Best Pre Workout Tablets: 2017 Top Pills Reviewed

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Sweating it out at the gym is always going to give you results, but it depends on you, how far you want to take it. Although gyming is all about pushing your limits and going to that brink, not everyone will have the strength and the willpower to do so. It is a studied fact that a majority of the people actually give up before they have even reached their potentials. This is where the pre-workout pills come in. These pills can actually fire you up, thus enabling you to last longer. You will also get visible results faster than it would normally take. Following are few of the benefits of using pre workout tablets.

  1. These tablets wake you up

If you want the perfect body, you should also be prepared to work hard. Without putting in the effort, you will never be able to get the results. However, it is not that you will wake up with all that gusto and energy to face the gym. There are going to be days when even the most dedicated people will wake up, only wanting to go back to the bed. Taking pre workout tablets can help you. Many of these have caffeine and arginine. Caffeine works as a stimulant and binds the adenosine receptors. This will take away your drowsiness and completely freshen you up. Arginine, on the other hand, will help you by increasing the blood and oxygen flow to your body.

  1. Increases muscle pump

If you have undergone intense workouts, you would have certainly felt all the energy being drawn away from the part of your body that you have worked on; the muscles feel completely tired and worn out. On the other hand, if you have observed the body builders, they seem to be enjoying the heavy weight training and the muscle flex that comes in while doing so. This is because of the muscle pump. Muscle pump is the increased flow of blood and oxygen to your muscles when they are subjected to lifting heavy weights in slower rhythms or during short bouts of intense workout. The muscle pump releases proteins into the muscles which can eventually help in mass build up. This will also keep the muscle fibers from wearing out and breaking down.

  1. Helps in weight loss

It is easy to lose motivation if you slog for hours at the gym and yet fail to see the results. In that case, pre workout tablets can be a great help. Pre workout pills will increase the rate of thermogenesis and also accentuate fat oxidation. Thus losing fat will be easier as well as faster. Pre workout pills combined with a low-calorie diet will give you excellent results in just a short span of time. These also act as a hunger inhibitor. So you will have lesser chances of binge eating or in that case, overeating. It is a proven result that caffeine delays the onset of hunger. Having a cup of coffee right before taking your meal can help you feel fuller without eating much.

  1. Speeds up muscle recovery

When you go for intense training, the muscles are definitely going to experience fatigue. If you push further still, you will even run the risk of damaging the muscle fibers. At that point, you will have no option but to take time off. Yet, if you go back before the muscles are fully recovered, your muscles may even get completely overstrained and catabolized. Although it is the post workout supplements that enhance muscle recovery, even the pre workout tablets have a lot of rich supplements that can aid in muscle healing and minimize damage. These tablets work by increasing the glucose and insulin levels post workout.

  1. Improves strength

Pre workout tablets are very rich in creatine and caffeine. Now creatine is something that can be taken not only in the morning but throughout the day. It enhances the Phosphagen system and boosts the adenosine triphosphate stores. It also increases the speed, strength, power and size of your muscles.

Caffeine also produces similar results. It can elongate the tolerance periods and also improve strength. Even though you experience fatigue, you will have the zeal to not give up till you are completely worn out.

5 most effective pre workout pills on the market in 2017– review

  1. Micronamin .30-06 Nitric Oxide Supplement – Nitric Oxide Booster

micronamin 120 tablets pre workout







These tablets increase your endurance, hence you will end up working out for longer hours. The formula consists of mainly L-arginine combined with various other vitamins and minerals. These will send oxygen-rich blood to your muscles, making you feel refreshed and energized. You will also not run the risk of wearing out your muscles while doing extreme training. The increased stamina, combined with high energy and physical strength will help you burn out your body fat faster than normal. The supplement will also enhance faster muscle recovery. For best results, you can combine this with cross fit, running, cycling, weightlifting, powerlifting and such. This product is best suited for men as well as women. It is designed for maximum consumer satisfaction and has been certified with clinically approved results.


  • This product will help you achieve the highest levels of physical fitness.
  • Your body will look and feel better than ever before
  • One of the best pre workout pills for muscle growth and muscle recovery


  • The supplement can decrease your blood pressure level
  • It can cause a change in the concentration of body electrolytes
  • You may get nausea and stomach cramps
  1. BSN NITRIX 2.0

nitrix 180 tablets pre workout









BSN Nitrix works by providing the body with amino acid L – Citrulline and creatine. It greatly increases the overall performance and accelerates output. The tablets give higher endurance to strength training and more effective pumps. It acts as a foundation for all the supplements required to boost your training sessions. It supports the core areas targeted by these workout sessions and gives valuable output. Using this supplement is also not a very routine task. Trainees normally take three tablets prior to work out and three tablets post workout.

It mainly works by dilating the blood vessels and increasing blood and oxygen flow to the muscles. Over the time, the supplements also give increased muscle volume. It greatly improves the cardiovascular performance and efficiency and is a great strength booster for early morning workouts.


  • Maximizes endurance
  • Increases muscle pump
  • Supports muscle fullness


  • Prolonged use can cause weight gain
  • It is known to have erogenic effects
  • It may also interfere with the normal body mechanism if the user is on other medications
  1. Genius pre workout

genius pre workout 300grams









Genius Pre work out tablets has been clinically proven for their effectiveness as one of the best pre workout capsules. They stimulate not only the body but also the brain to give the best muscle-brain coordination. This product is completely caffeine free and is also quite inexpensive, as compared to other supplements. They have a milder dose of performance enhancer and hence are more risk-free to use.

These tablets are also naturally sweetened and do not use artificial coloring ingredients like titanium dioxide. Genius tablets use stevia, which is a natural sweetener and does not hamper the normal functioning of the body. This is one of the best pre workout capsules for increased muscle pump and boosting strength, that uses all natural ingredients.


  • Made from all natural ingredients
  • Despite working as instant workout boosters, these tablets also improve overall health


  • Being made from natural ingredients, the product may take some time before it actually starts showing results. Consistency should be maintained.
  • May give rise to gastrointestinal problems.
  • Can cause insomnia.

optimum nutrition 300 capsules









One bottle of Optimum Nutrition will have 320 tablets. The main ingredients are soy protein isolate, hydrolyzed whey peptides, L-carnitine, protein concentrates and L-ornithine HCL. The superior constitution makes Optimum Nutrition the best pre workout pills for Pre workout consumption. No rigorous regimes are needed. You may just take one tablet each before and after a workout. This will make sure that the body does get starved of all the essential amino acids.


  • It can give you a good muscle gain.
  • Can accelerate recovery if there has been a muscle tear.
  • Can help fight fatigue


  • It can extract all the energy out of the body, leaving you exhausted for the rest of the day.
  • Excessive use can cause kidney problems
  1. Optimum nutrition creatine

creatine ON 300 caps









This product uses creatine monohydrate as the core ingredient. These tablets are designed for better disintegration and faster absorption by the body. For maximum results, it is better to combine this supplement with a calorie deficit diet. Although these are also available in powder form, using tablets are more hassle free.


  • Provides strength during the workout
  • Enhances the growth of lean muscles


  • Does not give immediate results
  • Can lead to water retention in the kidneys


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The best pre workout capsules, if taken in proper doses can give great results. Some of these are better used when taken together. You will also be required to maintain your diet and training sessions accordingly. Some supplements also have serious side effects. Hence it is best to take these supplements under a professional supervision.


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