Top 9 Best Crossfit Shoes For Men and Women in 2017

7 examples of shoes for crossfit

Crossfit exercises include high intensity training and specific muscle movement, which is why, it is very important for people to choose the right crossfit shoes for their workout.

If it was any other workout routine, a regular gym shoe would have been good to go, however, with crossfit, you need to pick the right kind of shoes which will provide more stability.

Both men and women must realize that these exercises consist of sprinting, muscle training, weight lifting among various other movements and in order to carry out the correct function without incurring any injury, one has to wear suitable crossfit shoes.

What To Look For When Buying Shoes For CrossFit?

You need to realize that there is going to be range of shoes available when you search for them. However, as a crossfit trainee, one has to learn how to pick the shoes which will be best suited to their routine.

Crossfit shoes for women and men somewhat differ in make and design. Nike, Reebok and Adidas are all a popular choice for crossfit shoes, as they rank highly not only on the comfort and support scale but are also very stylish and well designed.

If you are thinking of investing in a pair of cross training shoes, here are a few aspects to keep in mind:

  • Comfort and Stability

As far as this is concerned, one should always focus on picking out the pair which can give the highest amount of comfort, support and flexibility. The best kind of crossfit shoes are those which allow functionality and swift movements without compromising on stability and comfort.

In order to ensure that you make no mistake in choosing the correct pair of crossfit shoes, you have to focus on shoe size.

It cannot be emphasized enough how important this is. The correct shoe size is integral to maintaining a proper balance and grip, especially when the person regularly sprints or runs for long distances.

Read up on as many crossfit shoes as you can before coming to a decision. Buy the pair which is high end, comfortable and of great quality. Find out about particular specifications and designs that will be best suited to your needs.

The right shoe size can lead to long lasting comfort, assurance and boosts the confidence as well.

pair of affordable crossfit shoes

  • Quality

When you are looking to invest in the best pair of shoes for crossfit, you have to pay attention to the quality. Always go for high end shoes such as Reebok, Nike, Adidas, Do Win and Asics, which guarantees a flawless performance and great quality.

A common mistake that people make while buying crossfit shoes is opting for a low price item. Usually, you will find that the shoes below eighty dollars are not of a high quality or comfortable.

This is why; you have to look for the pair which checks all the boxes and match a certain quality standard. Do not compromise on the quality of the shoe just because the price is a little high. These shoes are a one-time investment and guarantee a swift and smooth performance during training exercises.

  • Multiple Uses

Obviously, when you are spending that much money on a pair of shoes, you want to step back and think about it. Will I be able to get a good return on investment? Is the shoe going to be well suited for other purposes as well?

These are just some of the questions which will cross your mind before you can actually go ahead and make the purchase. What people need to know is that crossfit shoes are actually multipurpose and may be used for other daily workouts, running, gym sessions and weightlifting exercises.

There are running shoes which can also serve as a great alternative to crossfit shoes. If you do not feel like investing in them specifically, then you can opt for good running shoes. They are both equally suitable for the high intensity training exercises and those who think are better off with running shoes can use them for crossfit.

  • Support

One of the biggest appeals of crossfit and even running shoes is that they rank very highly on the support scale. Those who are primarily looking for a sturdy support and lightweight shoes should opt for Reebok Nano crossfit shoes. They provide a good balance of support and flexibility. 

Minimal shoes are somewhat down on the support side but are lightweight and have a natural feel to them. If you think that your feet will function more freely in these, then you can go for Asics footwear which is a perfect minimal shoe and enables high performance with comfort.

Top Crossfit Shoes 2017 (for lifting)

Reebok Crossfit Shoes – Best Crossfit Shoes for Women

nanos 5.0 red

These are without a doubt some of the best crossfit shoes available in the market. When it comes to crossfit workout routines, it is extremely important for people to choose the right kind of equipment for their training exercises.

Shoes and footwear is an essential part of that and require special attention. Companies like Reebok and Nike have excelled in making these kinds of shoes since a long time. More…

Adidas Weightlifting Shoes  – Great Lifting Shoes For Crossfit Purposes

adidas adipower red

The importance of good weightlifting shoes cannot be emphasized enough. While beginners may not realize this and deem footwear an unnecessary expense, these shoes can actually go a long way in ensuring that your workout performance does not falter despite lengthy sessions.

When it comes to weightlifting shoes, there are few companies which have topped Adidas. Their rising popularity with both men and women lifters is evident of the fact that their product is literally one of the best. More…

Nike Weightlifting Shoes  – Great Lifting Shoes for Men and Women

nike romaleos red side view

There is really nothing to dispute about the quality of this brand. Nike has and will always be the top most sports apparel designer and retailer around the globe.

