Top 10 Compression Underwear For Men and Women 2017

man cycling with compression tights

Compression shorts have been in existence for ages, but have only started gaining attention in recent times. Using a compression gear during workouts has enough benefits to enjoy.

With this sport wear, your body is able to maintain a moderate temperature and helps to reduce the risk of muscle tears and sprains.

Professional athletes from all spectrums make use of this sport wear to boost performance during workouts and to enhance recovery afterwards. For recreational sportsmen who takes sport as a hobby, getting a compression underwear will be of great benefits as well.

These tights are not only available for men, they also serve women and all age groups in strengthening the muscles during physical activities.

There are different compression pants produced by different manufacturers, but there are some that edge out others in terms of performance and the support they provide for the muscles. We have put together top 10 great compression tights available in the market.

10 best compression shorts 2017 (men and women)

Having knowledge about a particular item makes it easier for you to make the perfect choice. Below is a review of top ten compression wears:

Under Armour HeatGear Sonic Compression Short

black compression pants for running


Under Armour is a popular brand name in the clothing industry that has been on trend for years now. Although this brand doesn’t put all its effort into clothing, their name speaks more for them.

These compression wears are great for physical activities and are made of high quality material. For people that like hiking or other related sport activities, these shorts will be appreciated. What makes these shorts special is the anti-odor technology that prohibits the growth of odor-causing microbes.


  • It is made of smooth and light fabric
  • It has nice chaffing prevention
  • It offers cooling sensation
  • Gives tight compression
  • Suitable for all body shapes and sizes


  • May not be as durable as some brands

Nike Women’s 3 ″ Compression Wears

black nike compression shorts for women


For women that are into any form of sporting activities, Nike 3 ″ compression tights are highly recommended. It is made of 80% polyester and 20% spandex. This short makes a nice base layer for rigorous training and competition. It has an elastic waist band which gives a smooth fit.

The Dri-FIT fabric keeps you dry and comfortable by removing sweat from the skin surface. It has a triangular gusset that allows for free movement which helps you boost performance.


  • The waist band gives it a smooth fitting
  • The Dri-FIT fabric helps to wick away sweat, making it comfortable to use
  • It allows for free movement, thus boosting performance
  • It is made of high-quality material


  • May not fit skinny women perfectly

Skins A200 Compression Half Tights

black a200 half-tights


This sport wear is made of dynamic engineered compression which helps to enhance circulation and boost oxygen supply to active muscles for greater power. They also help key muscle groups, improving your power output and limiting muscle vibration, post exercise soreness & swelling, and soft tissue damage. They come in various sizes, which make them suitable for different weight, height, limb, and chest sizes.

Skins A200 is made from 75% Elastane and 25% Nylon and has a knit fabric that helps to wick away moisture and offers ultra-violet protection.


  • Specially designed to allow blood flow to the muscles, boosting your stamina
  • Can be used for different physical activities
  • Offer ultra-violet protection to the skin
  • The fabric wicks away moisture to keep the body cool


  • Made of thin fabric
  • They run a little bit big

2XU Men’s Compression wears

blue and brown compression tights for men


Although this company doesn’t sound too familiar, they produce great sport wears. 2XU Men’s Compression Wears have a smooth feeling and allow for wide range of motion. What make these sport wears thrilling is that they made of Lycra blend material which prevents ultra-violet rays and are antibacterial. The flat lock seam reduces chaffing, while the wide, flat waist band enhances comfort.


  • It is durable
  • Has a high stretching limit which makes it suitable for all sports
  • They don’t leave marks on the skin even when worn for longer hours


  • They are a bit pricey

Champion Men’s Compression Short

gray compression underwear for men


Champion compression pants are a good quality sporting wears that are suitable for all kind of sports. They come with mesh gusset that allows for ventilation and are close to the body which gives support and comfort.

There is a reflective logo close to the edge of the short which makes it perfect to use at any hour of the day. Champion Men’s Compression short has a double-dry moisture management technology that helps to wick away moisture from the skin surface which keeps the body cool.

These sport wears are made of 84% polyester and 16% Spandex, making it durable to use.


