Best Cheap Kettlebells To Buy In 2017: Top 3 Reviews

June 2, 2017

woman holding a pink kettlebell

Can fitness progressions be achieved with cheap kettlebells?

Let’s find out.

Have you considered to start training with Kettlebells? Have you been wondering how it would be to get the best out of your workout?

Kettlebells are a real popular thing today, mostly because CrossFit promoted them and also because they have a great way of improving the strength of your entire body (legs, shoulders, lower back and core muscles).

Because of this, the kettlebell stands alongside the barbell and dumbbell in the equipment ranks for strength training. To simply define a Kettlebell, you may say it is a cannonball that also has a handle. 

How To Choose The Perfect Kettlebell Based On Its Construction

You should not rush into the first store and simply choose a Kettlebell. There are some things you should consider first.

The Handle

  • Handle seam: when the Kettlebell is cast, there is a seam or flashing left underneath the handle, in the middle part. Before each product is finished, that seam should be filed down, so the surface that remains is even and nice to touch. Some of the cheap kettlebells still have the seam on the handle and it can cause you real pain, even bleeding.
  • The handle diameter: it is also important because you have to be able to hold on to it while you exercise. The cheaper ones may have narrow handles that are impossible to use. As the Kettlebell gets heavier, the handle gets thicker.
  • The handle width: some exercises need both of your hands on the Kettlebell handle, so it should not be too tight.
  • The handle finish: the handles have more finish options like vinyl, enamel, bare steel and powder coating.

The Construction

There are two ways a Kettlebell can be made. One involves the casting of a single piece and the other one is the assembling of two pieces. The last one is not as secure and strong as the first one, so this should be avoided.

The Base

Some exercises need the Kettlebell as a ground fixture, like handstands, renegade rows or mounted pistol squats. For these, you will have to buy a perfectly flat bottomed kettlebell.

The Stated Weight

A good Kettlebell should have the exact weight noted on the description list. Some products are lighter or heavier than they should be, so you can have a situation in which you buy a lighter Kettlebell at the price of a heavier one.

How Can You Buy A Kettlebell?

There are a lot of ways to purchase a kettlebell, but the main ones are: from a specific store and online.

If you choose to buy a cheap kettlebell from a specific store, you should be very careful before you decide on a model. Verify it and take into consideration the guide from above.

If you want to buy kettlebells online, you have to dig deeper to get a good one. There are a lot of sizes and weights available, along with many manufacturers you can choose from.

For example, the standard sizes of kettlebells for men are 44lb or 53lb and the ones for women are 18lb or 26lb. Based on what you would like to do with the kettlebell, you can decide how many do you need.

For a beginner, one Kettlebell is enough because you can do a lot of exercises like the clean, the kettlebell swing, the press, the snatch, the one-armed swing, the squat, bench press, suitcase deadlift and others.

Even if you use one single kettlebell, you can still achieve a full body workout. Being a more advanced user, you may want to use 2 kettlebells and do many of the exercises you also can do with only one.

Check the video below on the most common kettlebell exercises:

The Kettlebell Test Plan To Choose A Good Product

The basis of a kettlebell test plan is formed of many different workout combinations repeated three times per week for a two months period:

  • Under 5 minutes time for 100 two-hand swings
  • Under 5 minutes time for 100 snatches with arms switching at 10 reps
  • Under 10 minutes time for a 5x5x5 complex with one hand in 5 rounds with 5 reps for 5 different exercises performed in ten sets:
    • Snatch
    • One hand swing
    • Squat
    • Clean and overhead press
  • Without any timing for 10 reps on each side Turkish get ups
  • Without any timing for windmills in 5 reps on each side in 2 sets

These kinds of tests are vital because they can show you how good a kettlebell is and if it will be the exact one you need. Many cheap kettlebells that are made from two welded pieces can break apart when used and this would be a disaster if you are doing a swing for example.

The texture and handle are also important because you have to get a grip on it and it should not slip off your hand.

Reviews Of The Best And Affordable Kettlebells Out There in 2017

There are a lot of makes and models of kettlebells out there, but the best ones are:

Kettlebell Kings Powder Coated Kettlebells

variety of kettlebell kings at a crossfit gym


These can look very much alike other traditional-style Kettlebells, but they are actually better and different. The first difference that meets the eye is the overall finish. These kettlebells are refined and smooth, without any major surface imperfections.

The powder coat finish is the smoothest and most secure for any extended training session, so you won’t be in any trouble of losing the grip even if you do not want to use chalk.

Kettlebell Kings Kettlebells are also really durable and they have colored bands on each base of the handles for easier identification. They are cast without welds or flashing, in a single whole way.

Each Kettlebell is very accurate and the color codes along with the kilograms and pounds stamps etched on each one (not painted or glued on) make the identification very easy. The base is made flat so you can use them for ground work and they come with a lifetime warranty.

The Kettlebell Kings reviews say only good thing about this type of Kettlebell, so this is a great option for you if you want to start deadlifts with such products.

CAP Hammertone Cast Iron Kettlebells

6 rubber coated cap kettlebells


With an affordable price, the standard cast iron Kettlebell from CAP looks like an interesting product to buy. It is available in weights from 10 to 80 pounds and it is made from high-quality cast iron.

The products have a textured handle, reinforced with steel, so it offers a perfect grip. The CAP Hammertone Kettlebells come with tight handles that do not provide the possibility to take it easily with both hands because it is kind of a squeeze, but you can still do it if you need both of your hands.

The glossy finish can be a disadvantage because the Kettlebell can slip from your hand when you sweat, but the flat bottom is perfect for renegade rows or pushups. They can be easily deposited because they do not need a special stand. The CAP Kettlebells reviews state that the handles may crack during the use, but this can be handled by the guarantee you receive along with the product.

Vulcan Strength Training Kettlebells

3 black vulcan kettlebells


The Vulcan Strength Training Kettlebells are unique and also classic, single gravity steel-cast kettlebells with only minimal surface imperfections, fillers that are non-toxic, a perfect powder coat specially made for a great grip and each bell has the same size as the others, even if the pounds differ.

This is exactly how the competition bells look like. The prices for Vulcan Kettlebells are affordable and they come with large handles for the both-hands use, even on the lighter ones.

The hull size and diameter of the handle are also consistent among all weights and this kettlebell is more balanced because it is made from steel and not iron.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to find Vulcan Kettlebells that weight over 32 kg at the moment, so you will have to choose another producer for heavier bells.

For the standard sizes, these kettlebells remain on a higher position in the rankings for the best affordable kettlebells existent on the market. These are also closer to the competition kettlebells rather than the normal training ones.


If you begin to train with a Kettlebell, you will find this sport really enjoyable. Even if you want to lose weight, workout your muscles or prepare for competitions, the kettlebell training is what you need.

You can do lots of exercises with this type of product, along with single-leg ones, swings and other interesting things. If you want to buy a kettlebell for yourself, you should focus more on the construction of each product you find.

This is the most important thing if you do not want to purchase a one-use only kettlebell that disintegrates when used. There are many affordable types of kettlebells out there, but you have to be careful what you choose.

Read reviews and opinions from clients and take notes before you take the final decision. Each kettlebell has its own weight and handle style so you should choose one that has the characteristics you need.

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