Best Nike Weightlifting Shoes – Best Olympic Shoes in 2017?

Best Nike Weightlifting Shoes

Best Nike Weightlifting Shoes

There is really nothing to dispute about the quality of this brand. Nike weightlifting shoes will always be the top most popular choice around the globe. Be it crossfit shoes, running or minimalist shoes and weightlifting ones, there is no one that does these better than Nike. A lot of gym goers and fitness buffs are already Nike loyalists and considering the quality of their products, it is no surprise.

The company has excelled time and again, surpassing its own creations each year and launching even better ones. If you observe their footwear in particular, you will notice that the superior technology employed for their engineering and design is unmatched by any.

When it comes to weightlifting shoes, Nike sits at the top of the heap. Their shoes are unique, stylish and have all the added features that can make weightlifting seem like an easy task.

Best Olympic Weightlifting Shoes from Nike in 2017

Both male and female lifters require a certain sturdiness and support from their specifically designed shoes and with Nike; it is exactly what they get. If you are looking to invest in a highly durable, reliable and strong heeled weightlifting shoe, than there is nothing better than these.

This company caters to both male and female weightlifters in a similar capacity. The Nike Romaleos are the best in ones in terms of comfort and style for both men and women. They are available in a range of colors and patterns which you can choose from if you opt for these shoes.

Nike Romaleos


Nike increased the forefoot flex on this shoe and reduced its weight by almost 50 grams. The Romaleos are lightweight and highly durable, and play a huge role in enhancing the lifter’s performance as well as overall ability. When workout routine is strenuous for someone then safety is very important. These shoes have been designed keeping the protection and safety in mind.

Athletes have worn these shoes in the Olympic Games since their launch. For the first time ever, Nike introduced a different heel size for each pair, suited to the needs of the lifter.

The upper and lower outsole carries a rubber lining which adds to its durability and support. It makes sure that your body weighted is divided equally, especially during jerk movements. Whether you are a man or a woman, the Romaleos range is one of the best weightlifting shoes to invest in. There is little chance of people finding anything matching up to the quality, strength and style of this footwear.

Adidas Adipower vs Nike Romaleos

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Nike weightlifting shoes are somewhat costlier than all others. However, they are completely worth the money as Nike does not compromise on its quality no matter what. You will find that these shoes are everything that you were looking for when it comes to weightlifting exercises and workout. They enable high performance, endurance, grip on the ground and flexibility. The maximum results derived justify the hefty price tag and make sure that the lifter is able to keep all their muscles intact.

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