Best Jump Rope For CrossFit Pros and Beginners In 2017

crossfitter jumping rope at the gym

Anyone who trains CrossFit knows how important is to have a good jump rope. After series of weight lifting and pushups you need to do some double unders with your rope, and then things start to tangle. No one would like that, and after all, CrossFit is about efficiency and doing exercises immediately one after another.

Whether you are a man or a woman, professional or beginner who wants to start with CrossFit training, matching a right jump rope is a must!

It looks like a piece of cake – a pair of handles and a rope, but every experienced fitness trainer or cross fitter will tell you that choosing a right jump rope could be tricky especially because of the large market. For inexperienced users, they will all look the same, but actually, they are pretty different one from another.

To help you find the best jump rope to buy here is a list of the best jump ropes in 2017 with all their gains and shortcomings.


elite surge 2.0 black with red handles


For those with a bigger budget and with some CrossFit experience, this Elite Surge Jump Rope can be a pretty excellent choice. It is a best-rated jump rope in many categories and it is used by professionals as a training tool particularly in a Crossfit and boxing, but it is also an often choice at professional championships of jump rope.

Elite Surge Jump Rope is specially made to be a fastest jump rope and manufacturer even put some patent on this product – it is double ball bearing which makes this rope so fast. The cable is made from 3/32” nylon while the handles are made from aluminum whit a sort of texture. It feels so good in hands with almost no chance of losing a grip during an exercise. But some experienced users were dissatisfied with thinly made handles and they say anyone will need some time to get used to it. The length of a cable is 10 feet and it is pretty easy to regulate with a cable cutter.

Extremely light weight and smooth spinning make this jump rope a great tool for doing double unders or even a triple. The double ball bearing offers you a faster cable rotation so your double unders will be more efficient and your exercise will be more fluid. Some people who are already in CrossFit training could improve their double unders with Elite Surge Jump Rope, but if you are a beginner, then you could maybe look for something at a lower price. This jump rope could be tricky to use if you are inexperienced because of the cadence.

After a detailed elite surge jump rope review, we can certainly say this is one of the best jump ropes on the market and we recommend it to really dedicated cross fitters. If you compare it with any RX jump rope review, you will notice there are no significant differences between these two popular products. If you choose Elite Surge Jump Rope, you will definitely buy the best jump rope for CrossFit which will help you to upgrade your skills and to work more efficiently.


  • Great speed, perfect for double unders.
  • Lightweight with a good grip on aluminum handles
  • Double ball bearing for a better rotation
  • Nylon speedy cable which is almost impossible to tangle
  • Easy adjusting


  • Not so cheap
  • Recommended only for indoor usage
  • Thinly made handlers will take time to get used to it

Gowiss Jump Rope

black gowis speed jump rope


If you are a CrossFit beginner, then you definitely need something cheap, but still a solid made and usable. Gowiss Jump Rope could be the best jump rope for beginners because of the decent price and a bunch of solid characteristics. It is designed for serious training, but also suits well for beginners. Especially plastic made handles look nicely done and a grip is pretty comfortable.

A cable is adjustable so the rope is easy to handle and it can be used by man, woman or children. This one goes with a carrying bag, an extra cable, and additional cable stoppers so if you lose some parts you still can replace it.

For CrossFit beginners who have just started with the training, this Gowiss Jump Rope can help to speed up their abilities. It is a pretty fast jump rope and it proved to be very durable. Some people used it to get double unders on a regular basis and it helped for sure.


  • Fast and easy to handle, ideal for beginners
  • Adjustable for Kids
  • Replacement cable and other parts, which gives you 2 in 1
  • Good quality made for a decent price


  • Sometimes fittings fall off
  • Have some limits, so it is not a proper professional jump rope

Synergee Speed Jump Rope

black adjustable synergee speed jump rope


You want a pretty fast jump rope for your CrossFit training, but you want it cheap? Maybe you should try Synergee Speed Jump Rope as it proves oneself as a great low price choice and a best speed jump rope for people with a small budget.

Made specially to improve double unders this rope is lightweight and it gives you a great feeling with excellent grip on the handles which spin quite easily and quickly. Many people used this Synergee jump rope in different workouts such as Crossfit and Wrestling.

With 2 mm thick rope it is one of the thinnest jump ropes on the market and a producer is very proud of its’ speed. This product also includes replacement parts and it comes in three different colors – black, green and pink, which can be appreciated by women.


  • Fast and light – good for improving your double unders
  • Excellent grip for plastic handles
  • Low budget price
  • Replacement parts


  • The size of the handles is a bit large for those with smaller hands so that it can be tricky for Kids usage
  • Thin cable can really hurt


Benran Jump Rope

black benran jump rope overview


With a minimalistic design and a great effectiveness, The Benran Jump Rope is one of the best jump rope for cardio training. The special foam on the handles gives you a great grip and a comfortable feeling so you can concentrate on the workout. The length of a cable is very easy to adjust and the weight of this jump rope is pretty nicely measured.

