5 Reasons Why Sewing Benefits Your Mental and Physical Health

If you do sewing, you know how good it feels once you come up with something from scratch. When you start working on a project, minutes can turn into hours and still, you can’t get enough of the sewing machine until your work is complete.

This is sort of an addiction, but a good one because sewing not only helps you build stuff for yourself cheaply, but it also has some proven medical benefits. Specifically, the sewing process benefits your mental and physical health in the following ways.

1. Relieves stress

We all know the kind of satisfaction that we get when we achieve something. What actually happens is that the brain releases a chemical called dopamine, which is a natural anti-depressant.

This means that every time you complete working on a sewing project and the final result pleases you, you get a sense of satisfaction and a free anti-depressant in your body, which reduces your stress levels.

Additionally, sewing makes your brain engage all its attention on one thing, making you lose focus on the stressful things in your life. The result of this is going into a meditation-like state, quietly helping you fight the reflexes caused by stress.

2. Improves your hand and eye coordination

If you find yourself being clumsy or you are keen to improve your motor skills, sewing is a good option to consider. Since the process involves heavy hand and eye usage, chances are that you will improve your hand and eye coordination, which is very good for your physical health.

3. Fight dementia

Dementia is basically the memory loss that occurs as the brain ages. Sewing is a very brain intensive activity because ultimately, the brain controls the hand-eye coordination and many other factors.

By keeping the brain in active mode while also juggling around with creativity and problem-solving thinking, you delay the early occurrence of dementia.

This means that old people, in particular, can use sewing machines as tools for improving their mental well-being as they advance through the years.

4. Gives you happiness

When you finish working on a project and the results are satisfying, you get a sense of pride and contentment. The sense of happiness caused by this and the approval that others give to your work is comparable to none.

Again, remember this sense of satisfaction makes the brain release dopamine, which by relieving stress, makes you happier.

5. Helps your brain grow

Because sewing is a brain-intensive activity, it helps your brain grow significantly. As you sew, you engage your brain in creative thinking, problem-solving and spatial thinking.

This kind of thinking activates several parts of the brain and in the process, helps them grow and consequently, makes the whole brain grow.

The result of this is a better understanding of other concepts outside of sewing, for instance in classwork, because the brain has the capacity to do so.


With this in mind, you better hurry and get your sewing machine so that you can begin taking advantage of these free mental and physical benefits. The good thing is that even the basic mechanical sewing machines do provide these benefits and thus, you do not have to spend a lot in order to enjoy these.