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Believe me you really need a good crossfit bag

Believe me, you really need a good CrossFit bag

Hey, all! If you don’t know, I’m super into getting fit and staying healthy (I’m just not that good at it, it’s hard!) I’ve recently gotten into CrossFit because, well, it’s trendy and seems like a good way to get fit.

At first, I was carrying all my gear in a backpack which was not working. Smelly clothes, lost items, digging and digging to find what I needed. I was searching for my gear more than I was actually working out! Then I discovered my CrossFit gym bag and it changed my life!


Who is this bag for? You need one of these nifty bags if you are like me. Not that great at working out (or staying organized) but trying really hard to keep it together. Backpacks and shoulder bags usually only have one or two large compartments with a couple small pockets, which works fine for everyday use, but digging through your backpack for your proper gym gear is cluttered and time-consuming.

Best CrossFit gym bags come with your standard open compartment, but they also come with tons of side pockets and zippered compartments to keep track of all your stuff. I haven’t lost track of my ropes or tape a single time since switching to one of these handy bags.

What’s good and what’s bad?

Spacious gym bag to the rescue!

Spacious bag to the rescue!

These gym bags are especially convenient for CrossFit use thanks to the multiple pockets of various shapes and sizes that keep everything organized and within easy reach.

Many options come with a waterproof pocket for shoes, towels, or gym clothes. Let me tell you, that pocket is essential. No more tied-up grocery bags full of sweaty clothes kicking around at the bottom of your backpack.

The small pockets on the outside let me keep track of my keys and phone while keeping them safe from my dirty clothes, towels, and water bottle.

I like the padded shoulder strap, it stays secure but the padding keeps it comfy and doesn’t bite into your shoulder like some bags and backpacks typically do.

I can’t find much I don’t like my great gym bag for CrossFit. The cost can be a little steep, depending on where you go. Some of these bags go for over $100. But if you don’t need a ton of space you can easily find one for under $30.

Even the pricier versions are still worth it if you can swing it, the higher you go the better quality you get. If you can’t afford one of the more expensive options mid-range is a good place to start.

Few tips how to choose a good CrossFit bag

  • It should be lightweight and sturdy
  • Water-resistant
  • Separate pocket for shoes and dirty clothes
  • At least one outside small pocket for keys, smartphone etc.
  • You should feel comfortable with it
  • Soft-sided are more practical than rigid-sided

Overall, I don’t regret my purchase a bit. This was a great choice that has made it much easier to get to the gym. Pretty soon I’ll be looking as good as my gym bag smells (Remember, waterproof pocket!)


It took me quite some time to go research the differences between backpacks, shoulder bags, duffel bags and CrossFit gym bags. I had no idea there were so much variety and so many different functions.

Hopefully, my discovery will lead you to better success in your quest for a healthy body. Just search for a CrossFit gym bag online and you’ll find lots of great options with a variety of prices to choose from. Bring home one of these bags and you’ll have this whole working out thing in one place.

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