7 Things You Need to Know About E-Bikes

Nothing can be compared to the pure pleasure of riding a bicycle. If you are reading this, then you absolutely know that bikes are human powered vehicles. They feature pedals, a seat or two, two wheels and a frame. Now, have you ever imagined about having a more high tech bike?

Well, technology has been so fair to the human race that it has given us the electric bike.

E-Bikes also are known as electric bikes and are a more advanced type of bike that is developed with an electric motor to enhance faster movement. The world has over 1 billion bikes, and they are used for transportation purposes, competitions, deliveries among many other tasks. With the more advanced type of bike, I bet things are going to look a lot easier.

So, let’s look at things you will need to know about the e-bikes.

1. They are easy modes of movement in towns.

Are you coming from an urban setting and the daily traffic jam has fed you up? The e-bikes are a perfect solution for your distress. In case of a traffic jam, the e-bikes are faster in movement than cars. They can easily maneuver traffic or bicycle lanes to help you reach your destination as quick as possible. In most towns one can’t exceed a driving speed of over 20mph, but, with an e-bike, you can move at an average speed of 15mph with no hitch.

2. Any legal restrictions you should know about e-bikes?

Many countries have been torn in between having the e-bikes classified as the normal pedal cycle or motor powered device. Countries such as the UK have categorized them under the normal pedal cycle but to enjoy the rights, they must have working pedals and a motor that doesn’t go beyond 250W. It also has to contain a cut-out that can prevent electrical pedal assistance when the bike rides beyond 15.5mph.

Therefore, it is advisable for one to research the legal structure of their respective countries to understand what framework has been put in place. One has to check the age limit also to be on the safer side. Also, remember to check whether a license is needed to ride the bike. It a good idea to wear a helmet always whether it’s legally required or not.

3. How far will e-bike travel on a single battery charge?

The distance that can be consumed by the e-bikes when they are fully charged is reasonable. Brands such as Elby can navigate up to 95 miles when fully loaded. However, we have others that are low powered and can achieve a distance between 20 to 65 miles per charge. Compared with cars which consume much gas, e-bikes are great.

Also, the distance covered will depend on the model of the bike, the rider and the journey one needs to take. If you have to account to all the dynamics present such as battery size, drive system, the pressure of the tire, weight, and fitness of the individual rider and the terrain one is covering, then an average e-bike rider can cover between 15 and 80 miles.

4. How about charging an e-bike?

Charging time of an e-bike depends on the size of the battery being used. A decent battery can take around 2 to 4 hours to charge fully. Many manufacturers prefer the charging to be done at least once a month if the bike is not frequently used. Also, there have been unverified claims stating that the more the bikes are ridden, the stronger their battery becomes.

When it comes to charging, nothing can be comfortable and simplified than this process. All you will need is a power outlet. You will plug into the power source, patiently wait till the battery is fully charged, and off you start your journey. As a rider of an e-bike, you won’t have to get complex charging stations like those of electric chargers. This charging can be done at any place.

5. How long can the battery last?

Frankly, no straight answer can satisfy you, but many good e-bikes come with a Li-Ion battery that is often warrantied between 12 to 24 months. The types of cells available differ from the manufactures. Apart from the lithium-ion, others can be the lighter and higher tech batteries. With proper upkeep, an e-bike battery can last for a few years.

Proper upkeep is highly advised because the replacement batteries are costly to purchase. When purchasing an e-bike go for one that has a battery with an extended warranty that can go up to 3 years. Replacement batteries can be bought at a couple of hundred dollars. Also, asking for an extended warranty is advised.

6. How affordable are e-bikes to maintain?

You may probably be wondering how useful the e-bikes are when it comes maintenance costs. The fact remains that e-bikes are economically efficient. When you purchase an e-bike, you will have to bid bye the cost of fuel since they depend on electricity. Expenses incurred regarding maintenance is favorably low.

As long as you change the oil, service the bike and maintain it well, you will enjoy having your bike in good conditions for longer times. With a car, you can fill up a tank with gasoline worth $35 while charging an e-bike will cost not more than $0.80. Quite a considerable saving there! Right?

7. Are there different types of e-bikes?

We have a variety of e-bikes manufactured to fit the needs of the riders. There are those that are made for fun purposes. They are relaxing and perfectly designed for comfortable cruising. Other are designed for hauling cargo while others are designed for competition riding. You can get a bike for either downhill riding or mountain riding. We also have e-bikes that are suitable for kids. So, it’s up to you to understand what can suit your needs.


By purchasing an e-0bike, you will be welcoming yourself to a world of new experiences. You will improve your health as well as save much money. You can quickly make your way to any place you want no matter how fixed time might be.