Some users find it too light, but maybe that’s why we recommend it for the cardio training. The handles let the rope spin around, so it will never tangle if you use it right, and that is one more bonus for cardio training regime.

Light weight can be an issue for those who need speed, but it is also recognized as a cheap-built. The mechanism which holds the rope is weak and it can fall off quite quickly. It is not a quick jump rope, but for its price, you can’t expect miracles. Indeed, you will need more smoothness than a speed for a cardio workout and this Benran Jump Rope can help to build up your stamina and endurance.

One nice thing with this product – it comes with a Web book of workouts so you can improve your knowledge and change your training routine. Besides single jumping and side jumping, the book includes several different techniques and exercises. For beginners and those who wants to learn more about rope jumping and cardio training, this could be a very useful tip. If your doctor encourages you to start practicing a jump rope, then buying a Benran Jump Rope can be a nice choice.


  • Lightweight jump rope with foamed handles suits well for cardio training
  • Excellent grip and comfortable feeling
  • Easy to adjust


  • Cheap-built
  • A slow jump rope, definitely not the one for double uppers


Adjustable Jump Rope with Carrying Pouch by Fitness Factor

red and black carrying pouch rope


With ergonomic foam handles which provide smooth grip and with pretty light weight this adjustable jump rope by Fitness Factor is a good match for women who are in Crossfit training.

The foam handles are very comfortable and prevent slipping and that will help with the sweating issue. Because of its fine motion and light weight, this rope is very durable, so you can use it for years if it suits you well. Women will be delighted with the small strain on their hands so we can say comfort can’t be an excuse to avoid exercises with a jump rope.

This Fitness Factor jump rope may be the best jump rope for women, but it can be used by man and children, too. The cable scales from 4’9’’ to 6’6’’ so it could be a nice choice if you practice CrossFit in your family. If you choose this rope, you will get manual instructions how to use it and make it easy if you are a beginner.


  • Light weight and foamed handles makes it an excellent choice for women
  • Smooth motion, maybe it is not the fastest jump rope, but you can do double unders
  • Very durable
  • Adjustable and usable for adults and children
  • Manual instructions for beginners


  • The cable tangles sometimes and it can be trippy
  • Slow for advantage users

WODFitters Pro Double Under Jump Rope

black wodfitters with carry bag


When you want to improve your double under skills, then you need a pretty fast jump rope with quick and smooth cable. WODFitters offers you a pro jump rope with one of the fastest and specially designed cables on the market.

It is also developed to improve your skills with double unders or with triple unders if you are training Crossfit for a long time and you need to build up the workout. The rope is easy to adjust and it’s 10 feet long, so you don’t have to worry will it suits well.

The handles are pretty light and ergonomically designed, and with double metal bearings, they provide nice and fast movement and rotation. The bearing system allows movement over both the horizontal and vertical axis and that can be crucial for your stability especially when you get tired. All these goods will help you to improve your jumping skills so that you will do double unders much easier and if you are in good condition, you can start with triple unders.

Some users succeed to double up the amount of a workout in just a few days of using this WODFitters Pro Double Under Jump Rope. The whole package includes a travel bag which makes it easy to carry.

Although this is a great jump rope to reduce bulk and build your muscle, it doesn’t mean there are no issues with it. The plastic sheathing on the handles can tear up and the metal under it could scratch you, and maybe the producer could do it from a better fabric. And if it hits you in the middle of the exercise, it can be a real torture.

But if you decide to get one WODFitters Pro Double Under Jump Rope you will certainly the best jump rope for double unders for your money.


  • Pretty fast jump rope
  • Specially designed cable, one of the quickest on the market
  • Smooth movement and rotation over both the horizontal and vertical axis
  • Light and ergonomically made handles
  • Good choice for double unders suits well, even for a triple
  • Easy to adjust
  • Carry bag as a bonus


  • The plastic sheathing on the handles can tear up
  • It really hurts when it hits you


When you are buying a CrossFit jump rope you really need to pay attention to some things: the handles must be comfortable and not slippery, the cable has to be easily adjustable and the less it tangles it is better, and the rope should turn fast and smoothly.

Of course, you will need a speedy jump rope, but if you are a beginner and you just started with CrossFit training you won’t need a seriously fast rope and it is maybe the best to choose something at a lower range but also at lower price.

If you have some doubts, you can consult your trainer and see which rope will match your training regime correctly. But if you are experienced in CrossFit training and you’re looking to improve your knowledge and skills then you should go with a pro thing and buy a best-rated jump rope.

Which one is the best jump rope for CrossFit, it is hard to say, but we hope our list will help you with the right selection.

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