Best Crossfit Ab Workout 2019: At Home with no Equipment

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I opted to try out CrossFit ab workouts, exercising and dieting despite coming from a long line of beer bellies.

I often found it extremely hard just to go and get the paper from the lawn. And on one of those days, reality bit back real hard, all through the sixteen stone I was packing. I opted to try out these workout sessions, and finally, it paid off big. My weight is back to normal, and so is my health and it’s all due to these workout sessions.

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Who will benefit from crossfit ab workouts?

If you’re looking to reduce weight, burn off some of those calories, you may want to try out some of this crossfit ab workouts at home or even head over to the local gym for a few reps.

Anyone who’s interested in keeping fit, can try out these ab workout sessions and frankly, the tradeoff is really good.

Apart from the few hours you may have to spend each day, you can also improve your overall health with these workout sessions. But the best part is that you do not have to head over to a gym to try out some of these basic sessions, you can try them out at home itself without any advanced equipment.

List of the best ab workouts

Here is the list of best crossfit workouts for abs which I have the most success with:

  • The Glute-ham sit up

You can perform this sit up on any parallel bars or on the Glute ham developer. The sit up is fairly simple and consists of flexing and arching your hips, till your legs are horizontal.

The Glute-ham sit up is the perfect ab workout to kick start your ab work out sessions, even a simple ten minute workout session is enough to strain out your abs. The only con against this workout session is that it requires equipment and it can strain your lumbar spine and those with lumbar spine issues should avoid this workout.

  • The Burpee

The Burpee looks like the most basic exercise there is but don’t get confused because it’s very demanding whole body movement. You can perform this from any place on earth with no equipment to help you work out.

You can perform as many rounds of this exercise as you like or I’d rather say as your body allows you, but it is all good – for even though the Burpee may be considered to be a basic workout session, it burns up calories fast.

You hit the ground with your chest, pop right back up by flexing your hips and clap your hands together once you’re completely vertical. That’s a burpee and the more you get done in ten minutes, the faster you’ll burn up those calories.

The only downside to this form of ab workout is that it can strain your muscles like anything, so it may be a good idea to start off with a few reps and then scale it up slowly.

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  • Bicycle crunch

This CrossFit ab workout session is fairly simple and consists of a crunch with your hands behind your head, and your legs raised and bent at 90 degrees. You just alternate sides by bringing your left elbow towards your right knee then your right elbow towards your left knee. Try to do it for up to 60 seconds with 2-count hold for each side. No additional equipment is required.

The biggest benefit to this exercise is targeting all three main ab areas at the same time. Crunch targets front abs, side movements target obliques and reverse crunch hits the lower abdominals.

You may want to avoid this particular workout, especially if you are having lower back issues as it can aggravate it.

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These days there’s just too much information out there on CrossFit exercises that sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming. To say that I found the learning process came with a steep curve would be an understatement.

But the great thing about CrossFit exercises, the various modules is that they workout just fine. So if you are wondering how to get CrossFit abs or seeking to burn up a few calories or going in for a complete overhaul, CrossFit exercises are just what you will need, to help you look trim and fit. Just look up ab workouts online and remember, to try and pace yourself, and not do overdo it right away.

And after a few sessions, you should be able to achieve your desired results. Once you get through the pain, blood, sweat, and tears, the way you look should be rewarded enough but you can always keep a journal and track the calories as you burn them up with a burpee or a crunch.

Here is a little infographic about very effective ab workout: (it’s challenging!)

Ab workout challenge

Ab workout challenge





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