams of L-Leucine help in optimizing the protein synthesis of the muscles.

Real Gains by Universal Nutrition

Universal nutrition ice cream taste 10 lbs

Real Gains is an exceptionally powerful mass gainer formula for all those actively hardcore athletes. This can be said to comprise of things more than you desire and less of what you do not want.

Real Gains can be termed as the best protein supplement for weight gain as it consists of more proteins, more taste, more calories, better amount of fats, more fibers and extreme less amount of sugar. Each scoop of Real Gains contains protein in higher amounts so as to gain the muscle mass, thereby reducing fat intake.

  • Taste: it is available in various flavors, the chocolate and cookie cream flavor being the best of the lot. The taste is good but cannot be remarked as a great treat to your taste buds. If you are someone to be really picky regarding flavors, then this product is not suitable for you. If you are least bothered about the taste and only concerned about the results, then go ahead. If considered for its purpose of mass gaining, it’s definitely worth a shot.
  • Mixability:  This product can be categorized as something odd since it does not mix properly in a blender bottle. It tends to get stuck alongside the blender bottle. When mixed with milk in a blender bottle, you might up gulping your Real Gains in thick clumps which sometimes can result in digestive issues. Therefore it’s a sheer waste of serving.
  • Effectiveness:  Because of its effectiveness, this product is still ranked under the top three protein-rich mass gainers. A good diet plan, a good routine with intense workouts along with the intake of Real Gains can do wonders, thereby providing you with real gains. The 86 grams of complex carb and 10 kilograms of sugar can actually guide you to a promising outcome. In addition to this, casein, whey and isolate are the best ingredients which can help you to gain masses giving you a compact and well built physical structure.
  • Features: 52g grams of protein intake per portion.
  • 600 calories of consumption per glass.
  • Comprises of micellar casein, healthy fibers, whey and complex carbs.
  • Contains less sugar.
  • Easily mixable in a shaker or with a spoon.

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Thus, the three above mentioned products are highly recommended for the ones who desire to acquire a great, heavy set of muscles by the intake of protein rich supplements. As far as the effectiveness is concerned, these are the top three mass gainers you can choose from so as present yourself with confidence, being the master of an attractive physique.

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