5 Best Home Gym Equipment For The Money Reviewed

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The best-rated home gyms can offer you the full experience of working out in a gym right from the comfort of your home.  This can be really time-saving, especially for people who have a tight schedule.

Home gyms are designed to provide the benefits of multiple gym equipments, all combined into one. The common features present in the best home gym systems are benches, leg developers, free weights, cable crossovers, weight levels, curl bars and more. When the number of features in the home gyms increases, so do the prices. If you have been looking for some guidance on what is the best home gym for the money, this article can come useful.

Some gyms come in some different shapes and sizes. They also require different amounts of space for a proper installation. The best home gym equipment for the money should offer a very easy assemblage and have very high safety rating. If you know how to make the right selection, even a budget home gym can provide you with a great workout experience.

Things to consider while looking for a budget home gym

1.    Versatility

The main purpose of a home gym is to allow the users to perform several different exercises in a single equipment. Therefore, the versatility of the machine should remain your prime concern. A good home gym can allow you to perform an average of thirty different exercises. The range can vary from muscle toning to cardio to aerobic exercises. The more the number of exercises you can perform, the more functional the equipment.

2.    Adjustability

Gym machines should be highly adjustable so that people of all different sizes and heights can customize the adjustment to derive the best workout experience. The machines should also be easy to adjust and operate when you are switching between different exercises. This will allow you to get the maximum returns from your workout time without having to lose too much in the adjustments.

3.    Ease of operation

Among the factors that determine the ease of use are the time taken for assemblage and the adjustments of the challenge. They are only effective as long as you are constantly challenged by the equipment. Along with the ease of operation, they should also be relatively easier to maintain so that you can focus more on yourself than on the machine.

4.    Safety

A home gym should be able to offer a very high degree of safety and stability. They should remain steady especially when you are doing the more strenuous exercises with a higher risk for injuries. For this, choose a home gym with very broad and strong bases.

5.    Space occupied

The top quality home gyms can offer quite a lot without taking up too much of storage space. This makes it very convenient to keep them in apartments. You can even get hold of models that can be folded over so that you can easily have them transported while shifting places.

6.    Fitness goals

This is one of the most important things to keep in mind while looking for a home gym. They should be equipped with all the training gears that can help you achieve you targeted fitness goals. After all, they are only functional if they give the results you want.

7.    Maintenance

Last but not the least, a home gym should be easy to clean and maintain. An occasional maintenance is quite called for, but you would definitely not want to lose time fixing the screw and bolts or cleaning the joints all the time.

Best Rated Home Gyms On The Market In 2017 – 2018

1. Total Gym XLS

The Total Gym XLS is one of the best home gyms and can be used all between the age of 8 to 80. Also, it can be conveniently used by fitness enthusiasts of all experience levels. The equipment included in this machine are a leg pull accessory, wing attachment, ribbed squat stand, exercise charts, workouts DVDs, training deck and a meal planning guide.

It has a weight capacity of 400 lbs and allows you to perform 80 different types of exercises including cardio, circuit training, stretching, strength training and so on. This home gym does not require assemblage and is very easy to be stored. The frame comes with a lifetime warranty while the parts are covered by a six months warranty. It is undoubtedly the best home gym under 1000 dollars.

2. Body Solid Powerline Home Gym

This is one of the highly effective home gyms that allow you to workout conveniently in a limited space. The machine throws you a tough challenge through all the different phases and can be excellent for building muscles. It has an 11 gauge mainframe and has a very high rating in terms of stability, durability, and functionality.

It is capable of offering a tension of 2200 pounds and uses military-grade cables for maximum safety. The home gym is very low maintenance and easy to operate. They can be an ideal pick for those looking for space saving models.

3. Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym

UOKOO PR1000 Home Gym
Price: $969.90
Price Disclaimer

This is one of the affordable home gyms ideal for a full body workout and strength build up. It is also inclusive of a rowing machine rail. It is capable of providing a resistance equivalent to 201 pounds can allow you to perform over 30 different types of strength exercises. The assembled unit has a dimension of 84 by 38 by 82 inches and requires a minimum floor area of 100 by 78 inches for a comfortable workout session. It has a weight capacity of 300 lbs.

4. CAP Barbell FM-H1005 Value Home Gym

This is a highly versatile home gym that can be used for a number of different exercises including lat pull down, standing arm curl, chest press curl, leg extension, seated row/low pulley, pectoral fly station and more. The equipment has an ergonomic backrest which makes it very comfortable during workouts.

It has a very sleek, compact and durable steel frame and comes together with a 150 lb weight stack. The home gym has a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs and comes with a 30-day manufacturer’s warranty. It is best home gym under 500 dollars to be used at homes.

5. Weider Ultimate Body Works

This machine offers an adjustable incline while increasing or decreasing the amount of resistance. They come with resistance bands that offer a resistance of up to 50 lbs. The cable and pulley included in the machine allow a greater degree of motion thereby offering more versatility. It is also space saving and folds over very easily when not used. This is undoubtedly the best home gym under 300 dollars and comes with a 90 days parts and labor warranty.

Benefits of using a home gym

  • You will have a greater degree of privacy while working out
  • You have the freedom to train in whichever way you find fit
  • They can be very convenient for people who are constantly making adjustments to their schedule
  • They are highly time efficient as you do not have to travel all the way to a commercial gym
  • A home gym can be much more cost effective than going to a commercial gym

Tips for using a home gym

  • Have your training space personalized so that you workout sessions become more enjoyable
  • Always go for multipurpose equipment while buying a home gym
  • You can use soft synthetic mats on the floor to reduce the stress on your joints
  • Install a mirror in the training room so that you can assess your postures. They also help to make the room look bigger
  • Complement your workouts with healthy balanced diet
  • Be clear about your fitness objective

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much weight can a home gym take?

There is a weight limitation on every home gym. The average weight limit is 250 lbs to 300 lbs. You may have to put in a little more effort when looking for equipment with a weight capacity greater than 300 lbs.

  1. Do home gyms allow you to do aerobic exercises?

This actually depends on the types of exercises you can perform in your home gym. If they are versatile enough to allow cardiovascular exercises like rowing, they can be used for anaerobic exercises.

  1. How difficult is it to have a home gym assembled?

Home gyms are designed to be assembled single-handedly and the complete install will not take more than an hour.

  1. How diverse is the range of gym machines?

Home gyms can be quite diverse. There are different models available, and each has their own advantages as well as drawbacks.

  1. How many different exercises you can perform at home gyms?

A home gym can allow you to perform around thirty to forty different exercises. However, you can also find machines that offer a total of 100 different exercises.


Hence, when you are looking for the best home gym equipment for the money, your fitness goals should be your prime concern. Decide wisely on the model so that the operation is very easy with a high degree of comfort. When you have your dream equipment, you will be able to effectively work out your whole body and attain a high level of fitness right from home.

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