Best Crossfit Jump Rope – Guide for Beginners


If you are looking to switch up your cardio exercise or if you are an avid crossfitter or beginner, crossfit jump rope is an excellent and challenging addition to your workout circuit.

From the perspective of a committed, fitness minded person, switching up routine is important to seeing progress. If running or elliptical is normal cardio, doing jumping sets is a great way to challenge yourself and see real improvement by yourself.

Who is jump rope for?

Many people from different walks of life would be interested in this product – people looking to lose weight, those seeking change in their fitness routine, or active crossfit athletes who want their own equipment.

This is a small, more inexpensive product that can help you have a workout at home. This would make it appealing to parents or other’s whose lifestyle makes it difficult to get to the gym. Or very simply, your local gym may not have a good set of jump ropes.

What to look for?

There are several qualities that should make this product stand out.

Crossfit jump ropes are different than the average jump ropes you used as a kid. They have especially light handles, so you can perform more reps more easily. When doing a more intensive jump rope workout, forearms can get fatigued, which compromises your productivity. Modern ropes will be fitted with ball-bearing joints that allow for the rope to rotate and not get tangled.

Many ropes will also have adjustable length, to fit the height of any user. The length also effects how fast the rope travels, which many athletes like to be in control of. In addition, most good jump ropes will have a nylon coating, which improved durability as well as prevents kinks and tangles. The affordability of jump ropes also makes them a great buy. Many ropes will go for around $20, or less.

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Benefits of jump rope

What can you achieve with jump rope?

What can you achieve with jump rope?

Using crossfit jump ropes in your workouts can, define core, build shoulders, and raise heart rate. Overall doing a jump rope workout can incinerate calories, 10 minutes of skipping rope is the equivalent of running an 8 minute mile.

Crossfit jump ropes also help develop agility. Though it looks like a simple task, it is difficult to keep up a long set. It is common for boxers and fighters to jump rope, and keep themselves light on their feet. Though this product is a great way to take fitness to the next level, however if you have any knee troubles or are struggling with muscle injury it may not be the exercise for you.


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There is a wealth of information on specific workouts one can do, combining jumping with other exercises to make a great routine. From here, it’s best to go check out some reviews on Amazon to find the best crossfit specific jump rope. Then look at jumping workouts and see how to incorporate it into your routine.

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