Top 5 Best Gloves For CrossFit 2017 Reviews


This is my story about my favorite gym accessories – crossfit gloves. Last week, I finally got free with my 3-month long business project for which I had to bear a lot. I gave up personal life and even my health but as I am now free, I’ve decided to get back to the gym and rediscover my lost fitness ways.

While I was packing my gym bag, I realized that I had lost my best crossfit gloves. They had always been extremely important accessories on my gym check list so I thought I had to pause and take care of this.

And why only me, I think all those people involved in regular exercises and sports like crossfit consider weightlifting gloves as a must-have. This is because we simply cannot stand the pain and discomfort caused as a result of the weigh bars and other fitness equipment bare handed. It affects our performance in a degrading manner, to say the least.

Purpose of Crossfit Gloves

There is a lot of buzz going on on the internet about wearing lifting gloves during working out. Some people think gloves are only for girls and weaklings. Well, few reasons I completely disagree with that.

crossfit athletes with calluses

During Crossfit Games many crossfitters use gloves. If there is a difference between completing a game or not, then why would you not wear them? Besides your hands in crossfit can take a beating, so anything that prevents ripping and tearing is of extreme help. Your workouts will suck for at least whole next week once you rip your hands!

Don’t fear of what other people would think. Do what is comfortable for you and not for somebody else!

Not only this, there are several other reasons behind the popularity and increasing dependence of fitness freaks.

  • Grip Strength – Weightlifting gloves make it easier to grip the weight bar when your hands get sweaty. This allows you to train your muscles without worrying about whether your hands will slip or not.
  • Callous and Blister Formation – Lifting weights for long causes calluses on our hands that can prevent us from pursuing our weight lifting passion but thanks to these gloves, this worry is also settled. The gloves also prevent blister formation due to continuous usage of weight bars that are quite painful.
  • Pressure – Weightlifting gloves help us ease the pressure placed on our hands as a result of lifting heavy weights. With these gloves, our hands, back and chest muscles are able to handle much more weight than our bare hands can support.
  • Increased Wrist Support – It is also observed that weightlifting gloves cover our wrist and offer additional support during the exercise.

Here I’d like to say that even if you haven’t experienced any of the above issues without having crossfit gloves, I’d still suggest you use them since they would definitely help you perform better.

Gloves in Crossfit Games

While weightlifting gloves offer impressive advantages, there are also a few disadvantages that often prevent people from using them.

  • These gloves limit real gains in grip strength (but your grip will get stronger anyway)
  • Wearing these gloves increases the diameter of the bar making it difficult to grip, technically.
  • The gloves get stinky if you don’t allow them to dry properly.
  • Their thickness makes it difficult to keep the bar close to the wrist on some exercises like the bench and the press.

Crossfit Gloves Best Buys 2017

Mava Sports Training Gloves with Wrist Support

mava grip gloves black


If you want universal crossfit gloves which can do a great job at almost every crossfit exercise, then these Mava Sports training gloves could be the right choice for you. You can do pull ups, chin ups, deadlifts, rope climbing or monkey bars workout with these gloves and they will facilitate and improve your training.

They are made from neoprene and leather, and with a special silicone and leather padding, you will get more comfort during the workouts while you can forget about calluses and bad grips. Because of the anti-sweat neoprene, your hands will stay dry, so your grip will be strong and dependable. Closure straps are specially produced to enable you adjusting wrist wraps for a perfect fit. Open design will allow your skin to breathe.

If you choose these gloves, be aware it is an innovative design so you should double-check the sizing chart. And if you are doing some really heavy bench presses, maybe you’ll need more padding to support your palms. But for anything else, you will have the best crossfit grips.


–    Universally gloves for almost every crossfit exercise

–     Made from anti-sweat neoprene and leather

–    Provide strong grip

–    Allow your skin to breathe

–    Adjustable wrist wraps


–    Necessarily double-check the sizing chart

–    Not enough padding for heavy bench presses

WODFitters Textured Leather Hand Grips

black hand grips for pull ups


If you are a crossfit beginner or you just want something simple to help you with a workout, then you should check out these WODFitters crossfit gloves. Made from a nice textured leather, these gloves will protect your palms from calluses and scars while reducing the rubbing. Your wrists will also be safe with adjustable wraps, so you can reduce wrist strain and minimize the pressure.

