4 Best Exercise Equipment For Buttocks and Thighs

November 9, 2017

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Who does not want to have sexy, well-toned buttocks? It is one of the best assets a woman can ever have. Having a fit and well-toned physique not only makes you look, but also puts you into a positive outlook, thereby increasing your overall confidence. The conventional methods for toning buttocks include working out with weights and combining various exercises together.

However, this can take up quite a lot of time and also need grueling hard work. On the other hand, there is a list of modern exercise machines for buttocks and thighs that can do the job for you in a much faster and convenient manner.

Even with the best knowledge about physical fitness and training, it might not be very easy to choose a hip exercise machine. This is mainly because the different machines are designed to put more stress on specific body parts, thereby giving different results. If you are not in touch with the fitness equipment, this review will help you with just that.

The content points out various things that need to be considered while buying exercise machines, tips to use, their benefits, a detailed review of some of the best exercise machine for hips and thighs along with a section on the most frequently asked questions.

When you are looking for a hip and thigh exercise machine, you have a wide array of options before you. If you are not informed enough, it is surely going to be a daunting experience.

Things To Consider Before Buying Exercise Equipment For Buttocks and Thighs

  1. Learn about as many equipment as possible

There is a number of different exercise machines designed for toning the buttocks. All of them have slightly different working principles thereby producing slightly different results. some of them are specifically aimed at toning the hips, some for increasing the endurance and some for exercising the entire lower body.

Therefore, it counts to have a good idea about the working of as many toning machines as possible so that you can pick up the one that befits you the most.

  1. Space occupied

This is always one of the prime concerns while buying any exercising equipment. Before buying the training equipment, take a correct measurement of the available floor space so that you can browse through your choices accordingly. Instead of having a cramped arrangement, it is better if you have some free space so that you can operate the machines without restriction and operate with ease.

You should also consider what other equipments you would like to install in the training room and whether you can afford to do so.

  1. Budget

Budget is another one of the important concerns. Look for the most versatile equipment that falls within your budget range. Equipment that can be adjusted for a wide number of exercises like squats, power kicks, glute exercises, etc. may cost you a little more. However, they will help you by keeping the training room clutter free and adding to the ease of working out.

  1. Brand

For the assurance of quality, always make your purchases from reliable brands. You might be charged a little more. However, the machines last a very long time thereby giving you maximum returns in the long run. Also, good brands incorporate more advanced techniques into their equipment thus making them more efficient as compared to other products.

Furthermore, established brands have higher standards of safety which is an important aspect while choosing training equipment.

  1. Warranty

When it comes to the buttocks toning equipment, you should be very careful about the warranty. A product with a fairly long warranty period is often an assurance of quality and means that you have made a good investment. Also, find out if the brand offers any maintenance offers in case of malfunctions.

Listed below are a 4 of the most effective machines and the things you should be looking or while buying each one of them.

Best Rated Exercise Machines To Tone Buttocks In 2018

  1. Body Solid Pro Dual Leg extension and curl machine

This leg extension and curl machine has a biomechanical seat built with a custom design. There are 12 adjustable positions for the back pad so that it can be properly aligned for the users of different sizes. The self-adjusting leg pads have a diameter of 9 inches and allow for customized alignment during the leg curls as well as extensions.

It offers 7 different adjustments for the leg curls and extensions, thus providing a greater range of motion. Then there are hold down pads to secure the user during the workout.

  1. X Mark Rotary Leg Extension and Curl Machine XM 7615

This is one of the best exercise machine for toning buttocks. It has a thigh pad that can be adjusted to 12 different positions. Then there is a fully adjustable pad for backrest along with a press arm that can be adjusted to 20 different positions. The Duracraft cushions used in this machine is 3” thick, double stitched and offers a very firm support.

They are made from tear resistant vinyl. The rollers too are covered with vinyl for an added comfort.

  1. Booty Max Home Workout resistance band

Since this is only a band, it is very easy to fold, pack and carry around during travels. Being very lightweight, it will not add to your load. Neither will it occupy too much space in your suitcase. The resistance band uses multi-directional resistance technology, which targets all of the leg muscles, including the hams, quads, glutted and calves.

It also has ankle cuffs so that the band does not slip off during exercise. You can use this resistance band anywhere in the house. Since you will be required to pullout the handle, you will also be doing arm workouts at the same time.

  1. X Mark Multi Press Squat Rack

This machine comes with an 11 gauge 2 by 3 inches mainframe made of steel and has a scratch resistant finishing with powder coat. The maximum load capacity is 400 lbs. The machine allows you to do everything from bench presses to upright rows, calf raises, deadlifts, lunges and more and is probably the best exercise machine for buttocks lift. It comes complete with two safety spotter hooks and weight storage.

  1. The Booty Belt Booty Building System

This is mainly a belt made of nylon and is therefore highly portable. You can perform a number of fat burning exercises with the help of this belt. Being made of high-grade latex, they offer a good resistance without giving in. There are neoprene pads on the strap for more comfort. The belt can help you perform overall body exercises, but are particularly ideal for the buttocks.

Benefits of using best gym machines for buttocks

  • The exercise machines designed for toning the buttocks exercise your entire lower body, thus giving highly toned glutes, hamstrings, and quads. You will be able to burn fat and also tone up the muscles.
  • Regular exercise on these machines will give you a very strong core
  • The strict techniques required for working out on these machines will eventually give you a proper upright posture
  • These machines are not very hard on your joints. Therefore, you can work out for much longer hours without putting yourself at a risk
  • These machines are highly efficient and produce visible results within a very short span of time. They allow you to get toned as well build muscle at the same time.
  • You will be burning quite a lot of calories while working out on these machines. Therefore, they can also help you maintain an ideal body weight.

Tips for using the hip exercise machine to tone buttocks and thighs

  • If you are using the treadmill, set it to the highest incline you can handle and tread for at least 30 minutes on it
  • If you are working out on an elliptical machine, draw your hips back a little so that you have your posterior sticking out while exercising.
  • If it is the stair master that you are using, try skipping steps so that you can make longer strides. This will make the workout more effective
  • Whenever you are working out for your lower body, especially the hips, propel yourself forward with the help of heels rather than the toes as this will put a greater stress on the muscles.


Where do you start with your training?

You start by building stamina little by little and then gradually progress over to tougher workouts that will help in muscle toning.

Are machines and training equipment more effective than conventional exercises?

Machines and training equipment target specific parts of the body which is they tend to give better and faster results.

How do I choose the best equipment for myself?

The main concern out here is machines that help with the toning of buttocks. However, you should make your choice depending on what other results you would want out of the machine.

How to achieve results faster?

There is no way to get the result over the night. However, consistency and right diet could help.


Buying any type of exercise machine can be quite challenging. The various points included in this content should help you make the best selection while making a purchase. Also, the products chosen for review are some of the best glute machines for home. They fulfill all the standards that are expected of gym machines and can help you accomplish quite a lot all by themselves.

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