Athletes and Protein: Do Protein Powders Really Work?

August 26, 2018

Protein supplements for athletes are available by the dozen on the market. The supplement industry has worked incredibly hard to promote all sorts of bars, shakes and powerful protein powers such as Betancourt whey protein that not only legitimately help with muscle building but also with weight loss and improved nutrition. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts are particularly fond of relying on supplements and protein powders because of the endless benefits that these powders offer.

Athletes and Protein: The Truth About Supplements

Whether participating in weightlifting, running or wrestling, it is clear that athletes require more energy levels compared to the average person. Athletes’ bodies also require extra nutrients for them to recover properly from intense activity, which is where protein supplements come in.

Protein supplements help athletes repair, as well as strengthen their muscle tissue. Protein powders and protein diets come highly recommended for athletes that are looking for a leaner form and a more defined physique.

Protein powders are available in various forms with the most common ones being whey, casein and soy protein. Whey powders that are reliable like Betancourt whey protein are the most popularly used because they are water soluble. Protein powders are useful especially to active individuals because they are a complete and excellent source of protein and high-quality protein at that.

How exactly do protein powders work?

Put simply, the body requires protein- and if you are an athlete, the body requires it even more. Protein is a vital micronutrient in the diet, which means that it is responsible for supplying the body with energy to fuel the body. Additionally, protein has structural properties that are needed for the formation of muscles and regulation of bodily functions.

Protein contains small structural elements known as amino acids, which indirectly affect performance. When protein is broken down quickly, it is converted into amino acids which in turn repairs muscle tissue quickly and promotes natural growth.

Amino acids are also known to boost the overall immune health of athletes, therefore helping them to remain, fitter, stronger, healthier and able to ensure longer intense training campaigns. Research suggests that when athletes consume extra amounts of protein prior to workouts, it helps to optimize muscle development and quick repair following a strength routine.

Athletes can acquire everything offered by protein powders from eating healthy sources of protein such as dairy, fish, poultry, and meat. However, protein powder and protein supplements may be needed by athletes that need to:

  • Build muscle when taking on a challenging new program that requires more protein intake
  • Amp up their workouts
  • Recover from injuries quickly
  • Start a vegan diet