They are quite easy to put on, and this can be important if you change your equipment during the workout, so you want to be fast and efficient (and that is the purpose of any training). You can use them for a variety of exercises like weightlifting, pull ups, ring dips or bar muscle ups, and still feel comfortable while doing it. Available in three different grip sizes, these gloves are quite budget friendly.

However, holes for the fingers look too long, and some people will have issues with it. Also, they are not so durable, and after a few months of intensive training, you can easily tear them.


–    Made from nice textured leather

–    Completely protect your palms and wrists

–    Easy to put on

–    Universally gloves, but the best for weight lifting

–    Budget friendly crossfit gloves


–    Holes for the fingers are too long

–    Not so durable


black crossfit grip gloves


With these Emerge crossfit gloves you can say goodbye to palm and finger calluses, torn hands and slow training, so you will certainly improve your training results. Made from a durable textured leather they will provide a non-slipping grip, so you’ll feel physically stronger and ready for multiple workouts.

Wrist wraps are specially designed to allow your skin to breathe, and this will help if you already have some scars or calluses. Reinforced with silicone and leather, these gloves will give you the best possible grip for different exercises. You will feel as strong at the end of the session as you did when you started.

These gloves can be a little bit bulky for small hands, especially women’s hands, so we can say these are a kind of man’s sort gloves.


–    Provides a comfortable feeling and good protection

–    Reinforced with silicone and leather for a better grip

–    Specially designed wrist wraps

–    Great for multiple workouts


–    Too bulky for small hands

–    Not a good choice for women

–    Not a durable piece

Alphatrait Cross Training Gloves

gray hand protectors for crossfit


Either you are a weight lifting and fitness athlete, or just a fitness enthusiast, these Alphatrait training gloves could be the perfect selection and the best gloves for crossfit you will find on the market. The special adjusting system will allow you to regulate the palm length by tuning the wrist wrap, so for every workout session, you will get a maximum comfort.

Reinforced with special silicone padding these gloves will keep you safe from calluses and snags, while the elastic band will offer you better fixation on your hand so you will get a good grip on the bars and kettlebells. Made from moisture absorbent and hypoallergenic materials, these crossfit gloves are so breathable, and your skin will be completely protected.

The lack of thumb hold could be a problem, but also a thick pad can sometimes make a hanging grip quite difficult. Sometimes the producers make mistakes, even they want the best, but these Alphatrait gloves are great crossfit grip gloves, for sure.


–    Adjustable palm length by tuning the wrist wrap

–    Reinforced with special silicone

–    Comfortable and durable

–    Made from moisture absorbent and hypoallergenic materials

–    Great grip on bars and kettlebells


–    The lack of thumb hold

–    A thick pad is sometimes a problem

Leather Barbell Gymnastics Grips by WOD Nation

black wod pull up gloves


If you are searching for the best pull up gloves for crossfit, then you have to look at this WOD Nation product, as it could be a perfect match for your needs. Made from a premium leather, these gloves are great for pull up bar, kettlebell, gymnastics ring, deadlifts and more. Wrist straps will hold everything in the right place while your hands feel comfortable.

You will have the best grip for all bar exercises, and it will improve your training results, but you can use these gloves for any other type of workout. Available in three different sizes and colors, they are a good choice both for men and women. The finger holes are big, and this could be a drawback, and they also make your hands sweat sometimes.


–    Durable and comfortable premium leather

–    Great choice for all bar exercises

–    Quality made wrist straps

–    Available in three different sizes and colors

–    Nice match for men and women


–    The finger holes are too big

–    Can cause some sweat on your hands

–    Necessarily double-check the sizing chart

Few tips for buying best gloves for CrossFit

  • stay away from gloves with padding in the palm and fingers – added material makes it harder to grip
  • don’t buy gloves specifically ,,designed” for Crossfit – they don’t add real value and are four times more expensive
  • try Mechanix gloves or Natural Grip – they are thin enough to allow you feel a pull up bar or a barbell


Since people have a mixed and often confused opinions regarding the usage of weightlifting gloves as part of their fitness regime, it took me a lot of time to gather this information. However, I have been using these gloves for more than 2 years now and I’d say the experience is more than amazing. All you need is a little care while using them and you are fixed. While smooth hands are good, if I ever found myself hanging off the bars of a 30-story building, I’ll be thankful to have my crossfit gloves by me.

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