Top 5 Best Cheap Yoga Pants 2017 Reviews

August 5, 2017

woman stretches in black yoga pants

In recent years, Yoga has been gaining immense popularity among people who are genuinely concerned about their fitness and health. Introduced by the Asians, its popularity has led to the development of clothing lines for the manufacture of affordable and durable Yoga pants for people from all walks of life.

There are a variety of Yoga pants for different users. There are Yoga pants for women and men both. Ladies use it when engaging in Yoga practice. These Yoga pants also come in different sizes, materials, and prices too, so that regardless of who you are, you can always find a workout pant that will meet your size and budget.

Best Yoga Pants 2017

To give you a list of budget-friendly Yoga pants that you can buy from online stores, we have conducted a comprehensive research on the prices of Yoga pants and came up with the best affordable Yoga pants. These are the top 5 cheapest Yoga pants this year we came up with after some series of research:

Neonysweets Women’s Yoga Pants – under $20

gray long yoga pants for women


This is one of the best yoga pants brands for women. It is designed with the convenience of the user in mind. This inexpensive yoga pants is made of 12% Lycra and 88% polyester to ensure that it is very cool and comfortable during workouts.

The yoga pant is also breathable and stretchy to provide you some room during exercise and prevent being choked during fitness training. What you get is a long yoga pants that is perfect for running, yoga, fitness, workout, or as a casual wear every day. With this multipurpose Yoga pants, you can have any workout of your choice whenever you desire to.

Rest assured that this women yoga pant is made of the best quality material to make your training sessions interesting rather than be an unnecessary burden. You can also use the hidden waistband pocket as a temporary storage for your belongings while working out.


  • Guaranteed durability.
  • For all classes of people.
  • Washes well.
  • Not transparent.
  • Comfortable


  • Not meant for tall people.
  • Rolls down at the waist.
  • May not be ideal for running.

Lataly Women’s Yoga Pants – under $35 for 2 pack

dress yoga pants 2 count


The Plain Stretch is one of the best affordable yoga pants you can get anywhere in the world. It contains both spandex and cotton in the ratio 5% and 95% respectively. The plain full length leggings can be worn for different workouts, exercises, and other forms of fitness programs. As a comfortable pant, you will derive more pleasure from wearing it for your fitness exercise at any hour of the day.

To appeal to different people, it is made to be stylish, comfortable, and functional. It is also lightweight, breathable, and warm. Whenever you are looking for yoga pants that tick all the boxes, consider Lataly Yoga Pants. You can also wear them as loungewears.


  • Does not bleach.
  • It runs small.
  • Can be scratchy.
  • Comfortable
  • Stylish


  • Not for short ladies.
  • Thin material.
  • Slips down.

Mirity Yoga Pants for Women – under $35 for 2 pack

mirity 2 count affordable yoga clothes


Women can always count on this yoga pant to be there for them at any moment. It is made of 5% spandex while cotton makes up the remaining 95%. The goal is to give you a yoga pant with a moisture-removing ability so that you can experience maximum comfort while working out.

At the hip, there is a small logo while it also has a wide waistband for big people. The Mirity yoga pant is one of the best yoga pants that combine fashion with efficiency, durability, performance, and function. That is why it is regarded as the perfect yoga pants for fitness, exercise, workout, or for everyday use.

This yoga pant provides more than just a workout cloth. It is perfectly designed to give you a streamlined body by contouring well with your body. That will give you the perfect youthful and athletic look.

It is a very comfortable yoga pant and durable due to its awesome qualities. It is made of sweat-wicking fabric and chafe-resistant design. It is also smooth and breathable.

Mirity is one of the best types of yoga pants under $20. It is available for sale online for $16.99.


  • Versatile
  • Budget-friendly.
  • 100% money back guarantee.
  • Designed for the best fit.
  • Comes with an elastic waistband.


  • Waistband thread may come out.
  • The material is thin.
  • Not for tall people.

CompressionZ Men’s Yoga Pants – under $40

black compression pants for men


The compression pant is made from high-performance fabric that is suitable for all weather. During the cold temperature, it will keep you warm while it also makes you feel cool in hot temperatures.

It contributes to the fitness of the user as it promotes blood circulation and muscle recovery due to the technology behind the pant.

To make it hygienic, the manufacturers make it from an anti-itch and anti-odor material so that you are always dry and comfortable during use. Due to its durability, the pant will also retain its original shape after washing it several times.

As one of the best yoga pants brand, it can be used for running, workouts, cycling, yoga, field sports, and other exercises.


  • Inexpensive
  • Durable
  • Thick, not transparent.
  • Firm, not slippery.
  • Comfortable


  • Not for large people.
  • Has no draw string.
  • May be longer than expected.

Men’s Yoga Pants – under $

green dress yoga pants for men


If you want to buy yoga pants online, this men’s yoga pants deserve your consideration. It is made to be comfortable as it stretches without breaking during your workout. The durability of the yoga pant is the result of the material used for manufacturing the pants: 6% spandex and 94% cotton.

It is perfect for outdoor exercise, Pilates, yoga, ballroom dancing, martial arts, and what have you. You can also wear it as a casual wear, completing its multipurpose functions.

The yoga pant comes in different sizes and you can always find the best one for you, regardless of your body size.


  • Available in different sizes.
  • Not expensive.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • For multipurpose use.
  • Thick, not transparent.


  • Not for too big people.
  • Uncomfortable seams.
  • Too baggy.


If you want durable pants for your workouts, this list has given you a good idea. You can use the information to make the best choice when shopping for the best yoga pants, male or female. If you are thinking about where to buy yoga pants, turn to online stores.

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