Best Adidas Weightlifting Shoes – Where To Buy The Cheapest?

Best Adidas Weightlifting Shoes

Best Adidas Weightlifting Shoes

The importance of good weightlifting shoes cannot be emphasized enough. While beginners may not realize this and deem footwear an unnecessary expense, adidas weightlifting shoes can actually go a long way in ensuring that your workout performance does not falter despite lengthy sessions.

Should you buy the cheapest weightlifting shoes?

Well, read on to find out.

When it comes to weightlifting shoes, there are few companies like Nike and Reebok for example, which have topped Adidas. Their rising popularity with both men and women lifters is evident of the fact that their product is literally one of the best.

People who are looking for ideal weightlifting shoes should go for the ones which provide the most comfort and has a strong base. The heel of a weightlifting shoe is its defining feature; it is what enables the wearer to move around freely and allows greater traction.

Adidas Weightlifting Shoes Video Review: Adipower vs Powerlift

Adipower vs Leistung vs Powerlift

When it comes to the ideal pick of weightlifting shoes, the Adipower ranks the highest. They provide an immense amount of support to the wearer, allowing them to lift barbells over and over. The heel is sturdy and strong which means that if you are looking to lift compound weights, then this is the shoe that should be on your feet.

As far as comfort is concerned, there is hardly anything better than Adidas Adipower. While the heel may be lower and more towards the ground than Nike’s, it actually works for them. The coated leather and air mesh enables breathability along with durability. Its polymer design and structured engineering is perfect as the shoe has the strength of steel but is quite lightweight. The textile lining and single instep strap accounts for foot integrity and comfort, making it into one of the most highly coveted shoes in the market.

The shoes may be costlier than what you might be used to but its hefty price tag is completely justified considering all the features and design aspects incorporated into the build of the shoe.

The Adidas Leistung follows close behind and comes with a raised heel as well as rear foot support. Its price is also similar to Adipower which means that if you want a cheaper option, you will have to opt for the Powerlift that is below $100. Powerlift’s are considered as one of the best adidas crossfit shoes.

Women’s weightlifting

As far as women’s weightlifting shoes are concerned, the ,,gold standard” is still Adidas Adipower if you can get your size (usually 1.5 sizes smaller than men’s).

The Powerlift has a rubber lining around the sole and a mesh air build which makes it the ideal choice for a number of women indulging in regular high intensity workouts.

It is comfortable, stylish and available in various colors. The price also falls below the hundred dollar range, yet Adidas assures endurance and top quality along with numerous features that are going to attract a lot of weightlifters out there.


If you want to increase your weights and train harder during the workout, then investing in these shoes is a must. Adidas is definitely one of the top most choices of brands when it comes to weightlifting shoes, and rest assured you are almost guaranteed a flawless performance as well as durability. And if you are looking for some great but cheap CrossFit shoes just go for Powerlift’s instead.

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