Best Beginner Crossfit Workouts 2017 – With No Equipment

beginner crossfit workouts for couples

Fitness is of prime importance owing to the sedentary lifestyle that is leading to obesity and its related health implications in the individuals.

Let us have a look at some of the CrossFit workouts for the beginners. Some of the terminologies such as kettlebell swings or sumo deadlifts concerning the workout of the day or CrossFit might seem a little confusing to the beginners as they might not have heard them before.

Beginner CrossFit Workouts – How To Start?

A beginner need not worry about how to handle the CrossFit workout since the workout is scalable to virtually any fitness level.

The trainer is instrumental as he helps in finding an easier variation of every exercise that is performed. Nevertheless, it is very easy to perform most of the exercises, but it is the speed and the lack of rest that is most challenging.

All those who have been in the gym a lot and can repeat the exercises respective numbers, they might find themselves drained out in a matter of few minutes of doing the CrossFit workout.

But, then this is how most of the beginners feel in the beginning.

Beginning crossfit workouts examples

Let us have a look at some of the CrossFit workouts that are advocated by the CrossFit gyms for the beginners that they can practice at home.

Some of these workouts are:

  • squats
  • shoulder presses
  • crunches
  • pushups

For the beginners, any variation of the squats would do. In fact, doing the squats with no weight in the living room of the house would give plenty of practice but ensure that they watch their form. There are plenty of variations of squats as per the CrossFit gym.

Bodyweight squats

Bodyweight squats

Shoulder presses are another type of CrossFit workouts for the beginners. Everyone who has dumbbells or barbell can practice doing shoulder presses to gain a bit of strength before trying Crossfit.

Shoulder press with dumbells

Shoulder press with dumbells

Crunches are another form of exercises, which in any way would work for the beginners. This is because they do pretty much the same thing. Also, planks serve as an excellent way to strengthen the core.

Living room crunches workout

Living room crunches workout

Regular pushups would also just do fine, but if anyone wants to get a bit of the preparation for the speed of the crossfit workouts, then one may want to try clapping pushups. There are also easier variations like pushups with a chair/table or knee pushups.

Push ups variations

Push ups variations


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Above-mentioned are a few CrossFit workouts for the beginners that they can practice with, but there is no need to worry about whether these exercises are scalable or not. The present sedentary lifestyle requires one to be keen on staying healthy and fit.

More and more common lifestyle

More and more common lifestyle

Training samples you can do at home

1. Sprinting

Sprinting in place

Sprinting in place

It is very costless yet very efficient. When you start running, you can start with a very low speed. Then you can gradually change to a faster and faster space until you finish it within your target. You can try sprinting in place at home. Aim for 5 minutes








2. Squats

Squat Variations

Squat Variations

Same as sprinting, you must do this also constantly until you reach your goal. Aim for 5-10 minutes

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3. Burpees

How to do burpees

How to do burpees

Funny looking but very challenging move. It involves your arms, legs and core. Every part of your body works real hard to perform just one rep through full range of motion. It builds iron endurance and burns calories like there’s no tomorrow. Crossfit community calls it: ,,torture”, ,,hell”, ,,vomits” etc.  Challenge yourself how many you can do in one minute.

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4. Jump rope

Rope jumping comfortably at home

Rope jumping comfortably at home

In crossfit training jump rope is critical. It will train you not only to sprint faster and jump higher but also help you develop agility and burn calories at much faster pace. This training is so much easier than squats yet with a lot of benefits. Aim for 5-10 minutes








5. Pull ups

Pull ups with a little ,,help''

Pull ups with a little ,,help”

Just install a good iron bar at your place that you know can hold your weight for a long time. Pulling yourself up will also strengthen all of your upper body muscles, and you can see the difference after a while of doing it. You can help yourself with a table or chair. Aim for 10-15 reps.


There are still a lot of training out there that can be added to Crossfit training. These are just simple and very effective workouts that you can do at home. Crossfit workouts will give you the muscles and fitness that you like as long as you do it in a right way.



21 minutes a day complete bodyweight only training!

Local Gym vs Online Coach

CrossFit is getting big at the moment all around the world, and the reason for that is that this program actually works.

Doing CrossFit at your local gym might be a bit tricky. The management probably won’t allow you do some of the CrossFit exercises, due to legal reasons, and It’s unlikely that there is going to be a qualified CrossFit level 1 coach there to help you out.

Remember that CrossFit is a high impact exercise program, so you really need to make sure that you are doing it safe!

CrossFit can be dangerous, so if you are going to start doing it, you might want to consider hiring a good personal trainer in your gym or looking for some online CrossFit coaching.

You could also have a program specifically created for you, if you are lacking strength and skill in a particular area, or you have some kind of injury.

Even if you are are not new to the CrossFit regime, you could still benefit from a qualified and experienced CrossFit level 1 coach.

Online CrossFit Coaching is worth trying

Online CrossFit Coaching is worth trying

Online CrossFit coaching can be a lot more cost effective than hiring a random Personal Trainer in your gym too.

These days a lot of these online fitness coaches are using video uploads from their clients to “remotely train” their customers.

Just make sure your online coach uses something like this. Also, make sure your coach has some credibility, and that he/she knows what they are doing and talking about. Lots of trainers have a level 1 certificate these days.

CrossFit Workouts No Equipment

If you’re reading this, you’re probably looking to get a good workout at home, without having to pay for a gym membership or deal with going to a gym… you want a good bodyweight workout.

So is it possible to get a good full body workout only doing bodyweight exercises? Yes, definitely. Actually, in my opinion, you can get a much better full body workout with nothing but chin up bar and the floor than you can do typical gym exercises like bench press, bicep curls, and so on.

Also keep in mind, to get the full benefit any practice you must always use PROPER FORM. Don’t cheat your way through these; you’ll simply be doing yourself a disservice. I would also recommend high-intensity workouts.

Rotate through these with little rest in between sets… you’ll get yourself into awesome shape.

Ok, so some exercises:
Push ups

Grasshopper pushups

Hindu pushups

Dive Bombers


21 minutes a day complete bodyweight only training!

So Why CrossFit Workout Routines?

CrossFit routines are intense, exciting and fun. Is it guaranteed to be fit!

CrossFit is a very intense strength and conditioning program developed originally for professional athletes and military. It combines weight training, cardio, and sometimes gymnastics.

But the program is not just limited to people who are already in great shape. The exercises can be adjusted for just everybody.

CrossFit Is Fun and Like No Other

Do you normally hop on a treadmill or elliptical machine for 30 or more mundane minutes? Do you stick to standard weight training protocols (do a set, rest for a minute or two, do a set, rest)?

Well, get ready, because CrossFit will be a shock to your system.

The standard training with set and rest can kill your drive towards achieving your fitness goals. If you have ever experienced it before, then I guess this is high time for you to give this routine a try.

You will do various movements and exercises like sprinting, jumping rope, carrying heavy objects, rowing, and climbing rope. Equipment such as dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, medicine balls is also used during the workouts. And you will not only use this equipment to perform the workout but also your body weight as well.

You may ask if all of this is effective? Short answer: Absolutely! You will set a stage for gains you have never experienced before!


What makes CrossFit fun and exciting is that each workout uses a mix of different movements and pieces of equipment to train your body from top to bottom. Yes, you may be doing three or four routines in a given workout, but you will repeat the routines for the duration of the workout. So, if your determined to work hard on your fitness and be able to reach that goal without getting bored or frustrated, you should try these amazing beginner crossfit workouts now.


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