  • It comes with a very cheap price tag
  • Dries easily
  • It is breathable


  • the material has a strange feeling, but this has nothing to do with its performance

Pearl iZUMi Men’s Quest Cycling Short

pearl izumi black cycling short


This is another great sport wear produced by iZUMi. It made our list of top ten best compression wears because it is specially designed and made to fit the body perfectly while in motion. These underpants is made of performance engineered materials, offer nice balance of anatomic fit, and a nice personal interface between gear and athlete.

Pearl iZUMi Cycling Shorts have 4 core fabric technologies – Thermal, Transfer, Softshell, and Barrier that form a system to regulate the temperature of the weather conditions and wide range of sporting activities at any time of the day. It is made of 86% Nylon and 14% Spandex.


  • It is made of first grade material
  • It delivers value and perfectly fits to the body
  • It is comfortable to use, and has a Tour 3D chamois
  • It is durable


  • it is not as padded as other more expensive compression sport wears

Neleus Women’s 3 Pack Performance Compression Shorts 

nelus white underwear with pocket


This is one of the compression shorts women find attractive and effective to use. The Neleus women’s compression sport wears was first produced in 2008 with an out-of-world concept, comfortable clipping and for effective use. These features have made it a preferred choice among the majority of the sportswomen.

Neleus is known for producing the most innovative and modest price sport underpants for athletes. Neleus gears have good elasticity and compression design and are made to fit different body sizes. Dri-FIT fabric keeps you dry at all time, making you comfortable during physical activities. They are made without pad for different sporting activities. It is made of 85% Polyester and 15% Spandex. With a one side pocket, your phone can be kept well during workouts.


  • Made of good quality material and comfortable clipping
  • It is price-friendly
  • Dri-FIT fabric that wicks away sweat to keep you dry and comfortable all day
  • Good elasticity to fit all body shapes and sizes


  • The fabric is quite thin, which may not be comfortable for some users

Adidas Women’s 3” Techfit Short

adidas techfit black very short


If you are a woman that engages in physical activities every day, the Adidas Women’s Techfit Shorts are what you need to count on. They are made with a perfect compression fit and fabric that has moisture-wicking feature. They have a comfortable waistband that won’t chafe. They can be worn solo or beneath sport shorts for support and extra coverage.

Techfit helps your muscles’ energy to generate maximum power, long-term endurance and acceleration. It has ultra-violet protection property that prevent its users from dangerous rays and it is made of 100% fabric.


  • The material is breathable and keeps you cool
  • Perfectly fits users
  • It feels smooth and sexy and doesn’t camel up
  • Gives you a perfect booty lift
  • Made of high quality material


  • They are not made of the typical spandex/nylon, which may not be too comfortable to stretch with it

Head Men’s Compression Performance Shorts

blue head performance shorts


The Head Compression Performance shorts are a price-friendly sport wears that are comfortable, snug, and great to use during workouts. If you are looking for a sport wear that’s not more than $30, yet still effective, these compression gears are what you definitely need. They are made from 84% Polyester and 16% Spandex with a yarn dye waistband. It keeps you dry and comfortable by wicking away moisture, thanks to the dry-motion fabric.


  • It is a budget-friendly underpants
  • Great quality material and super-comfortable to use
  • Wicks away moisture via its dry-motion fabric


  • These compression sports gears run slightly large

Tommie Copper Men’s Compression Running Shorts

tommie copper blue tights


Our number ten, but certainly not the least is the Tommie Copper Men’s Expedite Running Shorts. This is a compression shorts men of all age groups like using because it gives support to muscles and joints and also helps to relieve pains and aches from every day exercise.

This underwear is made from 86% copper nylon. It has a sturdy design, offers excellent compression, and comfortable for different forms of physical activities. In addition, the CopperZnergy, zinc and copper infused fabric also helps to eliminate odor-causing microbes.


  • Alleviates soreness, pain and aching
  • Durable shorts with great fit
  • Helps to speed muscle repair & recovery


  • The support feature can be improved upon and the compression not too great


Using the right compression underwear during physical activities helps your muscles recover faster than you could think. They also help to keep the body dry and cool by wicking away moisture during workouts.

These sports underwear are made by different companies which make them unique in one way or more from each other. Going through this review will help you decide which men or women compression short will be best for you.

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