Best Crossfit Leg Workout 2017: Training that Works

crossfit leg workout

Why am I an addict to CrossFit leg workouts?

Coz why are those butts on her body and not on mine?

I went green with envy. I did some female FBI internet research. CrossFit leg workout was the answer! Ah, the butts belong to Kim Kardashian for sure!

Who will benefit from these workouts?

CrossFit workouts are strength workouts that develop the power and strength of the whole body- the lower body in case of cross fit leg routines.

They’re also my enjoyable classes. Not just coz I’ll get to beat those butts but also the classes are really fun!

CrossFit workout is sort of team sports; you will laugh your ass out when your big fat mate obediently follows the coach hardcore movements! Yeah, it’s really tough.

CrossFit workouts were originally for police and military teams, so you can imagine! Whether you need a strong fat burn program or you need to build up muscles on the skinny bone cage, CrossFit will do the job.

What’s so good about leg workouts?

Benefits of good leg workout

Benefits of good leg workout

Yes, they are tough chain of workouts and mainly based on competition and motivation, yet everybody fits in.

CrossFit workouts come in different customizable or let’s say very flexible groups that suit all. Beginners will like CrossFit’s. Especially when you are into weight lifting, it’s exactly what you need.

Many CrossFit’s are weight based. Also you are always advised to start with the suitable weight not to hurt your muscles. What can be better?

Also people who get bored easily will fall for it. CrossFit’s are not just scalable they include a very wide variety of workouts targeting each muscle of the body. The fun is real! Not just physical fruits that you are reaping.

CrossFit’s are body and mind exhausting. Negative energy is totally swept away after one class. No wonder many are addicted.

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List of the best crossfit leg workouts

Good thing is that CrossFit leg workout, or CrossFit’s in general, can be done anywhere. You don’t have to hit the gym if you are busy, you are encouraged to do this though.

I have a couple workouts that I love to share with you!

Exercise with weights


The Hurricane of leg workouts s as called by CrossFitters!
You will need a barbell of a weight suitable for your gender and fitness.
It’s a chain of repetitions of thrusters and pullups done successively as follows:
21T-21P-15T-15P-9T-9P- No Stops!

Scary yet fruitful! If done right supposed to cut body fat by 4%.
Challenge yourself to maximum duration of 3 minutes. Ps. some would just take 2 minutes to finish!

Check our crossfit equipment recommendations

Exercises with no weights

Walk Lunge

Can you moon walk? No? Switch to Walk Lunge. He he!
Regardless of how funny it looks, your muscles will love this exercise. Painful? Yes, but worth it!

400 meters walk lunge should be done in 10-15 minutes. Again it’s dependable. You won’t like muscle injuries or stiff knees. Eventually you will be able to do the exercise as prescribed.

Squat & Run!

beautiful leg with this workout

You can achieve this with squat and run workout

Mexican Hips is a dream to pursuit. Second me at this? Who would fight this? This exercise is typically for you, Ladies out there. Men? Ahem!

It’s simple, or that’s how it seems. You run 400 meters then do 5 repetitions of back squats. Repeat the chain 5 times.

Running after squatting is such a different experience. Did you ever hear the quote friends that sweat together stay together? We’re talking about workouts, don’t get it wrong. Anyway pick the right friend who will support. It’s a tough exercise, heaps of fun with the right buddy.

You won’t feel your legs for the first 100 meters and then you will adjust. Again keep on improving your speed and the weights. Just make sure you won’t shock your body! Wanna give it a shot?


Crossfit Murph leg Workout

Crossfit Murph Workout

It’s a WOD that our coach used to call WTF.

Sorry but it’s really exhausting, that’s usually the only take people have on CrossFit’s.

It’s as simple, or as exhausting, as that: 1 mile Tread mill running-100 pullups-200 pushups-300 bodyweight squats-Treadmill running; dare you do it though!

You won’t feel your calves, glutes, quadriceps, name it! You will get addicted though!




CrossFit’s will literally do magic to your body, Just some dedication. Dedication and patience are the clues to real results.

I developed some tricks to keep me on track. Change! Your soul loves change. I always try new gyms. I buy myself new leggings every now and then. I update my playlist. That’s so important! Music will give you the rush or the energy pump you need. I keep track of Beyoncé, Meghan Trainor; and the know?, and J Lo. Kim? Who cares?

Now I have my body to motivate me. Whenever I feel the pain I take a look on my new sculpted friends on the back!

Here is a little infographic with simple leg workout you can do at home:

Lower body workout at home

Lower body workout at home



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