Be it crossfit shoes, running or minimalist shoes and weightlifting ones, there is no one that does these better than Nike. A lot of gym goers and fitness buffs are already Nike loyalists and considering the quality of their products, it is no surprise. More…

Do Win Weightlifting Shoes – Heavy Lifting Shoes


white do-win side view

If you are looking for a shoes with higher hell and extremely stable feeling Pendlay’s Do Win weightlifting shoes are a very good choice. Pendlay brand makes quality workout equipment so they definitely know how weightlifting shoes should look like. More…

Asics Weightlifting Shoes  – Great All Around Shoes

Asics Weightlifting Shoes


Asics brand is on the market for over 30 years now. Japanese craftsmen engineered a high quality shoes. Pyrros Dimas, Stefan Botev and Kakhi Kakhiashvili worn asics shoes in their prime. This brand is well recognized in strength training market so you can’t go wrong with these lifting shoes. More…




Best Crossfit Shoes 2017 (for general training)

Inov8 – Unisex Cross-Training Shoe

black affordable crossfit shoe


If you want to buy crossfit shoes from a specialized manufacturer, then INOV8 is a good brand for you to choose. They produce shoes for different types of training, including shoes for the gym and crossfit. Their unisex model Bare-XF™ 210 is a great selection for a crossfit training, whether you are a man or a woman.

These shoes are made of textile and synthetic with a great, specially designed synthetic sole. They are so lightweight and comfortable, so you will have a feeling like you are barefoot, and that is one of the crucial things for a proper workout.

Inov-8 Bare-XF™ 210 also has some interesting features – with a zero heel-to-toe drop you will get some extra comfort, and it will provide lesser leg fatigue so you will improve your work rate. And with a special 360-degree rope-tec you will get more traction on rope climbs.


–    Made of textile and synthetic

–    Specially designed synthetic sole

–    Lightweight and comfortable

–    A zero heel-to-toe drop for a lesser leg fatigue

–    More traction on rope climbs

–    Excellent quality for a decent price


–    Insoles can start to move around after few months

–    May become squeaky

Reebok crossfit lite tr

orange lite tr cross training shoes


Reebok has been always well-known brand for making a good quality running shoes, and this crossfit lite tr model is no exception. It is available both for man and women and with a quite affordable price it is pretty desirable shoes on the market. You will get good crossfit shoes for your money.

These shoes are man-made and made of leather, which promises durability. Synthetic sole and a minimal heel-to-toe drop (just 4 mm) will provide comfort during work out, and keep your legs restful. A special made lateral flange support and a heel clip will give you more help when you are doing heavy exercises with weights. For a better traction and durability on all surfaces, there is a rubber outsole.

This model is almost perfect for any kind of lifting, but it is not so good for running. And it seems they are pretty small and tight in the toe area.


–    Man-made shoes produced from leather

–    Affordable price

–    Rubber outsole for a better traction and durability on all surfaces

–    A special lateral flange and a heel clip – perfect for any kind of lifting


–    Small and tight on toe area

–    We do not recommend these shoes for running

Reebok Nano 7.0

red and black nano 7 cross training shoes


These Nano 7.0 are another great crossfit shoes from a Reebok family. They are available for man and woman in a lot of different variations of colors, so you will definitely find the one you like.

Fully made of synthetic, these shoes have a low profile design, and with a reinforced heel cup they will provide good stability for a weight lifting exercises. A power launch toe box and a rubber outsole will provide more natural flexibility so you will feel comfortable on different surfaces and you will improve your rope climbing.

A heel-to-toe drop is only 4 mm so it will do no harm on your legs when you are doing a deadlift. But running in these shoes will not be a good idea. Also, some users with wide feet found it a little bit tight.


–    Fully made of synthetic with a low profile design

–    Reinforced heel cup for a better stability

–    A rubber outsole and a power launch toe box

–    Good choice for any kind of weight lifting

–    Available in a lot of different colors


–    A little bit tight for those with wide feet

–    Not a good choice for running

Under Armour crossfit shoes Ultimate Training Shoes

black under armour training shoes


Under Armour is another brand offering you a nice choice of crossfit shoes. These men’s ultimate training shoes are fully made of synthetic, and with a rubber sole, you will get a comfortable and stable feeling for your workout. A special ClutchFit technology will provide more robust support for your legs, as it wraps them with a unique lightweight second skin.

These crossfit shoes have a molded toe cap, which will add more support and durability at the front end, while a heel counter will give you confidence with a weight lifting. They are a great selection for weights also because they are so flat, but you will not get your legs fatigued even if you run.

The main drawback is definitely overall durability because after a few months they will start tearing apart. Also, they are not a good match for wide feet.


–    Synthetic shoes with a rubber sole for comfortable feeling and stability

–    A special ClutchFit technology for more powerful support for your legs

–    Great choice for weight lifting

–    Available in different colors


–    Durability is the main issue; they will not last long

–    Pretty tight for wide feet

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Most people make the mistake of opting for the everyday gym shoes instead of investing in particular ones for crossfit. Gym goers need to realize that this training program is very specific and the exercises can sometimes lead to injury.

These shoes reduce the chance of that happening and provide your body with the support and stability it requires during the high intensity workout.

This was some basic information about crossfit shoes that will help you find the perfect fit for your daily exercise routine. Apart from crossfit and running shoes, there are also weightlifting shoes which are particularly made for this kind of a workout routine.

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